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Hello, I requested a Rider (Mobile) run 14 days ago ( ). No verification went through from the mod team, and I can't manage to contact them on any platform (twitter, discord).

I wanted to wait 7 more days for the 3 recommended weeks before posting here, but today, my run disappeared from the pending actions tab. It isn't in the "Rejected Runs" tab either. Did it get reviewed and denied, or is it just a bug? Do I request it again and wait another 3 weeks...? I don't understand how it disappeared like that, being the only active player in the game ( ).

Is there an explaination to this? Can I try something else to submit a run on this game?

Thanks for your answer and sorry for the inconvenience.

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:@Otterstone_Gamer It appears as though Cytruss has been assigned.

@qwerf Have you tried to contact Anthony Live on twitter? He appears active on there. I've directed him to your post either way.

@KaweedFul It's only a bug, the run will still show in the moderator's pending actions. I've attempted to tweet TripleStacks and notified them of your post. If I don't hear anything back after several days I can consider adding you as a moderator to the game, considering the other two mods are very inactive.

@fepnascimento Since you have a pending run and the prior mod looks to have removed themself, seems fine.

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I would like yo become a moderator for cool boarders 2 as the current moderators are nowhere to be seen.

I want to be this moderator. I submitted a run 21 days ago, but leaderboard has not been appeared.

Current moderator is active player in But he does not verify my run.
I wrote the request in his You Tube channel, and he did not have a reaction.


@octopuscal try whispering him on twitch, maybe he's more active on twitch than on youtube


@afnannen136 When he did't be online on twitch about 7 days ago, I wrote the request on twitch. But I don't know what he saw it.
Should I ask when he is online? If possible, I don't want to follow his twitch channel.


Several mods in the game "Learn to Fly 2" have been offline for over a year now.


@afnannen136 Sorry, I don't know that well...
His twitch channel has not been created chat rooms. Please tell me how to contact.


Hey. I would like to become moderator of DiceWars. I submitted a run for the game and the current and only moderator has been inactive for over a year with no contact info. The game link is here

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Hello i would like to request moderation of: ( ) moderator @ImReignn has not been online in 9 months ( ) I have tried contacting them both through twitter and discord and they have not responded. I've got a run pending for a month and 3 quarters ( )

Drag'n'Boom ( ) I have again tried to contact both moderators: @vegguid has not been online in 3 months ( ) I tried both discord and twitter. @veghelgumi has not been online in 2 months ( ) and i have also tried to contact em through discord and twitter but no responce. I have a run pending there for over 2 months (sumbited on the 23rd of febuary ( ))

This last one is a tad more complex. Game is "Celebrating Garden Gnomes Google Doodle" ( ) and the moderator @ReverseDmitry when i first submited a run of mine that coresponded to multiple categories (pretty much at the same time) he verified all my submitions exept one for some reason (this one: ) So the run has been pending for 2 months.
I was recently added as a moderator to "Google Doodle Halloween Global Candy Cup 2015" that he was the only moderator of because someone alse requested it (aparently). He has no way to contact him on his profile.
Edit: Now that i remembered it i would also like to request moderation of "Celebrating 50 years of Kids Coding Google Doodle" ( ) Which is also moderated by @ReverseDmitry by himself, so if the request above gets accepted i'm assuming this one will aswell. I have runs in both categories and i am world record holder of the 100% category.

Lastly shoutouts to @HowDenKing for helping me find my pending runs when i adressed the invisible pending runs glitch in the discord.

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Good morning, @Liv and @Daravae Some weeks ago I did submit a run in Chiki Chiki Boys (Capcom Arcade): The only moderator has not verified my run yet, still pending, I think this person has been offline for 21 days already. Please, allow me to be an additional moderator in this game also, cuz I like this game so much, it's cute, a lot of action. For some reason, my pending run has vanished from the option "Runs awaiting verification" I don't know why, but I did try again the submit the run, but the run is not on the list of pending runs: My run is this... done almost a month ago:

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@manticor5 its a global bug, its hapening to everyone heres your pending run :
Join the discord that could give you a bit more info.

Also dm the person in question they have discord,twitter etc.

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Really???? Oh man, thank you for telling me that, it's a global bug, probably I did submit the run twice, I will contact the moderator thru Discord, thanks again for the answer @Cytruss =)

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Re-requesting mod status for (THOR.N) as I'm pretty sure it's been over three weeks since my run was submitted now. Only mod has been offline for over 7 months and I've been unable to get in touch with them on Discord.



I have post a new run 1 month ago.
but everything has disappeared
Run X-Men Vsd Street Fighter
5m28 : Akuma & Ryu


Hello. I am asking to be added to the Where's Waldo series as a Super Mod. I requested a couple games to be added, which were rejected saying please ask a series mod to add them (which is perfectly understandable). Of the 7 series mods, only 3 are active. Of those 3, only 2 can be contacted via Twitter or Twitch. I contacted both over a month ago. No replies. I also posted a forum post 25 days ago, link here: still no reply. Not sure what my next step is..I just want to build the boards and show the games the love they deserve.

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Just an fyi @Peanutfan22 Series forum posts don't trigger notifications. So it's likely they haven't seen the forum post.


@Lonne interesting..I wonder why not. Kinda silly. Hmm. I can always repost the message in a game forum I suppose. TY for the info!

Edit: But doesnt posting in a specific game only alert those who mod that specific game?


Hello, 2 weeks ago I sent a speedrun for verification. The run has not been verified or rejected, it just disappeared. The game moderator has been inactive for two months. What should I do then? It's about the speedrun from Neo Scavenger.

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