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ohhh, man that got me confused lmao


Lots of confusion here. So I will clear it up:

I submitted a bad Magicite run a day or so ago I think and took it back thinking it wouldn't get accepted due to inactivity of the game/moderators. I am just impatient.

I have also been speedrunning Fifa 15 all skill games for about a week or two and the moderator for that has not responded to me on Twitter, he hasn't been live on Twitch or Hitbox in quite some time, and Career mode is a super long speedrun that isn't interesting at all to me.

Pretty much my impatience has caused a lot of confusion so I apologize for that.


Also, @Racingmonster I do not appreciate the way you said "he basically is saying he can't do that category so he wants to make up his own so he can have world record" considering that's not it at all. The category is easy, as well as boring. You literally just sim through matches and score 0 goals for about an hour or 2. I don't speedrun to have World Records, I speedrun because I find it fun and by creating categories that appeal to me could potentially appeal to others as well.


well, glad everything is sorted out then haha.

For Fifa15, the dude is somewhat active on but on twitter its another story. eh


Which blows considering doesnt have a messaging system that I'm aware of.


Hyre: Your run was pending 3-4 days when you posted, that's not even a week. This thread gives ~3 weeks as a guideline for moderator inactivity.

OddsomeOddy: He never added a run, so I'll add you.

Sotherogue: I didn't touch anything, other people did. (Well I banned the guy who did something dumb with his account the other day, but nothing to do with that game really.)

ManBun: I'd say do a run of something FIFA, if you have one, link it. (I'm pretty sure a run was linked in series request by the other guy, so why it's not there I don't know.)

Also for anyone not aware, only Admin (badge) and Full Mod (Yellow sword) are official posts in this thread.

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@kirkq Just uploaded my all Bronze Skill Games run. If you didn't mean link it here oops.


Heya, I'ld like to ask if there's a possibility to remove inactive super-mods.
A while back DVPShady and socialspeedrunner along with me asked to moderate to the time messed up FAST Racing NEO leaderboards.
Since the game has grown and I couldn't verify every run instantly because of lack of time, I realized they aren't active at all.

Because of that, I made a thread in the FRN-Forum ( to check if they are active and asked for new mods since I'm not able to check it actively and added 2 new Mods.
Now everything works out, but the older added Super-Mods can't be removed from my side. Since they haven't stated in the thread for over 1 month, I think they don't care about it at all anymore and would request to remove them as Mods.

  PeterAfroPeterAfro people are asking for xyx (formerly known as brandonhill1993) to be mod in Toy Story 2, check it out


A super mod of Toys2 is active. Sort it out there and don't bring your drama over here to the main forums please.

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Hello, I'd like to request being added as Moderator to the page because the owner of it hasn't responded to any of the Forum posts hasn't verified anything in days, and has no contact info. I'm already Moderator of Hotline Miami, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Enter the Gungeon, Endless War series, Garfield Kart, and Spider rite of the Shrouded Moon. I'd like to think that i'm competent enough to handle another leader board. Even though is a meme game it is currently set to verification and with an uncontactable Moderator that is never on it's rather annoying 😛

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never online

it does seem like he's accepting runs lol

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"Because the owner of it hasn't responded to any of the Forum posts hasn't verified anything in days, and has no contact info." As i stated in the previous post he doesn't look at the forums or even react to them like how people were saying to add things to the rules and nothing has changed. I don't think it's very good practice to have 1 moderator that doesn't even read the Forums or have any contact info.

  [user deleted]
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Buffet_Time: It's a possibility that he's not following the game, which is why he probably hasn't responded. Also, per the first post on this thread, no response in 3 weeks is considered inactive. Since the earliest attempt to contact him was by rubixcubix534 18 days ago, I would give it a few more days (5 I believe). Although he hasn't linked his YT, you can always send him a message on there (if you haven't already).

I left a comment on this video of his ( If he responds to me, I'll edit this post.

PreFiXAUT: DVPShady is a lost cause as this person hasn't been on the site for 3 months, no contact info and has submitted Miiverse post as proof of records. If you can be bothered, you can try to message them on that mess of a network called Nintendo Network. However, social was on the site a day ago and is pretty active on Twitter. I sent them a tweet with a link of your post from here. I'm assuming they'll respond here soon. Since the above has been said, I'll mark social off on the same note as Benn and say that they haven't followed the game so they have received no notifications from forums or anything.

UPDATE: Social responded about 6hrs ago and said they were no longer interested in modding the game so they unmodded themselves.


Hope this helps.


~ Token


The mods for LEGO Jurassic World haven't been on in a while and the forums have been very deactive. I would like to become a mod to make the game more active


@dylan8915 - MaggiGorengAyam was online 2 days ago and is active on both Twitter and Twitch. There are no new posts in the Jurassic World forums either.

1) Inactivity is 3 weeks+ offline
2) Please use all available methods to contact the mod before posting here.

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  [user deleted]

Requesting to become Super Mod for Dead or Alive: Last Round ( ).

There's a few things wrong with the board in it's current state:

- Missing categories as I believe the only ones added were the ones the creator of the game run themselves
- Categories that are listed in Full Game should be moved to level boards and separated by character and difficulty
- The name of the game isn't quite correct. I made a post on the board but I received no response:
- One of the runs on the board, although using IGT, is a bit suspect as it isn't running at native speed and shouldn't have been accepted: (

I would like to also request that both xShiko and TrayneHeardnet be removed as mods. As it stands, there's no way to contact TrayneHeardnet as he deleted both his Twitter and his Twitch. He was gone for 3+ months and only came on to verify my run but, he hasn't been back since. As for xShiko, I have made attempts to contact him but I received no response from him although he has made tweets since then and was on the site 7hrs ago as right now.

Tweets to Shiko:

~ Token


i would like supermoderation for

I talked to a few people running the game and apparently a few runs are still waiting in the queue, we
also need to have the Wii added to it since most runners actually run on Wii and not Gamecube.

i realise i have to wait 3 weeks(at this point it has been 15 days for Garett and MeKirbyGames is nowhere to be seen still.)
i also tryed to contact MeKirbyGames on twitter but no answer as of now.(Garett's twitter does not exist and his twitch is pretty much dead at this point).

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I'd also like to note that one of the mods doesnt play the game, and one only did a few runs once like a year ago, as compared to deln and myself who are active runners.

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@Cyberdemon531 you should be a mod on toy story 2!