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@MilkToast Mmeaninglessnamee has been on 5 days ago. I recommend reaching out to him first before making such a request. Both moderators also have socials listed. Has there been any attempt from your side to reach out to them through any of these socials?


@Daravae thank you for the quick and clear answer, we'll be patient and hear back when this is sorted. 🙂


I want to be a moderator for Hypixel Bedwars 🙂

EDIT : What do I have to know to be moderator?


@RyanGames 4/5 of the moderators are active. Contact them and ask to be a moderator. This is a last resort thread.


Go to their account pages and find a social media link.


ohhhhhhh ok i messaged @Kid_Gamer on his latest YT Video Thanks 🙂


Um. Hello I'm Volt I want to become mod on a game called Robot 64 on the ROBLOX platform. Seems silly I know but, I ran the game but never had proof. I knew alot about runs of the game and knew if they were cheated or spliced or anything. I thought I'd be a good mod. reply if you can..


I suggest contacting the roblox mods about the request. This thread is for last resorts for issues with verification of runs and other board related issues.


Real roblox mods? I cannot contact them for a roblox game.


My only real way for me to contact them is to have discord, the only viable option is that. If the mods don't have discord for roblox.
I simply can't contact them.


Or you could just create additional contacts, creating an account on twitter takes a few minutes at most.


I'll try that maybe I don't know its 9:00 where i'm from.
i'm a bit tired
and also I found a contact


The only moderator for Michigan: Report From Hell hasn't been online in over a month, can i be added as a mod for the game? I submitted a run over a week ago, thanks 😃


Hello, I would like to make a request to become a moderator for the game "M&M's: The Lost Formulas." The current moderator has not been active since the time they have submitted their only run on the game. (Which has been 3 years)

Now truthfully, I just submitted a run as of yesterday. But out of curiousity, should I consider giving it some time & see what happens? Or may I be allowed to gain access to become a moderator right away?


Hi. I would like to become moderator for Camp Pokemon. I submitted a run for Camp Pokemon a few weeks ago and it is still not verified. I contacted the only moderator with contact info on Twitch/Discord and after more than 2 weeks he has never replied ( @TheYellowPolarBear ). The game link is here


This game's moderators are non responsive. I submitted a run over a month ago, with no response. can I please become a mod? thanks!
Electronic super joy groove city :


Hey I just got a 10:43.00 on Mario's Tennis Virtual Boy, & get this. The only moderator is also the record holder, and also declined my new world record without any reasoning, someone help.


Hi there, i've just lost my super mod status in cause of "rolling back the database" issue, can it be restored?Thanks.