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Is anyone going to help me out please? ????


@Ditch_eVo - Only the site admins can make you a mod of the game, and just like you and I, they have lives to live too. Be patient, someone will deal with it soon.

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Hey, why is there no page for Super Metroid?


Ditch_eVo: Added. I don't refresh this thread daily or I'd probably lose my mind.

Nostalgia64: Eh there's really no reason not to promote you in this specific case.

Koalarific: The run has been awaiting verification a long time, so this is fine.

scrubjr: Because people get really salty when we add games and they have their own leaderboards. I have multiple opinions about this that I don't wish to clutter this thread with.

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Kirkq: no worries! I'm just impatient sorry, thanks for helping me out!


Hello, I have tried to get in contact with RobotCrocodilz, who is the only mod of Scooby-Doo: Mystery Mayhen (GBA), for the last three months and have not had a single response. I have made fourm posts on the site as well as tried to contact him through Twitter. The leaderboard is barren with no rules defined as well as no 100% category. I would like to request moderator status for this game: to actually set up rules for the game as well as change the year it was released, as it is incorrect. I'm not entirely sure if he plans on running the game either, seeing as there have not been any runs yet. This is my last resort, as he has been online but has not replied to a single one of my posts/tweets. Thank you.

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@HolySanctum "Moderator inactivity doesn't apply until around 3 weeks, depending on other circumstances, and it is expected that you try to contact them (exceptions may be made if they have been offline ~3+ months.) "

maybe he doesnt follow the game?

that's all there is to say about it.

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@HolySanctum, @Deln - I believe this is one of the outlier cases where the 3 week inactivity period should be overlooked. HolySanctum's posts are 3 months old, neither of which have been replied to. The Mod's Twitter has been inactive for about three weeks, the Youtube account 4 months, and the Twitch account 6-7months, since their last highlight at least.

The Mod shows no care for the board, and seems to have no intention of doing anything with it. [Note that there are 15 games that he is the exclusive Super Mod over, which only have an any% category, each having no rules defined. They seem to be a person who submits for a game simply to have power over that board.]

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I have tried to contact him multiple times over the course of three months to no success. See: and . I realize that he has been online but he has not replied to anything I have said to him and has not worked on the leaderboard in any way at all, despite the need for it. He also has removed series mods from access to the game for no reason whatsoever. The game has been on the site for a long time now and not a single rule has been defined.


@Racingmonster Lo1ts is active and tbh i dont see any points in your post that would validate the removal of every mods and have you added.


@Racingmonster alright, so if i decided to run all the games in a series then it would mean that i would deserve to be a series mod? That's not how it works bud.

Removing the other 2 for inactivity is fine since its 2+ months.

@xHaviiHx again, running a game(in this case CoD1) does not mean you can be a mod, it still depend on the current super mods/series mods if he want you as a mod or not.


This is just me but I wouldn't trust anyone from north korea

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@xHaviiHx welp.

still none of Racingmonster's points would give him a free pass :x

Edit: @Racingmonster just because you know a series in and out doesnt mean you get a free series mod upgrade, get out of your fantasy world bud.

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1)as long as 1 series supermod is active then you need good reasons to get him removed, which you failed to provide.
Also there is supermods for some of the games in the series so he's not alone in verifying runs.

2)if he refuse to add you as a series mod then you cant really do anything.

when you say "All have not updated any games that are now on PS4,XBOX ONE.", be a bit more specific.(BO3 seem to have rules/runs and an active mod dedicated to it(FishermanFV)).

Edit: i'll stop posting about this nonsense because it is obviously going nowhere.

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Alright, so I figured I should weigh in a few things for Racingmonster.

1st thing, yes Klooger and Phantom are inactive and should be removed, I've been meaning to post about it

2nd thing, sorry I only run 2 call of duties. Clearly I haven't played the other cod's and can't be trusted to verify them

3rd thing, yes I haven't replied to forum posts because, I don't read the forums. If someone would like to contact me for something about moderation they can contact me through twitch, twitter or discord.

4th thing, yes games have not been updated to show that they are now on PS4 and xbox one.

5th thing, you were a series mod and I don't know who removed them. It was definitely the right choice

6th thing, Jukspa used to moderate the entire game series and I can't blame him for not wanting to anymore. There are 30-40 IL's coming in all the time and it's a lot to go through and with people constantly bugging you about them, I can sure see why someone wouldn't want to do it.

7th thing, congrats on running so many call of duties

8th thing, I have ignored you because you are incredibly toxic, you would message me every time a run would take more than a day to get verified and would constantly talk shit about other speedrunners in the cod community. I don't need this and honestly having you be a moderator would be awful. (still my favorite interaction with you tbh. )

Also, just so we're clear "I was told today by a runner he messaged Lo1ts about verifying his run for Call of Duty 1, Lo1ts has said when he has time he will. I know he is on daily, and is regularly available to check a run that is 3-5 minutes long." If you think someone having a job and other hobbies is that big of an issue I think you need to take a step back and relax.

xHaviiHx, the first bit of communication you gave me was this so I'm sorry if I don't feel comfortable just giving you moderation power after seeing that. And I was being incredibly sarcastic about liking being a solo moderator, sorry if it wasn't obvious or came off as power hungry or something.

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I don't see a reason to remove Lo1ts as a moderator as he actually is active. In theory it would be a good idea to add more moderators but the series in general lacks long term runners. Can confirm that Racingmonster is pretty hostile.

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IMHO about this whole situation when reading all the posts:
Racingmonster doesn't look like a good mod. hostile to other people, on his twitter his banner is: I FUCKING SPEEDRUN OK., on twitter he lives in antartica and on in north korea that doesn't make it very trust worthy.
Also i don't think having only 1 moderator that is active isn't good for a serie so reaching out to active runners (that are trustworthy, know what they are doing and not hostile to other people) might be the best thing to do in this situation.

But all of that kirkq or any other admin has to decide. 👍️


I truly don't want to be the only moderator, it's just that most of the people who speedrun games in the call of duty series tend to submit runs for 2-3 weeks and and disappear. So choosing people to become moderators is hard.

I don't really have anything else to say besides I'm more than open to having other people as moderator. Just not Racingmonster.

Admin's can settle this. I've said my peace

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Glad everything was sorted out hehe.


@Racingmonster it was just an observation. and if you don't want people to know where you leave you can just leave it blank. (i wrote that part in because off you reaction to zewing (what he said also was inappropriate imho)).

Im still in team neutral. Make Love, not Drama/War/any other bad stuff. 👍️