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I request a change for the leaderboard moderation of Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories ( ).
Rules, categories, and simple things such as shortening the game's URL, are completely outdated, the moderation has always neglected community-favored decisions in favor of their personal preferences. Not only that, but the "moderation" actually comes down to only one person - Mergy - who is very likely a cheater.

Here's a breakdown of this game's moderation team:
- Mergy, who has recently been acused of cheating with very solid evidence, has been the only person who makes decisions in this leaderboard, and all of them prioritizing his or GFC's personal interest, disregarding the community. He can't even be banned right now because he actually controls the leaderboards, even though there's a very, very, very high chance that he has speedran using romhacks.
- GFC is only temporarily out because of a ragequit from a previous drama. He pretty much responds to Mergy's wishes every single time as well.
- Kollin7 is just there for shows, since he does nothing.
Considering this game's popularity, it's unconceiveable that the leaderboard is in the hands of only ONE person - who, again, is very likely to be a cheater - and two other people who are blindly colluding with him at all times.

My suggestions for the new moderation team (all super moderators):
SSBMStuff, elvencloud, theurnator, gcah2006, megamegalomane92

I'm linking this post to other people from the FM community, even if we disagree on issues within the game, the leaderboards NEED a reform ASAP.


First of all, I don't know how you got the idea that I do "nothing" considering I'm the prime person that reviews submissions, and responds to forum posts.

Secondly, we are still planning to discuss what to do about the Mergy situation as a community. You really jumped the gun on this post.

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Should someone start a dedicated thread on the FM forums, with detailed explanation of what happened, so everyone can express their opinion on the subject ?
This would be a much better way to handle things as it would allow for every party to express their opinion, and would actually keep a detailed and written archive of what people in the community think about this in a single thread, rather than on several Discord servers that aren't public.

After a consensus is found, a new post would be posted in this thread with the list of whoever is going to moderate.

I'm not the one who would start that thread, aside from reverse-engineering the game I'm not involved in the FM community 😛

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Spectre, I'm actually fairly surprised you're even associating with this community anymore. Don't you have too much fame after that Rex% WR to the point where you no longer have time to worry about FM? Weird.

Anyways, let's break down your post, why it's wrong, and why you're wrong.

"Rules, categories, and simple things such as shortening the game's URL, are completely outdated, the moderation has always neglected community-favored decisions in favor of their personal preferences."

The rules are completely updated. Which rules are you referring to that aren't there that should be?
The categories are competely updated. Which categories are you referring to that aren't there that should be? (And don't say Rex%. Please.)
I'm not sure what you mean about shortening the game's URL. I never knew that "yugiohfm" wasn't precise enough about what the game's name is. Strange. I'm interested in hearing your suggestion for this one.
Which community-favored decisions are you referring to? Please be a little more specific.

Next, I will break apart your "breakdown of this game's moderation team", going point by point:

- This is quite possibly correct. Mergy will indeed be removed from the leaderboards if he has been found to be cheating. However, there is still research (not by me, Mergy, or any other runner) that is underway on the 000 card glitch. If this research concludes it is impossible to do this without a modified .iso, then you will be totally correct and Mergy will be removed along with his times. However, to conclude that now is a hasty decision. However, this is not my decision to make, it is's moderation team decision. Also, not sure what you mean about my "personal interest". I'll go into that more later.

- I am not "temporarily out because of a ragequit". I'm out because of drama, this is true; however, the reason I left the moderation team was because I did not feel it was at all worth being at the center of a leaderboard that attracts so much drama. This isn't "temporary" as I have been gone for 10 months. So please, do not list me as a part of the moderation team when it is simply untrue.

- Kollin7 actually accepts and deny's more runs than Mergy does. Therefore, I'm truly unsure on where you got that information that he "does nothing". Clearly you didn't take any time to ask anyone or look on the leaderboards.

