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btrim: The user that requested it had their account deleted.

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Only full mods can delete games over 2 weeks old. Please contact one if you want to have this game deleted."

I don't want to be mod of this game. I eventually want an admin to take or transfer ownership of "Disney" (after the two mickey series are created, hopefully).

I was willing to put up with it while I could actually mediate for people but I simply don't have the time to babysit children anymore.

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Reminder of the first post (or new people that haven't read it yet)~

Please keep in mind that using this thread is somewhat a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Twitch messages to mods are probably best for now.

Moderator inactivity doesn't apply until around 3 weeks, depending on other circumstances, and it is expected that you try to contact them (exceptions may be made if they have been offline ~3+ months.)

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So @ Sp00keh did you try to contact the moderator before posting here?


No posts in the game's forums, but Hoxer hasn't been on in a month. The only thing Hoxer's linked is his inactive Twitch.

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me and pjoxt would like to request mod status on the Hammerwatch ( page
the current moderator Minceh doesn't have any runs in anything, hasn't been online for nearly 3 weeks, and hasn't left any contact info

proof that we play the video game

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Maiguels: Added due to inactivity.

zergreenone: Added due to inactivity.

starcrytas: I might've forgotten to click a button. I think that's only the second time I've done that surprisingly.

btrim: I'll just delete Goofy's Fun House for now. Disney series doesn't have strong need for a moderator if you don't want it any more. You should be able to remove yourself. Most large disconnected series are fine without a series moderator. If you want to remove yourself from games and leave them with no moderators, could you give us a list of the empty games.

Sp00keh: Added due to inactivity.

Arctice: There aren't any runs on the page, so I'll remove them and add you.

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Figured you would come here if you didn't get your way so here's the actual explanation why I said the boards themselves wouldn't change:

1) The difficulty "Hard" actually does exist in the console version of the game but not the PC original game. When the console version was created, the developers changed the difficulties up (Easy being normal and Normal being Hard).There's no way to my knowledge of making the difficulty only available for console and not for PC without potentially messing up the board. The people who originally ran this game (myself, M3toxi, etc.) decided to leave the board like this as there was really no reason to change it to make it coincide with the versions. When I shorthanded this to you, as shown in discord link, your response was "idc about consoles". Hence why I ignored anything else you had to say.

2) World 4 a.k.a "Rise of Owlverlord" is indeed separate from the main game in PC version but it's added as part of the main game on console. My response above applies here as well.

3) As it can clearly be seen on the board itself, the board is quite cluttered. IMO, there's literally no reason to add 100% to the board at the moment if there isn't a run present for it or for one person to run it then not be touched by anyone else, hence why I said no. You are welcome to run it but as I said to you in discord, I won't add it to the board until there is more interest for it outside of one person.

4) No need to change Any% to Any% NG+ as the only thing that changes is boss locks (not a thing in easy in PC and normal for console). Unless there's a unanimous decision to change this, there's no reason to do so as everyone else who ran this game hasn't had a problem with the way it was setup, especially when the board was setup by the community at the time (not me).

5) That exact reason is completely wrong. In Hardcore, if you die, you have to restart the level from the start while in uber, if you die, you have to restart the entire game. What sense does it make to put hardcore and uber together, regardless if the difficulty doesn't change, together if one puts you back to the beginning of the level while the other puts you back to the beginning of the game. One person can still save their run while the other has to basically kill their run. That alone should prove why they should be separated, especially when there's only one run for uber on PS4.

You essentially want to change things up to the way you like it without getting consent from everyone else who ran the game and when I told you no and short handed you why, "idc about consoles" and came here asking for super mod. It doesn't quite work that way, regardless of how many runs you have for the game. What I listed here is the exact reasoning of why I said "No" to any of your suggestions and is probably things you didn't take account of, especially when you only care about the PC side of things and not both versions as a whole. That discord conversation also shows that you didn't wait for anyone else to say anything and you came here trying to get power over someone to get your way.

