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Can I be made a moderator of the Hello Kitty series? I requested to get 2 games (Hello Kitty Kruisers and Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends Racing) added about a week ago, and have got no response from the current lone series mod. I've tried contacting him via twitter and twitch also but still haven't got any response.

Update: I got a reply on twitter. The bloke doesn't even think you can add a game to a series as a series mod.


@Jezs only admin can approve games to be added to this site.... not series mod....

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@Deln Series mods can add new games, as long as the game is part of the existing series.

The admin approves the game series, series mods then add games to the series.


The series mods can add the games to the series, however the games have to be added to the site by a site admin first.
The games you want added to the series don't exist on the site yet. If you put the series they are a part as part of the request, then they should be added to the series automatically.

In short, wait for your requests to go through. They should be in the series when they're added.

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Not true.

'Test'. Created a minute ago by me as a demonstration. Moderators of a series have ability to add games to that series (including games that do not exist on the site at all) when they please, and do not need to go through admins.

this game will be deleted soon, obviously, as it's simply a demonstration. Jezs is correct in this situation.


That explains a lot (empty, inactive, etc.)


Any chance I could be added as a mod for NOT A HERO? Been hanging on an approval for over a month and haven't been able to contact mod.


Hi, I know you say it is about around 3 weeks for a moderator innactivity, but for the game Sid Meier's Civilization IV ( every time a run, is post, it can take from 2 weeks to a month every time. I am one of the most active player on the thread and I find it pretty annoying. Since the mod that is ''the most active'' doesn't have Twitch and the other two aren't connected for month, could you please check this game out and maybe make me mod?

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Good morning misters and mistresses!

I'm adding this post to the thread for explaining my situation. There. I'm one of the remaining runners of Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu leaderboard, and the moderator in charge of it - JackOfHearts - is absent since August 8th (not that long...but still).

Leaderboard link :

I have two submissions for one of the two category, pending for near two weeks (a bit less for the most recent) and the specifity is both are 1st place times (one will become obsolete, and the other one, the fastests I got). There is also the other active runner who submitted a guide for beginners, to help promote the game and the speedroute of it.

My question would be the following : would it be possible to make someone check this submission in the place of JackOfHearts? And/or, would it be possible for me to apply as moderator for the leaderboard alongside JackOfHearts to avoid that problem in the near future?

Thanks in advance for taking my post into consideration. Have a fabulous day.



The normal "inactivity" guideline is 3 weeks, and even then, it's advised to seek contact with JackofHearts either via Twitter or whatever means. He has his twitter on his profile. If he doesn't care about the game anymore, you could ask him to either make you a (super)-mod and/or remove himself from the mod-team.
Mind you this thread is a last-resort type of thing.


Problem is, us two runners tried to contact him ... No response at all. He also said himself he wouldn't run the game unless his time gets beaten and moved onto other games =\ I wouldn't go through here if I had news or at least, a bit of a news. Sorry though ... Won't disturb anymore =$



I will explain my situation quickly and brief:
I am a moderator for the Ratchet and Clank leaderboards, and a couple months ago, me and my friend made a joke leaderboard for one of the upcoming games in the series at the time (It's something I wont really do anymore since its lead to many others in the community doing the same thing and its gotten too far), and even though it says im a mod of the leaderboards, it will not let me verify, or remove runs, or anything.

Is there a way to fix this? or is there someone I can contact to discuss this further? thank you. (first time using a thread on this site)


I know JackofHearts personally, so I'll contact him tonight and ask what's up.


Thank you very much Drakodan ❤️


@Skritler which board exactly?


GhostScit: 10 mods available and 4 days pending isn't really within the scope of this thread. Cleaning up moderation to accurately reflect active and/or interested people could probably be discussed on that game's forum.

Beardy: Even if the button is there, I'm not sure if it lets moderators do it or not. Lighnat0r has been testing moderator logs with the site staff the last week or two, so we can get information about things being deleted much more easily now. This concern may be less relevant.

Jezs: To be fair the interface to do so isn't particularly obvious/intuitive. It looks like the moderator added them. All game requests can go through either series moderators or site staff for now. Site staff may send you to series moderators in some cases. The game request form only goes to site staff right now.

Deln/Ozotuh: Like Jezs says, series mods can add new games directly tied to the series. It's expected they stay within the scope of the series. They cannot remove the series tag, so it's blatantly obvious if someone tries to do something dumb.

Spleen: User is months inactive, ok.

Dracula013: Try posting in the game forum for now. The active user may get notifications on forum threads. If this stays an issue for another week or two, we can look at adding mods.

Leonis07: Would be better to create a game forum thread and/or try to contact the user for now. If this stays an issue for another week or two, we can look at adding mods.

Skritler: Wouldn't the site be awesome if everyone did this meme? (Probably not.) I don't see the game in question, maybe you deleted it?

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Hi could you add me as a mod to I just submitted a run, and I haven't had a reply from the only 'active' mod.
2 of the mods are completely inactive and non of the mods run the game.

I'd also like to change the layout of the page too, which hasn't been changed in a year.


@Mastoise contact VanessaMagick on twitter, this is a LAST RESORT thread and inactivity only matter after 3 weeks.


I am always available to discuss moderation of the RC Revenge runs (I have yet to submit any of my runs for it, after all!). I understand that people want their runs verified quickly but it hasn't even been a day.

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Hey guys,

I need to be bumped up to Super Mod status on the Street Fighter series, so I can bring on a bigger crew. I've been verifying new Street Fighter runs nearly every day for the last couple weeks without any help. The lone Super Mod for the series has apparently dropped off the map. Some Street Fighter speedrunners and I have been trying to contact him for the last month and we can't get a hold of him.