- This game is not as popular as you think it is. While it attracts maybe a few hundred viewers at its peak times, there are not many runs actively being submitted to the leaderboard. A moderation team only needs to be large to accept or reject runs, and nothing more. Runs for Forbidden Memories are rarely submitted, and they are accepted or rejected quickly after submission. Since I am not a part of this moderation team, I will change your "two other people" to "one other person" here. Kollin blindly colludes with Mergy? I'm not sure you know Kollin at all to be making that accusation, as Kollin "colluding" with literally anyone is laughable. Also, what would they collude over even if that was true?

Now, let me talk about why the idea you have that I am "colluding" with Mergy is hilarious.

First, let me make something very clear: I am not, at all, on Mergy's side regarding the 000 situation. Likewise, I am not on the other side of the argument either. To assume that I am on either side is to either misunderstand everything I've been saying/doing in the past few days, or to just be not listening to it.

In the past few days, I have encouraged each side of the argument to have their own opinion on the matter. Having your own opinion on whether or not Mergy cheated is totally fine. What isn't fine is when you start advertising your opinion as if it is a fact. To tell people that Mergy cheated right now is to tell a lie. To tell people that Mergy cheated is to tell people that you yourself know, for a fact, that Mergy cheated. And you don't. You, along with most people in the Forbidden Memories community, do not have the proper knowledge to make that assumption.

As soon as Mergy won card 000, research began. Users of the community (not runners, and in some cases not even viewers of FM) have been researching card 000 for a few days now. Basically, we are trying to prove a few things.

One, we are trying to prove whether or not winning the card could've happened because of a hardware anomoly. What that means is we are trying to completely rule out things like a badly damaged disc and the console itself. This is a good time to note that Mergy does indeed play on a console that is modified to play games from a different region. Testing is currently happening to see if that could, in any possible way, produce winning card 000 on an unmodified .iso.

Two, we are trying to figure out if he won the card due to an actual software bug. This is the one we are searching the most. There has been talk (years ago, and not in this community) of people getting the same glitch Mergy got on console, without modification. This talk was mostly on Neoseeker and on obscure YouTube videos. But a handful of other people have claimed to win glitched cards without any form of cheating. We originally dismissed these claims. However, this happening to a trusted runner of Forbidden Memories has made us take a second look. This is why we are researching whether or not a software bug (i.e. something exploitable) could have caused this.

Currently, an adequate amount of research has not yet been done to verify either of these things to be possible or not. We have decided that, once there is an adequate amount of research done to prove one side or the other, appropriate action will be take (i.e. a removal of Mergy from the leaderboards). Until that time, we are in a kind of limbo.

Spectre has not been a part of any of this research or discussion. In fact, the moment Mergy won card 000, he took it upon himself to go to r/speedrun and make a thread claiming Mergy cheated. He made this claim, in front of thousands of people unfamiliar with the game, without knowing anything about what had happened and why. Quite frankly, all Spectre wants is attention.

Good or bad makes no difference to him; as long as Spectre gets some type of attention, he is happy. This is not the first time he tried to do something controversial and stupid in order to get attention. Years ago, he completed a duel in the game relatively quickly. It was quite common to finish the duel as quickly as he did. However, in his thirst for attention, he highlighted it, calling it a "World Record" against that duelist, and proceeded to again post on Reddit about his "journey" to get the record (the record in a category that does not exist; a record in a category he didn't create until he thought he got the record in).

Finally, let me answer the point I've seen made a few times; the point that I am somehow colluding with Mergy in order to satisfy my personal interests. This alone makes no sense. What do I stand to gain by blindly being on Mergy's side? In fact, I have a lot of reason to NOT be on his side. I currently hold the 2nd best time in Forbidden Memories. If Mergy was found to be cheating, his time would be removed and I would be the record holder. So, if anything, I have a very good reason to do what you're doing by trying to get Mergy banned. However, I've remained neutral this entire time. Why? Because I simply do not have enough information yet, just like you don't. If Mergy is found to be a cheater, then he will be banned (not my decision). If Mergy is found to not be a cheater, he will not be banned (not my decision). Until then, I plan on sitting on the sidelines, helping do what I can with the research, and still being friends with Mergy. But remember, being friends does NOT equal "colluding".

