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I noticed recently that Skull64 has been made a moderator for MKDD and that the Mario Kart series moderators no longer have access to MKDD. With no indication of what had happened, despite having been in an active conversation with Skull64 (, I was puzzled and looked for some form of explanation, which led me to this thread.

Based on what I’ve read here, I have to question the appropriateness of how this matter was handled.
For one, I find it rather underhanded on Skull64’s part that he would petition for an admin to grant him the ability to overrule the then-current state of the leaderboards while we were in the midst of a civil debate. Furthermore, once these powers were granted, one of Skull64’s first actions was to remove series moderators’ access to MKDD, and he refrained from making any mention of this turn of events on the game’s forum, which in my eyes is essentially a forcible termination of the ongoing discussion through power seizure and abuse.
I am also concerned, although to a lesser degree, by how kirkq handled this request. From the information available to me in this thread, it doesn’t seem that kirkq was aware of the thread in the MKDD forum, and, as far as I can tell, made no attempt at finding any information about this situation other than what was provided by Skull64’s posts. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
I think it’s necessary for me to bring this up here, because this is the second time that an admin grants MKDD moderator status with seemingly minimal thought to someone whose immediate response is to rescind series moderators’ access to MKDD in order to impose their vision of an improved leaderboard (said vision was different in the first case).

While I have no qualms with continuing the debate about how the MKDD leaderboards should be presented, I would appreciate it if the state of MKDD moderation was returned to what it was a few days ago. I believe that although I am certainly not perfect, the change brought forth by Skull64’s request is both unnecessary and unwarranted.


I was kinda confused why skull64 got mod of the MKDD leaderboards, but I guess this explains it. I'd like to put my two cents in.

so to add to the Mario Kart Double Dash discussion:

While I don't really mind the addition of mirror mode now that it's a special mode, even though I still see mirror mode as a gimmick and kinda unnecessary, they way Skull64 handled it is in my opinion very pathetic. Just because he didn't agree, he decided that he should contact an admin and get full power of MKDD.


We'll continue the MKDD discussion on the game-specific forum over the next couple of days. King had contacted me yesterday to handle this, but I haven't had time until now.

I added all the series moderators to the game itself for now. There's no reason to use the remove series moderator option in this case. (We'll discuss moderators going forward as well.) Please don't mess with anything else until we agree on something.

EDIT: Also Twitch messages seem to be down at the moment.

- Kirk


I'd like to respond to the change in moderation in Long Live the Queen, requested by Thehealbus. I realize that nobody in particular "owns" these leaderboards, but it was a bit of a shock to realize I wasn't moderating a game anymore.

Thehealbus did contact me over Twitter asking me to approve their run (submitted a few hours beforehand and while I was on vacation), and to clarify the Lumen v. Non-Lumen (two different paths in the game) difference. Originally, I had put Any%, and later added a clarifying category for the secondary path and forgotten to change the Any%. It was changed back to Any% (a main point of their contention) when Thehealbus became moderator.

I'm not that salty about losing the modship of a visual novel game, but I strongly suggest that you get in contact with the current moderators, or at the very least investigate the situation before changing moderators on games in the future.


Edit: "Please keep in mind that using this thread is somewhat a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods."


I don't know how this got approved. There are already established leaderboards at The people who run this board on this site seem to have no clue about the game. The version that comes with Windows is very bad for serious attempts, because it's easy to cheat on, the community made otherwise identical clones that are harder to cheat on and track the time more accurately. Forcing people to play on a bad version is just silly. Also it's community standard that the 8x8 beginner board is played and not the 9x9 one.
I say delete this board and ask at, if they want to set up a board here themselves or import the database or sth.


i_o_l this thread is for something else. but nice find ffzAWOOO
If you wanna say more about the minesweepers you maybe should make a new thread.



Hello 🙂 I have submitted a few records of Konami Krazy Racers, but apparently the moderator is not active since 2 months, can you approve the runs please? or if is needed, can you make me a moderator to approve them?


Zywel - I added you. He was active 4 days ago, but it's good to have more than one person available.

AuroraAri - Sorry, I was a little quick with processing the request. I don't really know exactly how I should ideally be handling cases for games with the moderator has no run of the game. I really have no idea if the user submitted the request and then spent 30 seconds on the board. When a user who runs the game submits a reasonable change request for a board where the moderator(s) has/have no run, I usually give them moderator because it generally makes more sense than the current situation where the moderator has no run and is making the rules.

I don't exactly have the time to go through potentially 3+ day turnarounds with PMs on various sites every time someone has a request in this thread. I generally try to use all the information available at the time to make a reasonably quick decision. Twitter messages aren't private and I do not really like using my personal Twitter for this purpose. Twitch messages get sent to the spam box 50%+ of the time. Admittedly this would be easier if our PM implementation was completed.

EDIT: Also site integrated forms for moderation requests that go through the moderators first might be useful, but it would need some planning.


Good day. I'd like to be a mod for the Fallout Series. I don't think the current mod Jellycatz is completely inactive but he was online 1 week ago which is a lot even for this not so popular game.


Have you contacted Jellycatz before anything ?


He don't have twitter, so i can't contact with him.


Well, however, he has Twitch. Even if the PM message system from Twitch sucks, you should give that a try 🙂


Hello, I have submitted a run for the Beavis and Butt-head SNES game and it is yet to be approved. I see there is one moderator for the game section specifically, is there a way to become a mod for that game section or do I just wait until they decide to approve it? Thanks.


Considering neonstreetlight is the only mod, I don't see any problem in having another mod.


I would like to become a mod for the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series. There's currently one mod, who hasn't done anything with the series since his single submitted run, three months ago. I can't submit my runs until the appropriate categories are added.


Originally posted by AuroraAri I'd like to respond to the change in moderation in Long Live the Queen, requested by Thehealbus. I realize that nobody in particular "owns" these leaderboards, but it was a bit of a shock to realize I wasn't moderating a game anymore.

I'm happy to add you as a moderator if you speedrun the game.


Hey, I was wondering if I could become a mod in Castlevania 64 since I have been the most active with the game for quite some time. I tried to talk to Cosmo about it a couple weeks ago, but I didn't get a reply.

  Sunny_M1lkSunny_M1lk Kappa
I think mod of this game will not come again. Last online 3 months ago, twitter is broken. I don't want so badly to be the mod of this game because moderation is perfect: runs are submitting instantly. Actually, all i need is "iOS" platform in the "Device" list.