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Hey. I was wondering if I could become moderator for the My Little Pony Series. The series has had a few new releases over the past 5 years and neither of the Moderators for the Series has contact info nor are really active ( @Flutter for 4 Months) ( @MagicalMuffinFarts for 6 months). I am also moderator of a majority of the games in the Series and I would be able to add the new games that have been added to this Series. Link is here


@Daravae Yes, he did but only when I said that I would ask to be a moderator because he had been ignoring me for 3 weeks and for some reason he does not want to add more mederators even though he is not interested in the game
I have seen that it is normal for it to take weeks to verify and it seems a lot to me
I do not think it would hurt to have another moderator
I would not take so long to verify a 14 minute video, I would add rules, something that has not been done in more than a year, if someone new wants to learn this game I can help much more than someone who has not played for more than a year
And above all avoid situations like the one that happened recently in which he wanted to ban 16 versions of the game, 5 languages and 1 console


@InS_Sane Have you tried to contact Bonesaw via twitter? He's quite active on there. What exactly is this issue concerning? As you do not appear to have any pending runs / forum posts on the game.

@jakethegr82007 It's been pretty far from a month pending, only 19 days in fact. I will shoot the current mod an attempt to contact, if they do not get back to me in the next couple of days I can work something out.

@Oppai Is there any particular reason @Galla is unable to do this himself if he has gotten back to you? He is a super mod with permissions to add you.

@Otterstone_Gamer Games can still be sent through the request form. Perhaps another mod can offer some input on this or a different viewpoint, but most of the time to me all assigning series mod haphazardly seems to do is get a bunch of games added to a series that remain empty with no runs.


@Drakodan I can't find any reason from the single argument you listed to add you right now. Series are better off without series moderators in general. If you want to request a new game, please do it through the regular game requests form.

@sciku I attempted to contact the moderator on the 31st of March but moderator has not yet responded to me. Moderator is also inactive for one month and multiple runs are in the queue. (Probably also beyond the point where the Audit Log is wiped for me) I added you. Please take care of the pending runs.

@Jugador You should always allow a period of 3-4 weeks for your pending run to get verified. Also according to the log the moderator verified your runs 2 days ago. Seems to me he is active enough to look at your rule requests and other arguments. If you like to still get added as a moderator, please forward your request to this moderator.

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@Liv I did try to contact him through Twitter, but still no reply.
I would like to add a 100% and DLC % category, as well as putting more info into the rules section.
There's another runner that requested a dlc% category awhile ago, and has completed a few runs of it, but still can't post them
One day I'd like to see this game ran more, so maybe people will be more interested if there's more than 1 standard category for them to submit to


@Daravae "Series are better off without series moderators in general." What is the reasoning behind this? I'm not trying to undermine you, but genuinely asking why this is the case since I would have thought the opposite is true, unless it's purely a concern of individuals having power where they shouldn't have it.


Daravae I already mentioned the part where I said that he does not want more moderators?
He checked my run of any% recently but 100% took almost 3 weeks and what bothers me is that it is not due to lack of time or because he does not know there are runs waiting for verification he just does not care
And he only verified it because I was upset because he was ignoring me for 3 weeks and I told him that I would ask to be a moderator if I had not told him that I would still be waiting for verification
I do not understand how a moderator can play League of Legends all day and does not have 14 minutes to verify a 14 minute video
And what kind of moderator ignores the runs of the only two people who have been interested in this game in more than a year
If he is not interested in the game, why should he be the only moderator?
The 10 hour games I can understand that more time is needed to verify the records but for a 14 minute game, is it necessary 3 weeks to verify it?
40 seconds of verification a day?
I do not think the moderator is doing a good job and the only thing I'm asking is to be another moderator, I do not think that's a bad thing
The only thing that will happen is that the records will be verified faster and will no longer depend on a person who has not played in more than a year and who does not seem to want to play again and who still does not want more moderators even if does not care about the game


Requesting moderator for the game Ghost in the Shell (PS1). The moderator has been inactive for several months and his last stream saved on twitch is titled "Last stream"


@Jugador I understand. Thanks for expressing your concerns. I joined the 12 is better than 6 Discord and we'll have a talk about it.

@CaneofPacci I cannot find any pending run from you or any other user on this leaderboard. For what intentions would you require becoming a moderator if there is not even a run pending from your end?


My run for INVERSUS has been submitted for nearly 3 weeks with no response. is the link to the game. I also can't contact the game's moderator. Also, their last twitch post was 3 years ago, and their last youtube post was 5 months ago. And their twitter account doesn't exist.


@Daravae I did some runs the other night but checked the leaderboard before bothering to submit. I plan on doing more runs in the future as well.


@InS_Sane I've sent a tweet Bonesaw's way myself, I'll give him a couple days to reply. In meantime might be best to compile your requests/proposals on the game's forum.

@EmeraldNate Before we can add you, you will need to assign some contact methods of your own (like twitter, discord, youtube etc), as we are not currently assigning mods with no methods listed.



I have a run pending here: , the only active mod, 'TheKombatKing' was active 19 hours ago, but apparently he is ignoring my submission completely, since i've sent a discord message to him a month ago on the MK Discord Server about this pending run but no result 'till this day, would be better to have a moderator there that actually does the work.

Thank You!


I have updated my profile and added methods of contact. To say it again, the Inversus mod isn't active, as my 3-week old run hasn't been reviewed. Their contact is unavailable or outdated, and the latest runs are a year old. @Liv .


@Liv Thank you for responding. i was not aware that it was not a month. My bad


Hi! Really interested in running Cobalt but none of the mods have been online in more than a year... I've reached out to the only one with any contact info though am yet to get a response. 😕

There's currently two of us working on routing an any% route, CocoaMix and myself. Though this category doesn't exist, only the challenge levels do, something we are very interested to change.

Any help in getting this on the way would be greatly appreciated ❤️


Requesting mod again for "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers"

@Daravae reached out to the mod on Twitter a few days ago (Like I had previously) and I don't believe has received a response. He's the only mod and he retired from speedrunning/streaming years back. I'm the only active community member (1 of 3 people lol) and want to add categories and be able to approve runs in an attempt to get the community to grow.



Hi, I'm requesting a mod for LEGO Worlds.
The mod hasn't been online for over 4 months and when I tried to contact him on discord, his tag didn't work.
I would also like to add more categories, which people have asked for, such as co-op.
Edit: It's been 5 months now.


Once again, my run for INVERSUS has been submitted for 3 weeks with no response. is the link to the game. I also can't contact the game's moderator. Also, their last twitch post was 3 years ago, and their last youtube post was 5 months ago. And their twitter account doesn't exist. I do have contact methods on my account.


Hi, I'd like to be a moderator for the game "Toontown: Operation Dessert Storm." All three mods have been inactive for many months, and I wasn't able to reach out to any of them on social media, as most of their usernames were outdated. One out of the three mods' discord names was valid, but I wasn't able to get a hold of them.

I'm interested in modding this game to verify runs and run the game myself, as well as potentially grow the game's playerbase by streaming my runs on Twitch.