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Reminder to not trust anyone who lies about where they live is what i should have stated trollbear666 Kappa

BUT to stay on topic, i think there needs to be another sub division of Admins / "Global moderaters" that handle these situations. I know this site is a hobby for most people but having very active and trustworthy people (like trollbear666, deln, token, etc. (you know, people who you see trying to help these situations before admins get to them)), would help alleviate the tension by going outside and getting both sides, then coming up with a fair decision. There's only so much responsibility site admins can take before this kind of stuff falls under the, quite honestly, time consuming and border line mundane category.

Not to say this thread is as much of an unimportance, but I'd imagine site admins are busy with the coding aspect that these things tend to distract and the non instantaneous responses (once again no one is at fault here) only elevate things to higher levels of shit talking / unnecessary comments before the admins get to see what's being discussed

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I would help with this thread, but kirkq's message suggested only staff should handle the requests.

Originally posted by kirkqAlso for anyone not aware, only Admin (badge) and Full Mod (Yellow sword) are official posts in this thread.

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To chime in on what Zewing said:

I don't think it's really necessary to have more site mods (although I wouldn't mind helping out) in regards of this forum. Only reason why I say this is because majority of the request on this forum is basically either one of the following (if not all in some cases):

- failure to contact a mod using ALL methods available
- blatantly not contacting a mod to either get to get a mod (probably denied for one reason or another) or have someone removed for "inactivity" (see point 1) and/or not verifying run fast (people have lives outside of this site)
- Asking for mod for a game that a different user created but didn't set up properly and/or doesn't run the game
- Wanting mod for game that user setup, did a run then never came back to the site (just because run isn't on the board when you want it to doesn't mean the run is any less valid)
- People not reading the initial post

Maybe 1 or 2 people for forum moderation (ROMaster2 obviously and Deln/Trollbear sounds like a good fit) to make sure all post are following site guidelines and to quell down/lock a thread if it gets too crazy for comfort (what just happened is a perfect example. The list I put above is why people like myself, Deln, Trollbear and ROMaster2 is able to solve most issues long before Kirkq or another site mod is able to see it.

In regards of the RacingMonster issues, that whole thing probably should have been handled discreetly as not everyone needs to see people's dirty laundry. IMO, if requesting for mod or trying to have someone removed, please come with definitive proof that shows neglect and/or inactivity.

Edit: " yes I haven't replied to forum posts because, I don't read the forums. If someone would like to contact me for something about moderation they can contact me through twitch, twitter or discord. "

Just because people can contact you through other methods doesn't mean you shouldn't be checking the forums on at least a weekly basis, especially for those who either don't have other social media accounts or have them, but doesn't use them. Not looking at your game forums that you moderate IMO does fall into "inactivity" even if you're either on the site or active on other social media (I'm guilty of this as well).

~ Token

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@Token Why ROMaster2 obviously and not me obviously? my account is older Kappa (< this is a joke, but I talked to Lighnat0r before about other mods, but he told me that Kirkq should be the guy to do stuff like that)


Hello, I'd like to request to be the moderator for the Valdis story abyssal city Page. The current moderator Niriw, Has not been active on the website for 11 months. And the run i submitted as been pending for a month now. his youtube page is does not exist anymore according to youtube. and his twitch has been inactive for 5 months or so, and i havent been able to get any contacts with him.

Links to inactivity and pending run are here.

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HolySanctum: Since pretty much nothing was ever done with the page and Scooby games seem to have lots of mods most of the time, this is fine.

My suggestion regarding Call of Duty is to look into adding a couple more moderators, I'm not going to say that's a requirement, just that it may help things. Lo1ts is fine, there's no requirements to check runs every time you visit the site, and 1.5 weeks to verify ILs is probably pretty average compared to many other games. If the current moderator(s) want highly inactive moderators removed, let me know.

I was out of town most of the weekend, my last post in here was 3 days ago lol. I don't do site code, that's why I handle a lot of these requests. I would like to hand this responsibility off eventually, but I think clear guidelines are needed so people taking over can be relatively consistent. It would also be helpful if we could automate many of these requests through a site PM system that still doesn't exist yet. As we continue to improve the site, ideally this thread gets to be less of a headache. It's unfortunately a bit of a "necessary evil" under the current circumstances. Also this was 4 requests taking up 2 pages because people are really opinionated sometimes. A bit of a ramble on my part, but I'm tired. V_V;

DarkOrigins12: It's just a checkbox he probably forgot to click. If the rules say emulators are banned, it's relatively clear that the current expectation is that emulators are banned, it's not exactly superceded by the availability of the option. Playstation emulators are pretty notorious for being inaccurate, so we can't really say that allowing them or disallowing them is unreasonable. I'd say try to sort it out on the forums there first or contact the runner. At a glance I don't think either of you are necessarily wrong in your opinions, but me choosing one person over another wouldn't really solve anything without some actual discussion occurring.

zwlda: Added due to inactivity.

Also user contact info buttons appear to be broken right now, at least for me?

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Originally posted by kirkqAlso user contact info buttons appear to be broken right now, at least for me?

You mean the links to things like Twitch and Twitter? Those work just fine for me.


@kirkq yeah, if klooger and phantom can be removed as moderators of the cod series that would be good, neither have been online in over 2 months and even before that as far as I know didn't really do any verification so we don't exactly need them listed.

Thanks for the response.

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If you need help, i can help for Dynasty Warriors Series, i know all the games of this serie, i'll do some walkthrough on my youtube channel and i'll do speedrun soon

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xSweep: This forum is a last resort thread for moderation issues. If you are offering help for a game/series, post on the forums there. It also helps to have a run for one of the games.

Series in question:

~ Token

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Hi everyone

I'm requesting to be a moderator for Gyromite.
The reason is because I submitted a run over a month ago and the only mod, WERY, never approved my run, yet he was last online 7 days ago at the time of this post. I could not contact him because he doesn't have any contact links.

My experience with Gyromite is that I have the top time speed run time, plus I have the high scores on both Game A and Game B. At least as far as I know.
Everything I have done on Gyromite was streamed and I have proof of skill.


ROMaster2: Yeah I'm special I guess. 🙁

xSweep: Moderation Requests should generally go through the current moderators per the first post in this thread.

Lo1ts/xHaviiHx: Removed the series mods and moved them to regular mod on all the games. You can remove them there as well if you choose, or you can keep them around.

starcrytas: Added since the run has been pending a long time and it's a small board.

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Thank you kirkq!


Thanks kirkq

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Hi, I submitted a run of Pretentious Game, and I notice that the current moderators, GeniusPirate and SilentButAwesome, haven't been active on the website for 1 year and 3 months, respectively.

So I request to be the moderator of Pretentious Game.


I submitted a run for Heli Attack 3, it has been waiting for 1 month, and the only moderator, Huge Turban:

"Member since 4 months ago

Last online 3 months ago"

I would like to have my run accepted, and I guess be moderator if neccessary


I'm not showing up as mod on Gyromite

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I appear to have been stuck with an abandoned game.

Please find a mod so I can remove myself from it.


@btrim just remove the game. If someone has a run for it they can just request it again.


Trollbear: I mean, there are runs on youtube.

The categories appear to be set up, I just don't know what happened to the user who requested it.