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I apologize for the copy paste job previously, I guess I got impatient and wanted a world record as soon as possible. By the time this is posted the previous moderator of Geometry Dash Meltdown will have been inactive for three weeks, with my run still being in the midst of processing. I do feel that would be a good moderator, as I check the site often and try to learn as much as I can about speedruns in general.


@namesnipes you dont have any contact info either, how will people contact you?


Gy009: Added because run in queue, small board, somewhat inactive moderation.
namesnipes: I'll give it to you because the board has been empty for the 2 months it has existed.
Deln: On the forums that he's gonna follow obviously. 🙂 Someone that wants to handle it is probably better than no one.


Thanks! and also I added my twitch

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Thank you kirkq, I appreciate it.


Requesting mod for Tearaway Unfolded.

Current mod got control of the board and has done nothing with it, there arn't even catagories setup.
He's been offline for 2 weeks and been ignoring a post on the game subforum for a week.


@Nixxus If he's been offline for 2 weeks and the forum post was submitted a week ago, he couldn't be ignoring it, because he can't have seen it. Also, generally, 3 weeks is the time period that defines an inactive mod. 😉


Request mod for Disney Epic Mickey Series!

The current mod for that series has not setted up any rules,
Every game has the same category (There should be more).
I have a pretty good knowledge of the series.


Hello, I've been running Metal Gear Solid for about a month now and constantly running into the issue of runs not being verified its been 4 weeks since my last run has been verified, each new PB has been replaced by another in the time waiting for any of my runs to be verified I have messaged all mods of the game with not a single reply one of the mods hasn't even been on for 6 months the others have been on the site within the time frame of my PB's being submitted but none seem to verify any run anytime they jump online.

Above is the link to the leaderboards that needs moderation. I can help moderate these leaderboards if need be i'm very knowledgeable about the game and according to this submission video i'm currently 3rd in world for any% Large Skips.

I can also help fill in some of the guides and resources for this game as well to help populate the site with more content if need be cause there is a serious lack of content for this game and I'd like to help improve that.


Nixxus: The board was added about 12 days ago. Since on the request game form it specifically points out that "Requested games/series that have not been set up 2 weeks after being accepted, will be deleted." I'm fine with adding you.

Mopsi: The current moderator was last online a week ago, so please try to contact them first.

VideoGameRoulette: It looks like the board could use more active moderation. I recall the previous moderators were offering to moderate for similar reasons, but maybe they don't feel knowledgeable about all the games in the series, and there may be a language barrier. I think it makes sense to add you.


@kirkq :
Cheers dude, I've got the board all set up and good to go, If bloodvoid comes back i'll have a chatter and see how he wants to do things, as he put in the request. I had no idea the board was set up so recently, just coincidence we both wanted the board at the same time i guess.


@Mopsi It appears that you have not tried contacting the current mod. Additionally, he was on a week ago, so he does not meet the standards of inactivity. This is a last resort thread in case you are not able to contact mods or they simply refuse to acknowledge concerns.


Requesting mod status for Bionic Commando, the Mod on that board has not logged on in 4 months.


Hey I would like to become a mod for the game upgrade complete the previous mod hasn't been online in over a month and I tried to contact him/her over social media but they haven't responded in over four days.


Hello, I am requesting moderation of the leaderboard "A Bug's Life." The only current moderator, Jumpyluff, refuses to add individual level leaderboards after I have asked him multiple times. Tweets to follow, note that I have messaged him on discord several times.

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@swagalina Where have you asked for ILs to be added, because the forums are looking pretty bare, and Jumpyluff follows near 250 people on twitter. Things might just get buried down in there.

Remember - This is a LAST RESORT thread, once you have exhausted ALL contact methods, which of course includes the leaderboard's sub-forums.

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I would like a LB to be made for the NES game the simpsons: Bart vs. The World

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I also want to be mod for it. Should have said that aswell!