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@PANICOREPT shut up ok, nobody is siding with you, give up


Why are you even bringing 'hocine' into this?

This is about you, not hocine. Hocine has no relation whatsoever to this situation or to the proof people have put in the previous posts, or lack thereof that you have. Stop trying to drag other people down with this situation you've gotten yourself into, there's no one to really blame but yourself.

Just don't upload other people's runs, don't splice VODs to cut out integral parts of the video footage such as loading and don't go around claiming other people's videos are your own when you don't even have the RAW video or timestamped video to actually prove it. How hard is that to understand?

We know they're TAS videos because the people you ripped them from said they were TAS in the video title. Once again, time stamps.

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I don't fault you for not reading that entire paragraph (just my assumption 😉 😃 ), but it seems that he has given up the argument:

"i am indeed wasting time typing here for nothing and for that, i am going to play all this games again, either you people accept it or not either you ban or you dont starting right now. and i will start with USFIV"

I look forward to seeing the results.


@kobepilgrim yeah tbh i kinda gave up after reading like 3/4 of the posts about it. Kappa

And yeah same, can't wait to see the results. Gonna be fun.


Guys, I just want my Mortal Kombat X run submitted. If I have to wait another 13 days til u guys can take action then Id rather move on to something else.

Im not asking to be a mod, I just want my run accepted.

(the only mod hasnt logged in since the day I submitted the run. I shouldnt have to wait 3 weeks JUST to have my run potentially accepted. How the hell am I supposed to make progress by posting a run every 3 weeks? /rant)


Hi there, I'd like to be a moderator of Disney's Aladdin (Game Gear / Master System). Not a very active speedgame, but I do have world record and plan on revisiting it soon. I recently updated my PB/WR video to a non-broken twitch link, hence why it is in my "pending actions" right now. Thank you!

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Shade667: We don't submit runs here as this is a last resort thread for inactive mods. In your case, Cuboid was active 8 days ago where in the first post of this thread, 3 weeks (give or take) is considered inactivity. Just because your run isn't on the board for EVERYONE to see, doesn't mean you still can't do MORE runs to make progress for yourself. As long as you followed the rules (and watched a video to confirm said rules), you shouldn't have a problem with your run...unless you cheated.

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I know.

Its more a personal thing. Some runners are motivated to beat their own times. Im motivated visually by seeing my name AMONG others. If im racing myself then whats the point.

Its demotivating for me. It just sucks when, as it stands, im basically waiting up to 2 weeks for my run to maybe be accepted. It just feels like a pain in the ass system. I should just be able to submit a run and have it accepted.

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Doesn't work that way because if it did, what was going on above will happen without anyone catching it.



Didn't the PANICOREPT situation occur after his runs had been accepted?

I don't mean to downplay your point, but the specific example may not hold up.


Personal things are just that: personal. You either work it out, or you manage the consequences. Realize that you're not racing yourself. It just happens to be taking longer for your results to be posted on the board. The board still exists. Your time still exists. In the meantime, if you submit more times, then they should all eventually be accepted. At that point, you'll have even more obsolete runs to compare your PB to (I am personally intrigued by seeing all of my past, obsolete PBs and seeing my progression in that way, not necessarily compared to others). And so what, if you're racing yourself? If you need to be racing others to enjoy a game, then find a situation that better suits your disposition. There are many runners on this site who are the sole runner of a game that they play, yet they continually pursue improvement. What's the point of anything in this world, if not personal growth?

I'm not commenting on your thoughts about the "system" itself, only on your emotional reaction to your runs not being accepted--your first paragraph, rather than the second paragraph and your overall mod request.

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I didn't accept those as I'm the newest series mod as of Saturday. For why it happened prior to me coming on is beyond me. I'm going to rework the entire series on Thursday (my day off). Rules are a mess, runs are outta wack, false runs, etc.

I believe it still stands as if runs were approved without PROPER moderation, things like this would be more prevalent as there's no one to sit there and look at the runs to make sure it's legit. People would have more freedom to just take things that didn't belong to them and upload them as their own.


This is why it's just easier to record a high quality version of all of your runs for archival purposes, but for all online versions such as Youtube / Twitch you have a watermark over your run.

People stealing / reuploading runs is pretty common, really. At least, it has happened at least once in all the main series I follow on this website. If Youtube's backwards arse report system wasn't so stupid though, it would be easier to prevent... but what can you do.


WhoIsThisKid: Mirror's Edge games have moderators. While the series does only have one, I'm sure some of the current game moderators could help out if there was an inherent need for more people. Most moderators on the site aren't looking to add moderators that don't have runs of the games.

CriscoWild: At a basic level: Set up the categories and rules in a sensible manner and approve runs in an objective manner. Other user's posts give more detail.

Nemz38: The game has 6 moderators, please discuss it with them as they have the ability to add you. (I think you're able to add (or maybe submit?) guides just by having a run of the game. I'm actually not 100% sure how it's set up.)

NeverSeenIt: It looks like your original post was deleted, can't exactly respond.

Shade667: Site staff generally doesn't process runs for games. Generic guideline for moderator inactivity is ~3 weeks. Please note, you can have multiple runs submitted at the same time.

NightmareGameZ: I don't see any runs by you for the games, so it seems a bit out of place.

therealbmanbeast: Looks like it was added. Feel free to discuss being added as a mod with the current moderator.

Token: Thanks.

YW1: Almost missed the question. Small game, you have a run, it's relatively inactive, ok.

Raidenthequick: Added, removed the user since he was inactive a year.

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Kirkq: While we're on this subject, can something be done about this situation at hand? There's too much wrong right now and even though I'm new to that team, it's only me that's cleaning it up with Deln's, Furry's and a few others who have nothing to do with the game helping out.


Is it possible to request for a super moderator become a regular one? I was the one who created the page for the game and would like to lower their privileges. I feel he shouldn't deserve the super moderator role and I gave it to him before truly knowing him. The moderator in question is MBA_MIST and from the Ninja Gaiden II page.

Game page:


To tack onto the post above, there should be a owner/leader for each board. There could only be one per board, but they have full reign over the mods/super mods in case something needs to be done. If a person wished to relinquish their leadership they would just tag another as a leader, the user would be demoted and the other leader would be promoted.


The Mod Has been inactive for over 6 months, and is a mod for Call of Duty Black ops Zombies.

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@Goon, talk to the other mods, they will not add you but will delete him.


Hi, so I submited a run (The Sims 2) 8 days ago and since then it hasn't been verify. One admin was online 12 months ago and other 17 days. I don't know what to do so can someone verify my run, or make me a mod?