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Hi! I would like to be a mod for the Rocket League Leaderboards. I'm knowledgeable about the game and all of the categories that go with it. I had a friend submit a run a few days ago, and the mods apparently reviewed it and put him in last place, even though he had competitive times (and should have been much higher). Kinda seems like someone is dropping the ball over there, so I would like to help out! 😃

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Hey again. There has been a MAJOR problem with the game Google Doodle Soccer 2012. The moderator has been rejecting runs that aren't good enough (basically if the score or time seems low he'll reject it for not being good enough). This has effect runners of the game like me and @MurryMan and I am pretty sure moderators can't reject runs for simply not being good enough. I was able to talk to him and he doesn't seem like he is going to do anything about this which is why I wanted to go here to see if you can remove @St.Clair from mod or at least help solve this issue. The game link is here

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@Liv I've gotten nothing from either of the two moderators, and there has been no additions to their contact information on their profile pages. Please advise on what I should do next. Thanks!


@Liv so the same group of inactive moderators for ninja painter moderate in a few other games being parking fury 1 and 2 i dont have any runs pending over their but i play both those games alot and currently speedrun them and considering none of the 4 moderators have been online in a while is there any way i could become moderator of the games


@Razorflame Gonna give them another day or two to try get back to me, I don't want to necessarily rush it. But I will get back to you in here if I don't hear anything.

@afnannen136 You would need runs either done in the past or pending to request for those games, we aren't in the business of just handing out mod to just anyone inactive mods or not.

@Otterstone_Gamer I'll make a post on the game's forum, as I'm not gonna argue this within this thread.

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@Liv i have did runs in the past


The mod for Samorost 1 - Any% is moderated by the current record holder, and it seems like he doesn't approve runs until after he has beaten them. he is also verifying his own runs isn't there a rule against this?

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@DizzyFlame there is no rules to self verification of runs from mods some boards only have 1 or 2 mods. Generally speaking from my experience with boards with multiple mods beyond that we would not self verify if there is sufficient people to do it but this varies per community.

As for the other stuff I don't have a comment.


@Razorflame Received no reply back from either mod, so on the basis they've both been offline for a month,you have runs pending and they have no contacts assigned, added you.

@Zockerstu Appears the mod has since come on and verified your run.

@Otterstone_Gamer Received no reply back from ReverseDimitry, so on the basis he's been offline for a month, you have runs pending (and he appears to have no run in the game), and he has no contacts assigned, added.

@afnannen136 Okay, I will add you to Parking Fury 1 for now, since 3/4 mods are quite inactive. I'll hold off on Parking Fury 2 for now until a run is produced for reasons stated prior. Though if Possum comes on before that, I would ask you contact them instead.

@DizzyFlame There's no rule on self-verification. Also, an account created 6 hours ago, no runs listed prior or pending that looks to have been created expressively to make this post? Consider me suspicious as to the validity of your claim.

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Hey. I did a run on Global Candy Cup 2015 over 3 weeks ago and the moderator @ReverseDimitry still has no contact info and is inactive. I would like to become a moderator for Global Candy Cup 2015. The game link is here


Hello, I requested a Rider (Mobile) run 14 days ago ( ). No verification went through from the mod team, and I can't manage to contact them on any platform (twitter, discord).

I wanted to wait 7 more days for the 3 recommended weeks before posting here, but today, my run disappeared from the pending actions tab. It isn't in the "Rejected Runs" tab either. Did it get reviewed and denied, or is it just a bug? Do I request it again and wait another 3 weeks...? I don't understand how it disappeared like that, being the only active player in the game ( ).

Is there an explaination to this? Can I try something else to submit a run on this game?

Thanks for your answer and sorry for the inconvenience.

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:@Otterstone_Gamer It appears as though Cytruss has been assigned.

@qwerf Have you tried to contact Anthony Live on twitter? He appears active on there. I've directed him to your post either way.

@KaweedFul It's only a bug, the run will still show in the moderator's pending actions. I've attempted to tweet TripleStacks and notified them of your post. If I don't hear anything back after several days I can consider adding you as a moderator to the game, considering the other two mods are very inactive.

@fepnascimento Since you have a pending run and the prior mod looks to have removed themself, seems fine.

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I would like yo become a moderator for cool boarders 2 as the current moderators are nowhere to be seen.

I want to be this moderator. I submitted a run 21 days ago, but leaderboard has not been appeared.

Current moderator is active player in But he does not verify my run.
I wrote the request in his You Tube channel, and he did not have a reaction.


@octopuscal try whispering him on twitch, maybe he's more active on twitch than on youtube


@afnannen136 When he did't be online on twitch about 7 days ago, I wrote the request on twitch. But I don't know what he saw it.
Should I ask when he is online? If possible, I don't want to follow his twitch channel.


Several mods in the game "Learn to Fly 2" have been offline for over a year now.