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@Liv added Discord & Twitch. Do I verify my own run?


The moderator for Minesweeper, @Kylovic has been inactive for over a month, I would like to be a moderator for this game, as I would check more frequently than he/she has.


Hello I would like to be a moderator of 12 is Better Than 6
I have the records in both categories and the moderator took 3 weeks to verify my videos
I do not ask him because I have seen that he does not want more moderators, but the game is quite abandoned and the moderator has not played for a year and does not seem to care much if he takes 3 weeks to verify the videos, he wants to add more rules to prohibit 16 versions of the game, to ban all languages except 1 what seems absurd to me and has not even spent a little time explaining the rules of the game, I think I can do a better job


I have a submitted run to
My run is WR snd there's only one other run on the leaderboards, completely dead game. Can I be a mod to approve my run?


@YogiBearback This is a thread meant for moderation requests, usually for inactive moderators. I take from this message you are requesting to become moderator for this game? This moderator is obviously active and has also responded back to you, so I do not see any reason to add you now. Please try and settle your dispute with him. He is the best person to try and discuss why your category should be allowed, as well as you can request to become a moderator by messaging him.

@Babick Moderator seems active on Twitter. Please try and make a substantial effort to reach out to him first through his listed socials.

@Jugador According to the logs, moderator is actively verifying runs in the past month. He also verified your run today.

@UNICOY We'll investigate this situation and get back to you.

@Wesley Moderator seems inactive for about 4 months and also shows inactivity on most of his socials. Added.

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I have submitted a run to . The only moderator on the boards has been inactive on everything for at least a year. I would like my run to be accepted (and any other runs that may have been done), so I'd like to be given moderator status for the game.


@UNICOY I'm gonna make a thread on the game's forum to try get this sorted out.


@ldma666 Should be fine now, added.
@Bimj Ok, this should be fine, as the game is unmodded anyway and I can't see anyone claiming this anytime soon.
@bdonp Have you tried to contact the mod in any way? Going off their info page they've only been offline for a month and not a year, and your run was only submitted today.


@trapmix The current mod: is active, please direct your request towards them.


Hey. I submitted runs to these games. Adventure Ponies 2 and Twilight Celebration game. The mods for those games are @Flutter who has no contact info and is inactive for 4 months. I would like to become mod for these games and the links are here I also submitted a run to adventure ponies 1 and they do have a mod other than Flutter there but I tried to contact him with Twitch and he has not responded nor does he seem active. I would also like to become mod for Adventure ponies 1. Link for that game is here


Both mods for have been inactive for 3+ months, and I have not had any replies from @Galla (@tehgoblintinkerer has no contact info). I would like to request mod.


Requesting mod for "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers"

The current and only mod has been inactive for a lengthy period of time and has not responded to my reaching out via social media. I have runs waiting to be approved and a board that could benefit from an active mod.

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Requesting Mod for "Duke Nukem Forever". One of the only 2 mods has been inactive for over 3 years, and the other one I cannot get in touch with on either twitch, nor twitter.



Please could I be added as a Series Mod for the Rocket Knight series?

I'm the only user on the site to run/moderate every game within the series, but nobody currently has Series Mod powers so there's nobody for me to ask.


@Oppai Moderator seems quite active on Twitch. Through what methods have you tried reaching out to this moderator? Also, do you have a a run in the queue for this game or for what reasons would you request to wish to become a moderator?

@Otterstone_Gamer Both moderators seem inactive (4 & 7 months of inactivity) and Flutter has no contact methods at all. Added.

@Professor_Palmer That is seemingly strange as this moderator is quite active on Twitter. Any idea why he would not respond to you? Assuming you tried to contact him through there. I have send him a message on Twitter regardless to look into this issue. Please allow a little bit of time for him to respond.

@Drakodan There are only four games in this series. Small series are in no immediate need for a series moderator. For what reasons would require series moderator exactly?

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There's no 'need' per se, I just figured it's better for the series to be with a series mod than without one. It's no odds if I'm not added since it's unlikely that the series will see any new releases.


@Daravae I appreciate that. I don't think he's doing it maliciously or anything... He responded to me once a week or two ago but not to any of my future comments. I know he doesn't stream or speed run anymore so he could just be disinterested in talking about it. He's a cool guy nothing against him, just probably missed it.

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@Daravae Ive been waiting for a run to be verified for a month. the mod is, he needs to be removed as a mod. if there is a request for a new mod considering he is the only mod, it would be or me. thank you


@Daravae I was able to get in contact with one of the mods @Galla regarding . They are okay with adding me as mod, however, the super mod @tehgoblintinkerer has not been active in 5 months, and they are the one who has not given me a reply through Twitch


@Daravae any news on Jeser for the runs to be approved ? If not I'd like to apply as a mod for the DbD leaderboards. Thanks you.