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@sciku @LtNakuu There seems to be a couple of runs waiting to get reviewed since the 10th of March. Jeser seems to be absent for little over a month. I will try and contact this moderator myself first. I will get back with the results on that soon.

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we from the Giana Sisters Speedrun Community (2 peoples atm) are missing our Moderators (RoboSparkle & Mmeaninglessnamee) for quite some time now.
There is some stuff to do (verifying runs, clarify rules etc) so it would be great if you could promote MightyMike9001 and me to a Moderator for this game.



@MilkToast Mmeaninglessnamee has been on 5 days ago. I recommend reaching out to him first before making such a request. Both moderators also have socials listed. Has there been any attempt from your side to reach out to them through any of these socials?


@Daravae thank you for the quick and clear answer, we'll be patient and hear back when this is sorted. 🙂


I want to be a moderator for Hypixel Bedwars 🙂

EDIT : What do I have to know to be moderator?


@RyanGames 4/5 of the moderators are active. Contact them and ask to be a moderator. This is a last resort thread.


Go to their account pages and find a social media link.


ohhhhhhh ok i messaged @Kid_Gamer on his latest YT Video Thanks 🙂


Um. Hello I'm Volt I want to become mod on a game called Robot 64 on the ROBLOX platform. Seems silly I know but, I ran the game but never had proof. I knew alot about runs of the game and knew if they were cheated or spliced or anything. I thought I'd be a good mod. reply if you can..


I suggest contacting the roblox mods about the request. This thread is for last resorts for issues with verification of runs and other board related issues.


Real roblox mods? I cannot contact them for a roblox game.


My only real way for me to contact them is to have discord, the only viable option is that. If the mods don't have discord for roblox.
I simply can't contact them.


Or you could just create additional contacts, creating an account on twitter takes a few minutes at most.


I'll try that maybe I don't know its 9:00 where i'm from.
i'm a bit tired
and also I found a contact


The only moderator for Michigan: Report From Hell hasn't been online in over a month, can i be added as a mod for the game? I submitted a run over a week ago, thanks 😃


Hello, I would like to make a request to become a moderator for the game "M&M's: The Lost Formulas." The current moderator has not been active since the time they have submitted their only run on the game. (Which has been 3 years)

Now truthfully, I just submitted a run as of yesterday. But out of curiousity, should I consider giving it some time & see what happens? Or may I be allowed to gain access to become a moderator right away?


Hi. I would like to become moderator for Camp Pokemon. I submitted a run for Camp Pokemon a few weeks ago and it is still not verified. I contacted the only moderator with contact info on Twitch/Discord and after more than 2 weeks he has never replied ( @TheYellowPolarBear ). The game link is here


This game's moderators are non responsive. I submitted a run over a month ago, with no response. can I please become a mod? thanks!
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