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This comment has been redacted by the moderator team because it contained offensive slurs.

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Whoa, real edgy Luna

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literally arguing over a VIDEO GAME about a CHILDRENS CARD GAME wow

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After an extremely lengthy discussion triggered by this thread, we've reached a consensus and I retract my previous post.

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Requesting mod (supermod?) on this game please:

Currently, there are 2 mods, and 1 of them is inactive (haven't seen him in forever). Also, not to be cocky or anything, but I know a lot about this game.

Marble Blast Gold isn't the most popular speedgame out there, but we do have an active community of speedrunners. Like Deuceler said, it would be cool to have the option to add other mods when (if) the leaderboards start growing.



Hello, the mods are inactive for nine months
I have a poster on speedrun plague inc : Evolved but since two days they tell me it is waiting but no admin will check it : /
Admins are inactive for nine months and nobody helps me I post my request several of which this topic but no one answers me ...
I try to reconnect with the moderators , but even on their social networks they are missing.
Plz Help me !
Me run:


Hey, the mod for Kirby's Dream collection have been inactive for 9 months and i tried to contact them with no response. I would like to be a mod for that game so i can moderate the runs. Im glad you could help me.
The game can be found here:
Sorry to take your time.


Since kirkq is currently unavailable I'll treat some requests for him.

Deuceler : Added to Thrasher as supermod
Xelna : Added to Marble Blast Gold as a supermod, and I also promoted Jumpyluff as supermod
Novaster : Added to Plague Inc as supermod, and I cleaned a bit the current mods.
Gabgab2222 : Added to KDC as supermod

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Moderator of Fireboy and Watergirl 1 looks kinda inactive. I would love to be the moderator of that section


I speedrun all Castlevania games (at least the ones I own/am capable of being able to play). I'm active too, so if I could be added as mod to the other CV games, and not just CV1 that would be great. If not, it's cool.


KomradeKontroll : I'd suggest you discuss it with the current mods. At least JoeDamilio and Dragondarch are active, so this doesn't seem to apply to the "last resort request" category.


Didn't read the fucking sticky, my bad

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Mistakes: I'll make an exception here and add you because absolutely nothing has been done with the board in 9 months and you have a pending run. Generally we would define inactivity as about 3 weeks.


@kirkq Thanks, also that section has a mistake. all fireboy and water boy series are 2 player game can we change it ? Also if its possible i would like to moderate rest of the series which is not exist here. I'm pretty sure that people will run if they would see that game has a leader board here


Mistakes: As series moderators you can add games to the series (edit series) yourself and change the game categories (edit game on game page) as you want:

The interface has a lot of options, so ask questions if anything is unclear.


Hello there

I'm a speedrunner from Switzerland. I mainly run OoT and SM64 which u can see on my profile. I'm also speedrunning Brothers: A Tales of two sons. I uploaded a glitchless run 2 months ago which hasn't been verified. One of the mods were last online on twitch on March 15 so i dont rly think he's coming back. It is pretty silent in also.
So this is the reason i would like to be a mod for Brothers A Tale of Two sons since i did a couple of runs and i have a good Knowledge about the used glitches and stuff.



Yodenko: Removed the mod that was 10 months inactive and had no run, added you.

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Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!


Hi, I submitted a run to this game and my run has not been verified yet. It seems the pmoderator is inactive.


Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 could both use Single Level leaderboards. If nothing else, Single Cup runs for MKW would help.