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While it is the wrong thread, I can answer this.
It happens for me when using Internet Explorer, but not Firefox or Chrome, so really the only way around it is to change browser (some browsers don't like the way the form is written for moderation basically)

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Added FFRPro21 to Tetrisphere

I'll make a note of the IE issues, I don't know to what extent the current moderation code would need changed to support this.



I'll make a note of the IE issues, I don't know to what extent the current moderation code would need changed to support this.

It needs a message inviting the user to download a better web browser.



Can I be added as a mod for the Mario Party 3, and possibly the Mario Party series as well? I submitted 2 runs the past week and the series mad hasn't been on in a week, while the other game mod hasnt been on in months


Hello I would like to become a mod for destiny. I speedrun this game a lot and know pretty much everything when it comes to IL runs which is the most popular on the site. I'm on the destiny site all the time and I would like the runs to be accepted faster then they are now.


zecora_mlp_1 did you ask the current (super) mod of the game before asking here?
because "Please keep in mind that using this thread is somewhat a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. "



Yes i asked Nacho about a week ago and haven't gotten an answer. All I was looking for was a yes or no from him but didn't get one.


kirkq: How long is the time for normal run approval? Freedom Fighters' moderator has been off for almost 3 weeks now (18 days ago on Steam, hasn't added me back). My run has been waiting approval for almost as long. I'm sure there is no such rule for this thing, but I think that this time is far too long for a submission approval. Also can't add things correctly under "Resources" and I can only put them under "Guides", wanted to add a splits file and a 100% savegame for loading into any map for practice or whatever.


Could I be made a mod of Lego Indiana Jones? The current mod hasn't responded to anything on the forum and the categories for the game are wrong as there is no co-op section


FishermanFV: I'll add you to the series after a bug gets fixed that is preventing me from adding series moderators. 😐️
Zecora_MLP_1: You have more runs than half the moderators, so ok.
PKSCUBE: I'd say 3 weeks is pretty long, added you.
HeyItsBentley: Added, and I also gave series moderator power there.

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Thanks Kirk, finally that WR is online 🙂


Was wondering if I could become a mod of Super Smash Land. Wanting to get some sort of publicity through the game through YouTube and Livestream and have a lot of times I want to upload. Unsure if the other mod is still active but if so, they are more than welcome to kick me if they don't like the decision. Just impossible to get ahold of them to ask. 🙂


Yeah hi, Zecora never messaged me about being a mod for Destiny. I would like him removed.


I would like to be added as mod of Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. There are no runs listed, and I can add some, as well as my own.


It's probably not a good idea to add a mod without a decent reason. "He didn't answer me when I asked him" doesn't really mean anything.


About Link's Awakening :
I noticed that the most recent run was 3 months ago.
Also, Flynn, the only mod, seems to still stream and speedrun, however, he doesn't seem to come to
Finally, I submitted a run for Any% a while ago and still didn't get any answer.

Please note that I don't request being mod for this game, I don't know the game and its categories, I just did a Any% once and I haven't much skills or knowledge (except the Any%) in Link's Awakening.


Destiny: Nacho did you check your Twitch spambox? Twitch defaults all messages to the other box unless you've opted out. (The worst feature I've ever seen in my life.) I didn't see the message may not be the same as he didn't contact me. Separately, why should you maintain sole control of the Destiny series and/or what would make him not qualified to help? It's worth noting the other two moderators have zero runs of the game. Having only one person who runs a game maintaining the board is not the ideal situation in my opinion. Getting more active people involved should generally be helpful. Since the question was brought up, if the moderator is generally uncontactable (not saying that's necessary the case here), I can't exactly go by the "needs to contact a mod" criteria. It generally makes sense to me to add the most active submitter of runs to the game as a mod when there's only effectively only one moderator (as far as I can tell) currently.

KomradeKontroll: Mod has no runs of game listed, so okay.

Link's Awakening: The moderator was online 2 weeks ago, which isn't awful. I'd probably need someone to add. Could you try sending the moderator a Twitch DM for now asking about accepting your run and maybe getting a couple more people involved as moderators?


Just wondering again about my request to be a mod for Super Smash Land.
Only other Mod seems to have been inactive for a couple months, and, would like to get my runs up. If the mod comes back I will happily step down but... kinda want to get my runs up there.


I can understand your reasoning behind adding him as a mod. I never intended to be the sole mod for Destiny, but the other two mods seemed to have given up on trying to moderate it. I've left them as mods because they were around before me and I don't want to step on any toes. I'm also very active - I'm just doing more R&D than actual runs at the moment, as there's an update to the game coming soon that will make various things faster.

I opted out of the "Other" folder on Twitch. I also checked Twitter/YouTube/the forums and there were no messages. I don't believe Zecora should be a mod as he has submitted several runs under the wrong category and/or with the wrong variables despite me letting him know he's doing it. I don't feel like I can trust him to appropriately check other runs.

Edit: I've also just noticed he's adding unnecessary mod comments to other people's runs.