~ Token

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kirkq: Thanks, the only game without a mod was the goofy one.

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Hello, I am requesting for mod on Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. I understand there have been issues with the current mod RobotCrocodilz involving him creating leaderboards for games that he does not have any intention of running. There are no rules defined in the game, which needs rules and more categories than "Any %" due to the presence of collectibles and a password system. The leaderboard looks plain and shows no signs of improvement beyond making the game and a single category.
Although I do not have any grounds to replace him as mod on the grounds of him not verifying my runs, I do not believe it is beneficial to have the leaderboards of the game in the hands of someone who has likely never played the game.
Just as extra proof that he has not looked at the leaderboard since it was created, Scooby-Doo is spelled "Scooby Doo". That may be of minimal difference, but it shows RobotCrocodilz' lack of interest in the game.

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Robot was on site an hour ago, he's streamed 2 days ago, last on twitter 5 days ago. However, when someone gets a leaderboard and doesn't do shit for the entirety of them having it, I think these time table "courtesy" should probably be ignored. That's just my opinion since there is no responsibility shown by Robot here for this game.

Also just a quick question, but what is the point of completely taking away series moderation power in individual games? Couldn't there be a better kind of checks and balance instead of blocking them out entirely?

For instance, if series mod power is not active in specific games, they should still have the ability to add and remove mods from that game (however, they should only be able to grant standard mod, not super mods).

That way, inactive mods who take away series power aren't leaving a board hung to dry, gives a bit more balance between series and game mods, and it encourages series mods to keep a watchful eye (and be active) on all games in the series instead of just being figure heads.

Just a recommendation, it just doesn't seem beneficial to completely lock out series mods and it takes away the non serious mod requests (cause in this scenario, the only reason to come to this thread is due to non series games, or there's a really bad series mod doing bad things).

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yeah nvm, though he meant it the other way around but its ok.


@KirbyComment did you contact the moderators before posting here?


Good guy 👍️

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Requesting Moderation for Shooty Skies because the existing Moderator is inactive. Thanks.



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Vaan666: I think the most correct solution would be for the game's runners to come to a consensus on what the board should look like. Please don't use this thread just to bypass moderators.

GhostScit: In most cases I'm not going to batch add people to games they don't have runs of due to inactivity. A mod was added or logged in for Stray Cat Crossing.



Also just a quick question, but what is the point of completely taking away series moderation power in individual games? Couldn't there be a better kind of checks and balance instead of blocking them out entirely?

The inheritance was very intensive on the database the way it was implemented. There may be better ways to implement something like that. Secondly the control of the board felt too ambiguous and this caused a fair share of conflict. The new/opposite lack of checks and balances also causes some conflict. The current system is either you share control it or you don't; leaving less of an ambiguous middle ground or hierarchy. There may be an implementation scheme that is a better medium. My personal opinion is that clearing up some of the ambiguous middle ground is closer to correct for now.

RobotCrocodilz: On a neutral note, site users seem to take issue with users creating blank boards for games they don't run. (At an extreme, a user could go request a ton of games they don't run and have control of the boards.) Ideally these would be caught by the game request form, but historically the form requested less information so a lot of games slipped through (and many of your games have very old creation dates).

XYX: I'm not exactly looking to give moderator to the loudest protestor or whatever. I'd suggest getting runners to come to a consensus on who they want running the boards. My concern is that the usual meme crew shows up and all run the same game and post a lot on the boards to gain a perceived "majority" when they're all just advocating for each other all the time. Subjectively: "Me and my friends all think I should be mod."

KirbyComment: There are plenty of mods for the game to discuss this with.

Cappan1: Added due to inactivity and you have a run.


I would request to made an mod for the Battlefield 4 page, as the current moderators are inactive. Multiple people have made attempts at submitting runs, but due to the lack of moderation they haven't been successful. Thank You.


the struggle continues!