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I want to be a moderator of bs zelda ancient stone tablets because the current moderator does not respond to forum posts, wr in any% no eg does exploration glitch even though that should clearly be in another category (any%). I have wr in any% no eg and have plenty of time on my hands to approve runs.

If someone could get back to me soon that'd be great!



you are already a moderator of that game? and the other one is pretty active on the site.


Nice man glad your on the mod list now.
I would come join you guys on the mods but I don't think enough people run the game at the time.


Hello, trying to add more categories into

Tried contacting the mods but no response, only one guy had reply but he said he is busy.


Hello! Would like to become a moderator on The guy thats the moderator now haven't been online over 25days. Still waiting for a run to get accepted. Twitted him and he hasn't replied yet 🙂


DG84: Ok
NotBaDocha: It looks like you were added.
LozBlind: Made the change. Assuming it's relative consensus.
namesnipes: This game was just added recently. It has data now.
Drakodan: The board may have been automatically deleted due to not being set up for two weeks. Feel free to request it in the game request form.
Neutrino: Added
Racingmonster: No thanks.
And3rson: Added to all except one worms game with an active moderator.
Patrick: Added
GhostScit: It looks like the run was approved. I bumped one of the mods up to super. It looks like there are enough people to either opt to add another moderator or verify runs in reasonable time.
PlasticRainbow: I'm fine with it in this case. More often I'd require a run to be pending.
SilverDile: I think this might've been deleted due to not being set up. If that is the case, you could request it from the game request form.
SlammerJam: It looks like you were added.
Tctn: Added.
susslord: It looks like you were added.
MaggiGorengAyam: There are 4 mods. If the forum post sits for another week or so, I'll look at making a change.
Blackpod: Added.
Ichimarnold: I think this might've been deleted due to not being set up. If that is the case, you could request it from the game request form.
kobepilgrim: Added.

I've been really busy with work. I'll try to get through game requests this weekend, they're getting rather behind.

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Hello, I would like to be added as moderator of
I submited my run a long while ago and it hasn't been confirmed yet, I would also like to add an 100% category and a custom theme since I love wrecking crew a lot.

thank you for your time


Hello, I would like to be added as the super moderator of this board and for the removal of the current Super Moderator.

The Super Moderator has not been on in 12 months, created the boards over a year ago and created 2 categories under Easy and Normal when the game doesn't even have difficulty settings. Also though he hasn't been on in 4 months, there was a forum post from 4 months ago where he did not respond. I am already Moderator of Hotline Miami which is very similar to this game and this is a game other hotline runners are interested in, including myself but having a board that requires verification and has a dead account as sole mod yaaaa.



He was last online 2 months ago not 12 months.
And he has his Youtube Channel should write him a message there first.


Hello, I would like to be moderator of Arcana (SNES). The moderator OldGrumphrey seems to be inactive, busy or anything. I sumbitted my run 1 month ago. Also tried to message him on Twitch but no response.

Not that I want him discharged or anything, just want my run on the leaderboards too. Thanks in advance.


There are 9 mods for Paper Mario how on Earth are they low in mods???

Again, this is a LAST RESORT request thread for boards without an active moderator.

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@eddiecatgaming this is still a last resort thread and there are literaly 0 reasons to add you.

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Mario and Zelda (and Im sure a few others) are two series that will most likely never need to gain mods via this thread.


Hello!, i would like to become a moderator for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, because looks like these current mods are not coming back online.


I would like to request Super Mod status of the Lego series -

Both moderators continuously have extended leaves from the site, ranging from 1 week to 4+ weeks. JosephHTobinJr is practically dead on all forms of social media, Twitch and Hitbox. I have tried to contact NintendoBlackCrisis on Twitter a week ago and have had no response from him, other than him visiting the website

Tweet sent 25th Nov, 12:04
NBC's last visit to the website - 25th Nov, 19:08

I have put a lot of time into several of the games of the series, and am committed to seeing the Lego community continue to grow.


So last time, it was because I was because I was busy with real life and couldn't get to stuff so you posted and tried to get me removed and yourself added. Now Havi is here verifying runs quickly and dealing with stuff with no complaints about it and now I should be removed because I'm not the ones verifying runs? If it means that much to you I can ask him to not verify some runs every once in awhile because he gets to them so much faster than me. But you'd start to complain about how long things are taking to get verified again so I don't think that would work.

Your entire post is saying that everything is being taken care of and I should just be removed because you don't like me and have personal issues with me for some reason, you even made a fucking video because I wouldn't voice chat with you (link because wew boy if you HONESTLY think I would want to talk to you after our primary interaction has been you saying i shouldn't be a mod and don't know anything and bitching at me to verify runs you're actually crazy.

So in short, I'm done interacting with you because you act like a child every step of the way, and you have no complaints about how the series is being moderated besides "Lo1ts isn't hitting the verify run button, someone else is doing it"

Also it's gonna get old if you do this every 6 months. Find something else to do

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so i didnt want to get into this drama as ik havi and racing but personally i do agree with racing about lo1ts ive not been here for long so maybe im wrong but idk why it isnt som1 like havi who is series mod as idk what lo1ts does for cod your excuse is havi is to fast well if he is the one doing it what do you do you seem pretty inactive for a series mod im not trying to start a fight or anything just asking you to prove me wrong


havi i think telling som1 to change becos you disagree with them is much more childish imo from what ive seen racing wanted to talk 1on1 and solve any problems witch you could have done now its blown up and happening everywhere this could have been nothing but now its somthing

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All of the parties involved can have their own opinions in this. I didn't want to do this, but I guess i'll have to. I can't stand by and watch this ridicilous arguement any more.

1. Being a Moderator involves a whole lot more than just verifying/rejecting runs.
2. If I worked for 8 hours a day, I wouldn't have moderating a speedrun leaderboard as my main priority. Hell, 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work. that leaves 8 more hours to moderate the leaderboard and do EVERYTHING else in life. Eating, buying groceries, paying taxes, social life, etc... I can understand why Lo1ts is busy.
3. I don't think it affects any of the community that Lo1ts doesn't necessarily do everything instantly. i mean, if he was removed, Havi would have to deal with everything himself. He would have no other people to share "Mod stuff" with. Lo1ts has an important part on the site.
4. I tried to be as neutral with this post as possible, as I don't have any negative feelings towards Lo1ts, Havi or Racing for that matter.

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i appreciate someone responding with an answer to my question and i agree i also didnt want to get into this as i dont know everyone but its way out of hand i feel nobody is right but everyone is pushing there thoughts on everyone else i asked about lo1ts as ik hes busy i get you have a life out side of running but if your to busy to be a mod....then dont be a mod makes sense right i have nothing against lo1ts but the way this was handled was so bad its just disapointing

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