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@trunk_slamchest If you have tried to contact him, then your request is valid. The 3 week requirement is there to deter people from being impatient and making sure they've tried to contact the mods before jumping to their position. Once an admin gets on I'm sure you'll replace him.

I wasn't trying to come off as hostile; there's been an awful lot of requests with people not willing to wait. I get being frustrated when your run has been a long time, I've had that problem before too.


@ROMaster2 i completely understand where youre coming from. ive spent alot of time admining and moderating forums myself, so i know how important rules/regulations are when it comes to communities, especially for something like speed running.

again, i dont want to just oust GrandTheftWalrus from his position because there could be 1000 different reasons he has gone afk. id much rather be added to the moderation staff for JC2 than replace him if that is possible.

alot of people told me to speak to Nord, who from what i believe oversees all of the Just Cause games in the franchise, so before anything id like to get incontact with him.



I'd like to be a mod (or even a super mod) for the game called "Chibi Knight". I've suggested some changes in the forum of the game months ago. I got no answer since then. The mods of that game haven't been online for the last 4 weeks. Also, there are no ways to communicate with them. Could I become a super mod of that game ?

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Kirkq: Can you re-attach Yakuza 1 back to the series (I guess give series mods power)? The mod unattached it from the series and hasn't been online in a month. I would send him a tweet but hasn't been on there since January.

~ Token


Be careful you don't assume that because there are no past broadcasts, that they aren't active on Twitch. I've never streamed before, but I'll generally answer all Twitch PMs quickly.

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@Uglie Contact itsme_baruch via Twitch or YouTube to ask for a promotion.


Baruch is an active runner.


Hello, can I request the "Deadbolt" moderation as the recent addition was added by a runner who is relatively new and unaware of how categories of the game work or naming etc. I've also got a minor complaint to add on despite being not the proper thread to dump this on. Why are random people who have no VODs allowed to form leaderboards without actually verification or checks? I mean I get it if no one runs the game people want to bring attention to it, but people who have no idea how to speedrun let alone call something like "Any% Wrong Wrap" while in reality it's just NG+ IL.... Although it doesn't matter because he made the leaderboard without any vods. Sorry for the rant, but it's just one of the many things I see or deal with on SRC.

As before, I've got a run I can post on "Deadbolt" and worked on the game since it's release. If I can get mod I'd appreciate it and will help the new runner that I'm roasting in question.

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Lazerlong: How long has the board been there? It looks like the board was just recently created and last time I was aware, either you or another runner needs a VOD for the board to be created.

~ Token


@Token A video is requested, however isn't essential for the game to be accepted. Even if a video is provided, it doesn't have to belong to the user who's requesting the game.


Regarding Deadbolt, he's set up the categories but has yet to submit a video (or even proper categories for that matter, considering he's still calling what he's doing any% wrong warps when in actuality it's just NG+ IL's) and still has a fake Twitter linked to his account. I think it's also unfit for somebody completely new to speedrunning let alone the site to be the moderator of a leaderboard.

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I don't think it's wrong for a person new to speedrunning to be a moderator, as long as they're smart about what they're doing and listen to the community of the game.

There is one problem though, and that is that I don't see any posts on the Deadbolt forums. I'm sure it would be asked of you that, since the mod is actually active on here and twitch, that you post there to see if you can sort something out between you all. I have left a post there to start things off, see where you get from there then come back if it doesn't get sorted? [Make sure you take screenshots of things as evidence if things go awry]


Hey guys. Sorry for the issues. I am new to all of this. I will be modding Lazer, I was planning to since I watched his broadcast. He has strats set up and clearly knows what he is doing. Also, I had no idea my twitter was a dead link, i'll fix that.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience!


trunk_slamchest: Site staff generally avoids verifying runs unless they actually moderate the given game. User doesn't have a run and has been offline, so I'll add you. As far as self-verifying, I don't consider it an issue unless you're clearly being biased. Some larger games with multiple moderators seem to prefer no self-verifying.

g0goTBC: I guess that's okay, since it's a small game, the user isn't really contactable and you're decently active with the site and have a run.

Token: Yeah

Tarbash: Added

Uglie: The user is pretty active, discuss it with them please.

Lazerlong: I don't recall the specifics of this game request. I'll comment on the issue generically. Looking back a bit, we can see the user has streamed routing in the time prior to the request, so I think accepting the request is reasonably sensible. The difference between an honest attempt at routing and beating the game once is pretty trivial in my opinion. Obviously we shouldn't just let someone open the game on stream for 10 seconds and request mod, but that hasn't really been an issue in the past. Regarding new users/runners, people join the site to request an obscure game they play all the time. (For Steam, we can't really tell the difference between an obscure steam game and a popular steam game easily.) Regarding categories and norms etc, people who are new may or may not have a good grasp on category norms and things of that nature to start with, but everyone was new at one point, right? In my opinion it's probably easier to just resolve these things with discussion than being really strict about adding games, at least as it applies to criteria in this specific scenario. There are cases that are much more gray case than this in my opinion.

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What is going on with Diablo 3 leader boards? On the front page it lists NG+ console runs, however I go to the actual leader boards and it's back to only PC having class categories. Not even a week ago the leaderboards were a mess with NG+ categories for almost every class. ALL I'M ASKING FOR is make class categories for Console NG acts 1-5 NOT NG+ NOTHING MORE FOR PC. JUST CLASS CATEGORIES FOR CONSOLE THAT IS ALL. If you can't seem to get this done, make me a mod and you'll finally have someone who actually cares about how things are done. Thanks and please do a good job.


Darthbuckethead - I don't know why you keep posting about this here. If there's a problem with the game's leaderboards it should be addressed in the game's forum, not here. This thread is a last resort thread for when moderators are completely inactive, not a "this feature is missing from the boards please fix it" thread.


Hi, I would like to be a mod for the leaderboards of New Super Mario Bros. U. I am knowledgeable on the NSMB series. I run NSLU and now I am starting to get into this game. It's alright if it's no but if yes, I'll try to do what I can here.


Well you sort of have to name the game if you want to request the leaderboards for it.

This is also a last resort thread for when the mods are inactive/purposefully neglecting their responsibility.

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He wants mod for New Super Mario Bros. U. That's a copy-paste post from the NSMBU forum. He was incorrectly informed that this was the only way to become a mod.


Alright. I fixed it. I do want to be a mod for New Super Mario Bros. U to try and see what I can do.