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I have the status of verifier, but I cannot accept my results, but nobody checks my results either. Prog to give me the status of moderator.


@CovertPixel I have double checked your information and it indeed seems that all the mods have been inactive for 1-3 years and all of their socials don't work either.
I have added you. Please take note that the person you linked has not been active in 2 months on SRC either. Also please review the current queue of the runs as well, as I am unable to verify the status of the queue since the audit log is wiped.

@Professor_Palmer I have still not received a response. Though moderator has been active in the past 3 days but does not seem to have responded to me or verified your run. I have added you.

@Johny5521 I have reached out to the moderator over Steam. Please allow some time for him to respond. Also, do you have a run submitted to this leaderboard?

@EmeraldNate Verified this information and all seems in order. Added you. Please check the current queue as well.

@mcgen User Cake_Gaming seems active on Twitter. Have you reached out to him there and when if so? Also, do you have a run submitted to this leaderboard?

@NeGAtiv4k Moderator WhiteHat94 was active 17 minutes ago and is a Super Mod on this board. He should be able to handle your submitted runs as well as take up the request to become moderator for this game. Please forward your request to him.


@Daravae I tryed two times, after second try he add me to verifiers, in another games he checks in 1-3 days. In this game, dont checked. So I ask you to give me this status mod or super mod,

P.S. I would also like to know how a person who did not try to speed the game can moderate it. and the person who speeds it up and asks for moderation, is not the first time, he is told to ask the current moderator. I certainly understand that we are Russian sharp people, but nonetheless. For example, my English is not good and I use Google translator. to communicate at least somehow.


@Daravae thank you for your tireless efforts with all of these requests, you guys are doing work


@Daravae Thanks! Am aware, though we've been talking through discord so should all be good!
Will do no worries!
Thanks again!


@jakethegr82007 I have not received a message back from the mod and he hasn't come online since I messaged him, so added.

@InS_Sane Looks like Bonesaw added you and removed himself. I noticed he didn't add you as a Super Mod however and JaredWhite has been offline for 3 years so I corrected that.


I'd like to become a mod for Neo Drift Out: New Technology please.


@mitjitsu Have you tried messaging them? They've only been offline for 15 days:, and the period for consideration needs to be 3 weeks or more.


Would I need to request again if they're not logged in by this time next week?


@NeGAtiv4k Please try and reach out again to this moderator about verifying your own runs. From the logs I can tell the queue is stable though since you are doing a good job being active at verifying and handling runs. I am quite curious as to why a moderator would be not willing to review and verify your runs. Whether this is a personal dispute that needs handling, or whether the moderator simply lost interest in the game. According to the logs, after this moderator promoted you to "Verifier" on 14-02, he has not been active at all for that particular game. Kindly let me know the outcome on you trying to contact him again. Also if this moderator does not respond to you again, so we can take further actions.


I know it's a web game and those really aren't even encouraged on the site anymore, but the singular mod for Pico's School has been inactive for 8 months, and I have a run waiting to be verified. Honestly I wouldn't even care if it got removed from the site, I just don't like having the run waiting there! Please and thank you.


@drybloxman Seems fair, since you have a run pending and the current mod has been offline for so long.


@LordStigmat Your run has only been pending for 3 days. Please allow a period of at least 3 weeks to pass before resorting to this thread.
Also the appointed moderator has recently been online (about 3 weeks ago) but is also active on Twitter. I suggest trying to reach out to him there first.


Requesting mod status for current moderator almost never moderates runs unless I pester them to do so. I would like to put myself, and EnchantressOfNumbers as potential new mods as EoN and I are the most knowledgeable about the game.


@crazyjesse I've pinged @authorblues regarding the request. He's active, and generally this request should be going towards him because of that.


@crazyjesse Shame you didn't just DM me to add you. I'd have been happy to do so. Always happy to pass on control of leaderboards to people who are more familiar than I am. I'm quick to respond on discord and twitter roughly 18 hours a day.

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Hi, I'm with a problem
I have a run that is now 22 days old and I want it to be evaluated.
Can anyone see this for me or can I ask for moderation?


Requesting mod status for I just brought the world record down by 20 minutes and would like to have the opportunity to moderate a game that I find enjoyable.

The WR hasn't been verified yet but if you would like proof here is the vod:


@Nikito For 'MARIO', Flutter is inactive, so if you wish I can add you as a moderator to this game? I've tweeted at the mod of also since you have a run that looks to have been sat for 3 weeks and they are active. Generally, there's no reason such a short run should be sat for 3 weeks.

@Adamo Chimp is active:, so your request should be directed at them. This thread is a last resort.