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kirkq : I would like to moderate the game; however, I say that I don't know at all the other categories, I know just Any%.


You should try asking that the mod(s) first xHaviiHx.
the mods are active with accepting + active on IRC (#GTA atleast the guy you gotta ask cause there is only one super mod).

also quote from the first post in case people are forgetting:
"Please keep in mind that using this thread is somewhat a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods."


RNGRuns you gotta ask that in the forum of the game, not here.
You can also try in this case to ask it on ZSR forums.

Dont use this thread for things like that.


I renew my ask for being a Link's Awakening moderator


You dont have to renew a request, when kirkq has time (he is the one doing the requests atm) he is going over all the requests and add them.


Can I be a moderator for Tearaway? The current mod doesn't run or moderate the game at all. I sent in a run and messaged him on twitch with no response.


Hello! I would like to become a mod of the Prince of Persia series. Bl_ has quit the scene, Tezuro isnt answering and Skeletn said he would mod me, but is not able to do it for some reasons. I am pretty active in the community, speedrun almost all of the games in the series (have 2 WRs) and I would like to add streams, tuts and stuff to the pages. Thanks in advance.


packsciences : added to Link's Awakening. But don't forget that ZeldaSpeedruns is the law :

xHaviiHx : as Trollbear said, talk to the GTA community first. It's one of the most actives.

Remz : Added to the series mods of Adventures of Lolo

Kulus : Added to the mods of Tearaway (good game btw 😛 )

Catalyst : Tezuro wouldn't be able to add you as a mod anyway because he isn't a supermod. I'll try to talk to Skeletn, I'll get back to you soon.

There are two runs in the categories I don't run, should I accept these or should I let them until Flynn comes back ?


catalyst : Skeletn managed to add you to the series mods for PoP. Problem solved 🙂

Kirkq should take care of the latest requests, I don't have enough time for that right now


Hey , i make a speed run on the game Jurassic Park: Trespasser any% single segment but this game is not on your site.
Link of my run : can you add this game? thanx


There's a "Request a game" feature in the "Games" part of the site. Please use it instead of asking in the wrong topic.




Actually I have one more request, PoP: Sands of Time, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones are somehow not part of the series, or to be exact, I am mod of the series but not mod of these particular games. I am very active in THESE particular games and would like to add some stuff to their pages. The SoT and TTT mods are inactive or not interested in the games anymore.


xHaviiHx like i said last time:
the mods are active with accepting + active on IRC (#GTA atleast the guy you gotta ask cause there is only one super mod).
Zoton2 is the only super mod and maybe you should try to learn how to use IRC cause its one of the main ways of communication atm.

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Gyoo and I have been passing this back and forth a bit due to IRL stuff.

PackSciences: Feel free to accept runs, you don't need permission. My recommendation would be decent scrutiny of any ridiculously good times and just brief glances at non-notable times. If there's a flawed non-notable time that gets approved, it can be removed later on. Don't stress it too much. 🙂
Remz: Added you to Double Dragon to have more people available. Dragon Warrior IV feel free to contact one of the current mods and ask.
Catalyst: I reattached the games to the series primarily in the interest of having more active people available. If there's any conflict we can detach them again.

If anything was not addressed let me know. I think everything else was addressed by others.


If there is no moderator on a game and if you want to become moderator of this game, this is the right place to request this.
But if there is a moderator (still if I don't actually run the game), you should still ask him first before asking here.


Phillotrax: Generally if the game has existed for a while and the moderator has put no real effort into setting up categories and 0 runs are added by anyone for the game, I'll give it to someone else. Many of these are leftover from before the game request form overhaul I think. Well in this case it looks like the old moderator may have removed himself, so have at it.

Remz: I'm probably stupid and either forgot or misclicked. 🙂


I'd like to be a mod for Ico. I run this game a lot and there's been no runs posted yet. I've been waiting a while for mine to get approved and I already have gotten a better time. I was hoping once a run gets posted it will drum up some more interest in the game. Anyway, thanks for the consideration~


Hi. I would like to be mod in SMS (Super Mario Sunshine) I love this game, and I currently learning the any% route I am fairly new to speedrunning. I have submitted a 20 shine run (Last Place :P) I have no video of it though. But I would love to be mod in SMS. Thanks.