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To add: The reason I requested X5 is due to the fact that the only moderator does not use the website, and thus, could not verify a time if one is submitted.


Hello! I am a runner of the RPG called OFF. The leaderboard that was made has not been moderated in quiet a while, and the person who made the leaderboards has not been online since he made his account. I think it is inactive especially since I have submitted a run to the board and it has not been touched. I hope you guys can help me.


HHNNBBHHN: Okay, inactive moderator and no runs, added.

Cursedgamer11: Yeah he pretty much logged in one time and never added a run, I'm fine with removing him and adding you.

Auddy07: Thanks, I responded a bit earlier, more this weekend.

Izraill: Thanks for the post, I'll look into it this weekend when I have more time.

Addressing these large community dissents takes a lot of time to understand all the factors, time which I do not really have for a few days due to work stuff. I'll try to get to both of these on Sunday.


Could I be a mod for Shantae: Risky's Revenge? Right now, it only has one mod (I was told that they don't even run the game anymore) and the leaderboards are terribly out of date. We've been keeping track of new times here:


The Etrian Odyssey community had a little debacle recently and one of the mods went and removed series mod powers on half of the games and while we can get most of them fixed by ourselves the Etrian Odyssey 4 leaderboard ( currently has nobody able to fix this issue inside the community itself so we're in need of an admins assistance.

Either allow series mods to have power again or give me super mod powers and I'll fix it.


toucansham : Added you as supermod for Shantae. The current mod was actually a series mod, but has no run whatsoever and hasn't been connected for a month. We may do something about that if it affects the other games of the series.

rosael : Since you requested it, I added you as a supermod for EO4, but I'd like some details about the "debacle" because, well, that's not an usual behavior in my opinion. PM me on Twitch about that if you want.


toucansham: I went ahead and added you as super mod for the series. Might as well do it now since the other guy has been inactive for a month.

rosael: I assume you guys just locked yourselves out? You can add relevant people to each game to prevent that in the future.

EDIT: I sent Twitch PMs to all RE series mods to try to get a better perspective. I'm trying to get some general consensus before changing anything.



I'd like to get promoted to Super Mod on putt-putt Saves the zoo ( ), I've been doing a lot of work for out little community, and this would allow me to just put on the final touches.


J2xp is generally very active and has done a lot for HE speedrunning (from an outsider's POV) so you'd better ask him.

That said, I don't think super mods actually get any perks aside from adding and removing mods.


I would like to be a mod of Don't Starve/Don't Starve Together. The game at the moment is not viable to run and I have a couple ideas to make it viable. Since messaging isn't up I made a forum post on the leaderboards but I haven't got a reply in 2 days. I would really like to run this game, even though I haven't recorded a run I seem to the only one taking interest in running this game.


I would like to request moderation of Chex Quest, as the current moderator does not run the game, does not have any runs listed, has incorrect categories, is inactive, and no form of contact.


Can I get mod of lego star wars the complete saga? I asked about an IL board and if I could set that up about 2 weeks ago and I never heard anything back. I feel that lego games being the way they are need IL boards for reference when doing full runs.


I am requesting moderation of the Mortal Kombat series. It currently only has one moderator. He regularly logs in but hasn't done anything for the series, other than set up an MK4 GameBoy run for himself 2 years ago. I have been unable to establish contact with him through Twitch or Twitter (neither of which accounts have had activity for a couple months). I have very deep knowledge of the franchise, and have several runs on different MK titles which I am ready to list.


Aridolomo : As Klashik said, there's no perks in being a supermod. All you can do is name new mods but since Jxp seems active enough he can handle that in my opinion.

rey : I added you to the mods of Don't Starve, because SlyCooperPlays has been inactive for a full month. But please try not to make categories on your own and have someone to discuss about it

Cyberdemon : Added you to Chex Quest. The current mod hasn't been there for 4 months

HeyItsBentley : The 3 mods are on Twitter, have you tried contacting them this way ? Sadly the game forums are something that is mostly never checked

TheKombatKing : Seems legit, I added you to the series mods. Plus it's always better to have more than a single mod.


Hmmm, this actually brings up a decent point. I think that the moderation should be left to the ZSR people so that they can actually have leaderboards mirrored with ZSR.
However, although lot of games currently are mirrored from ZSR, skyward sword still hasn't been filled out at all. Is there anyone chasing up on this, or is it just being left for dead for now? I'd really like to see it all come across properly

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while I'm all for speedrunning being open and not cliquey, skyward sword and WWHD are both very popular games, so I think this site would be looking for someone more established in the respective communities to run those pages.


None of the established SS runners are active on this website at the moment.


Zelda is an active enough community to take such decisions themselves. Ask them directly (probably on ZSR for best efficiency) and they should be able to take a decision.


Originally posted by kirkq Destiny: Nacho did you check your Twitch spambox? Twitch defaults all messages to the other box unless you've opted out. (The worst feature I've ever seen in my life.) I didn't see the message may not be the same as he didn't contact me. Separately, why should you maintain sole control of the Destiny series and/or what would make him not qualified to help? It's worth noting the other two moderators have zero runs of the game. Having only one person who runs a game maintaining the board is not the ideal situation in my opinion. Getting more active people involved should generally be helpful. Since the question was brought up, if the moderator is generally uncontactable (not saying that's necessary the case here), I can't exactly go by the "needs to contact a mod" criteria. It generally makes sense to me to add the most active submitter of runs to the game as a mod when there's only effectively only one moderator (as far as I can tell) currently.

KomradeKontroll: Mod has no runs of game listed, so okay.

Link's Awakening: The moderator was online 2 weeks ago, which isn't awful. I'd probably need someone to add. Could you try sending the moderator a Twitch DM for now asking about accepting your run and maybe getting a couple more people involved as moderators?

Still nothing new after doing that. I sent a PM and I think he doesn't stream anymore.


packsciences: If you want it, I'll give it to you. Let me know.

RNGRuns: Wind Waker HD has reasonably active mods from the Zelda community, feel free to contact them. Skyward Sword is kind of in an awkward spot I agree, but I would still prefer at the very least someone who runs it and is reasonably established in the community to manage it. To MLSTRM's question: There was talk of ways to share runs between the two sites, but a large scale agreement/initiative to do so hasn't happened thus far, unfortunately. Pac has scraper scripts he can use if the community wants him to.