Basically, Spectre is an attention-seeker. He tried to get attention the good way first, by creating "Rex%" (the name of the duelist is Rex Raptor). Next, he tried getting bad attention, by creating a Reddit thread saying Mergy cheated before he knew (at all) what had happened. And finally, he is trying to get more attention by making a post here on, trying to be the leader of some type of "revolution against the Forbidden Memories leaderboards". Give it a rest, Spectre. We all know who you are; you can rest easy.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to your reply, Spectre. I can't wait to see how you answer my questions.

Poeple should not be replying to this thread anymore. This thread is not for a discussion on the glitch. If you'd like to discuss that, go to our own forums, or to Discord.

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Is this what happens when you take meme games too seriously?


I think when a game has 61 people on its leaderboard, the game stops being a meme.

And sure, the game has extremely high RNG, but that doesn't make it a "meme game"


I wanted to ask for a new category for this game. Since it's only Easy mode. I wanted to submit a run on Normal mode.


I made contact via youtube. He is inactive here for 7 days, But it seems he's streaming there on a daily basis, ^^ Let's wait.


@WeaponLord Then you should've said that in the first place. Drop into his stream, talk with him about it.


Hello ^^ Could I be a Mod for the Pixel Quest Game, as the current moderator is not active any longer. Thanks ^^

  [user deleted]

Cappan1: Moderator was active 7 days ago. Inactivity is usually around 3 weeks. Please contact him via fourm boards or his Social Media accounts he has listed.


Oh! Okay, I apologize, It's just that someone made three questions in the pixel quest boards three months ago and he never responded so I assumed he was inactive. I will do my best to contact him.


I don't want spam, but my question wasn't answer, so can I become a mod for The Sims 2? Both mods are inactive. I tried to contact them but they never answer.

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@Killer249 Bounceyboy is active on Twitter. Ask him.



I made contact with the moderator by youtube. He for sure saw my request, since he is streaming all the time. But ignored.


Request on youtube (See the comentaries on this video on youtube)


I have a speed run video on Normal that I want to submit, And I also intend to stablish a record on hard level. But the game is lacking the two categories.
As the moderator hasn't been paying to much attention to the game, and this isn't a game that he himself seems to play; I request for being a moderator as well for this game.

I look forward for an answer.

Yours truly


@WeaponLord, Hi I have sent him a Twitter Tweet about your requests. I should tell you that you need to wait till inactivity occurs on the mod's part on your requests, which is around 3+ weeks. The 3 weeks gives them the time to reply in a timely matter in case they have real-life problems happening or are extremely busy. After 3 weeks of your requests going unanswered by the game mod, is when you should go on this forum. Also recommend you do the following for a mod request
- Social Links (contact them through their links)
- Post a comment on their recent youtube video (which you have.)
- Post a forum post in the game forums
- Wait 3 weeks for these to go unanswered, then comeback here.

You seem to wait only 17 hours. Not long enough.
Also like to add you have no mod experience so you would need help with that, and no run on your profile for the game. (Which is very much needed for any mod requests)
Also please make a twitter or facebook for any speedrunner needing to contact you. This is needed as they need to have advice or feedback for the game you moderation.
So let's wait 3 weeks for his response and after that our Admin that handles the mod requests (Kirkq) will determine the appropriate action. 🙂

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The reason I don't have a run for the game yet, is because of the missing categories in which I wanted to run. Since the gameplay in easy changes a lot, and I never tried it out but I think it's time to give it a try.

Also I noticed that in the chat forum for the game, there's a WR still not submited (I don't know why but I thought it had something to do with the mod inactivity) but anyways, I'll do as said!