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TheGlitched64: Missed your request the first time sorry. Try contacting the current moderator on Twitch, he seems fairly active.

Destiny: [removed, discussion was taken aside]

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I told creeper i was gonna do it before i added the comment and he said i could. and nacho I messeged you on youtube messeges but it must not have gone through. I've only submitted one run under the wrong variable since I miss clicked the difficulty to normal which I fixed in the next submission. other then that it was my first submission which wasn't a full run. green and creeper did like the fact I was a mod because they wanted instant approval since i'm on xbox all the time with them.

Edit: Here's the messege I sent to you nacho over 2 weeks ago


I'm happy to discuss this with you elsewhere so as to not clutter this forum.


Hello, I'm interested in running and/or getting Resogun on PS4 going. The game has been accepted, however my posts, messages, and submission to the mod have been unresponsive, any help is appreciated! Thanks!


I'm hoping this is the right place to request this, but I would like to become a moderator for the Five Nights at Freddy's series. The current moderator has very little things set up. And has not been responding to messages about the games or questions. I would to become moderator so I can add other games and make speedrunning the series more welcoming. Thanks in advance!


Raxa7: Resogun moderator Last online 2 months ago and no runs - added

SilenceErupts: The one game looks okay but the series could use improvement for sure, (also verified you had a run of a game in the series) - added.


I would like to be a mod for all games in Tomb Raider series. Currently I'm not a mod for:

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - lcgol
Tomb Raider Underworld - Tomb_Raider_Underworld
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris - lctoo

The reason for my request is that I am the founder and owner of the website TombRunner ( that is dedicated to Tomb Raider speedrunning and has been active since 2007.



Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: Added since moderator hasn't been very active
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris: As far as I know you should be able to add yourself to the game since series moderators have power there. Let me know if you can't.
Tomb Raider Underworld: Can you try contacting the current mod and seeing if you guys are on the same page, he's fairly active. He has the ability to add you. I'd rather you reach out for discussion before any major changes are made there.


Could I get mod for civilization, the times are being updated less than once per week. Either me or HilaxSpeedruns would be able to update it daily.


I'm hoping this is the right place to request this, but I would like to remove SilenceErupts as a moderator for the Five Nights at Freddy's series. He has messed all of the categories up and added timing differences which were not agreed with by the rest of the runners. I would to become moderator so I can add other games and make speedrunning the series more welcoming. Thanks in advance!


Hello, I would like to become a moderator for Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure. So far, the only current moderator for that game (Outside_Lutz) has been inactive for 4 months (and in general online so far) and I can't apply for moderator to him. The best and only time on that game has become obsolete for a while and I want to add in my time (current IRL world record) for that game.

Thanks in advance.


What am I to do when the only moderator of a leaderboard (Typing of the Dead: Overkill) hasn't responded back through either Twitter or by accepting my run, yet he was online several hours AFTER I requested he add me as a mod?


The mods for civilization haven't been on in- 4 weeks for one, and 5 days for the other. Please give either me or HilaxSpeedruns mod because we are both on daily and can approve runs as they come in.


Green_Dreamin: Dang I don't even get a day to respond. Could you try contacted aisforandis, I gave him super mod so he can actually add people now. 5 days isn't bad really, but getting more people involved would be good. Contact him first though please.

Moo: Discussion taken to game forum.

Arthur9078: Added due to 4 months inactivity. If you want to contact the other players of the other games I can add someone to the series.

Beardy: He might not have seen your message or he might have been too busy to review your run today. Runs don't have to be reviewed literally the next time people visit the site. I'd recommend contacting him through another medium (Twitch message) and/or waiting a few days.


may i request that my time be submitted for Child of Light. the mod seems inactive. i want to add my time which is the new WR for the NG catagory


Auddy07 : One of the series mod (whom, as far as I know, isn't related to all this mess) is aware of the situation and of your previous post. He'll try to figure out some stuff the best he can.


I'd like to request moderation of Mega Man X5 and Mega Man X7, as the person who created those boards did so specifically to spite the community and does not frequent the website.


It seems like time and time again this thread leads to drama when someone asks for mod here. I understand that you admins simply do not have the time to research every request, but that's no excuse for adding almost anyone that asks for mod. A better system needs to be made so that these problems don't happen on a weekly basis.

Maybe before someone is added as mod the current mods on the leaderboard are sent a notification over email which they have one week to respond to?


soloman: Moderator was literally just online and I'm pretty sure he submitted a game request earlier this week. He's certainly not "inactive", feel free to contact him.

Auddy07: If you or others want to contact me on Twitch I can look into it more. I need a lot of details though. There's literally 6 people moderating the board, so I have no idea who has what opinion and why or who disagrees with who. I really don't even know where the disagreement starts.

Cyberdemon531: I'm not really interested in getting involved in your personal turf wars. That board has been there for over 3 months. The Megaman community seems to include a bunch of people you seem to routinely get in disagreements with, so I don't have any productive way to change the situation without creating more issues at the moment. I would need some evidence that the majority of the community wants something changed besides simply you telling me so. A forum thread in the game forum would be the appropriate place for that, discussion doesn't need dragged in here other than a link to relevant discussion threads.

frogyfro: I wish I had site PMs, plain and simple. They haven't been implemented yet, so we're kinda stuck with this informal route (which probably has room for improvement.) I generally review as much information as I can before changing things. Does the moderator have a run of the game, when was the person asking for moderator last online, does the person asking for moderator have a run of the game, how do the categories look, how many runs do they each have on the site. Have they tried contacting that mod, does that mod appear active on Twitch/Twitter?

Many of these requests fall well within reason by this criteria in my opinion. A few of them are grayer, but "contact the mod" only goes so far. There is no way to guarantee the moderator of a game is reasonable, most of the time he just got there first.

Ideally people should work together to find some common ground, I can't exactly defer to the current moderator all the time. Best practice IMO would be if moderators would get 2+ other moderators for each game so numerous people are available for moderation and contact. More people available also increases the likelihood that the board is reflecting community opinion.


@kirkq and cyberdemon531 I would usually not want to get into this, but I think it’s necessary to explain Cyber’s points and the issue with the X7 leaderboard. X5 is, technically, fine, since the current mod does run that game and has very good times in it. X7, however, is a different case. As explained in this thread by PeterAfro ( ) he banned something the community explicitly allowed, despite allegedly being told that in Twitter multiple times.

A summarized version of what happened (as seen from my perspective –if anyone sees wrong information and can correct it please do–) would be: everyone had been running in the PC version, which is Korean, but they had been using a version that had an English patch. The moderator we’ve been talking about went and did a "joke" (or so he claims) about timing it to see if English patch affected timing and banning it from the other leaderboards if it did so. Someone posted it on Twitter and people got angry. He said something along the lines of "it was a joke but now I’ll actually do it." He went and did it even though the X7 community had all agreed practically unanimously that running in the patch was perfectly fine. He then banned all the runs of that game done in the patch and proceeded to create the X7 leaderboard in this site before the actual runners got the chance, having the advantage of being a series mod, effectively enforcing his decision.

One could go and gather opinions from all the people who have actually run that game and most –if not all– would agree that the rule applied was not agreed upon and that the mod needs to be changed. Personally, I think PeterAfro should be the one moderating the leaderboard of Mega Man X7, being an active runner who is in contact with the community.
I would also like to suggest that all further discussion about this specific game was directed to the thread I linked previously, with special focus in a question presented in the opening post:

Originally posted by Cirno_eats_a_hoagieCan a person who doesn't even run a game have [moderator status] and set rules that the running community does not agree with and block times from the leaderboard?