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The "timer is required" misconception pops up every once in a while. As a general rule timers should not be required unless there is some specific need to require them such as using "time without loads with an auto-splitter". I think this idea can be a bit of a misconception of boards norms more than anything. I don't think it's fair to assume that anyone who could have this misconception is necessarily lazy or whatever else.

I think there was some communication breakdown here and I think we should try to resolve this privately in a couple days.

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@Liv Thanks for the clear answer.
I'm sorry you had to contact someone by Twitter to solve an issue brought to this thread, it should not be needed, but anyways =P I guess it is as it is like you said... I thank you for that. If the super mod sees your twitter and not answer I supose it means he doesn't bother handling the board fix at the moment...

As for your question and explanation:
"Have you tried to contact this particular user already? If they're a mod for the game, then they should be able to sort this out for you already. There is no difference between Super/Standard mod in terms of permissions for editing the board itself. So, I'm not sure what giving them Super Mod would actually accomplish for this particular task."

Yes, I talk to @JayTheIdiot all the time in Steam and he agrees that the board is incorrect and needs to be fixed. I really didn't know that all mods have the same permission to modify boards (i never notticed because I'm super mod of most of games I mod, and not "second mod" I had no idea). It seems he doesn't know that as well '-' That's good to know! I will try to talk further to him, meanwhile!

thx a lot!

Ps. Btw, how do I quote someone's message like you did? '-'


Ah this is getting condescending, so apologizes.

As I mentioned in my previous statement, "Baldr hasn't been on in 10 months, I shot him a message couple days ago on his twitter (which he has posted tweets since my message, but no reply.)"

I can back up said statement of him being on twitter to see my message, he has retweeted this: and tweeted this since me messaging, and him even getting to wake up.

I know the typical plan is to wait three weeks and I am totally cool with waiting, but I'm just proving I've done my part.
Best Regards,

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@Cmdr I have messaged him on Twitter explaining the situation. Kindly asking to give it some time. I will get back to you if I hear something.


These posts were probably lost in the shuffle. The Puzzle League series mod team would like to remove @Darko 's mod status from the entire series. Darko was made super mod before I even knew of the existence of the board, but they have never been involved in OUR community.

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Hi, we have a third, inactive mod who is a part of our leaderboard for UFC 3.

He had created an account 3 months ago and has only been active for one month before seemingly disappearing completely. I took a look at all the account he has linked to in his account and none of them have been active since January, including his own account. We think that they likely got excited to become a moderator of the UFC3 community before they quickly lost motivation about a month later, and they abandoned their accounts.

His/her name is @SimonShelbyMMAOnline

Me and the other moderator agreed that it would be best if they were removed from the UFC3 leaderboard as if any person in the community tried to contact them, they would receive no answer from them due to their inactivity. However, our issue comes from the fact that they are a supermod, just like me and other moderator, and as such we cannot remove them ourselves.

Thank you!


I wish to become a moderator for Hamsterball Gold, as I have several records and I've even discovered a shortcut recently. Neither of the moderators (one of which is the series mod) respond to contact.

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I'm sorry for double posting, but I had posted a while back to be able to get a mod role for because all of the active mods had been removed. If not I recommend @Klooger because of the fact that he mods some cod games already.


Hello, I'm looking to become a moderator for I currently hold the top record, have a run pending, and another run that beats the pending run that I'll be posting once the pending run is accepted. I'm looking to start an active community with the game and will be attempting to have even faster runs periodically.


I asked on Twitter and got no response. I tried to find something to directly message them on here but found nothing.


@CardsOfTheHeart I've reached out to Darko via twitter.

edit: Darko is OK with this.

@TFatOCat Since he's been offline for 2 months, seems fair. I originally specifically adding this user however because a while ago he had runs pending and I couldn't get ahold of you. A suggestion I could make is perhaps update contacts or enable email notifications for the forum if you haven't already, as Youtube is removing their DM feature and contacting user's via comments is extremely inconsistent.

@inakilbss Both mods appear to be active to me, can you show us in what ways you attempted to reach out, at all?

@KunoDemetries I talked with Klooger, he's now a Mod of the game.

@IronFury To me they appear active but perhaps are just busy currently. To me at least, it seems far too earlier in the process to be taking this kind of action, as it had only been 8 days. If it persists a bit further down the line we can look into getting this sorted.

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@Liv @Daravae Thanks for the patience and help 🙂


I would like to apply for a mod for Wolfenstein: The New Order.
The main reason being I have submitted two run attempts that have been waiting to be reviewed for 19 and 21 days (respectively).
I have also heard of other having submitted attempts and the three (now two) peoples moderating the boards is inactive and haven't even gotten a score submitted.
This is why I want to become a mod, so I can get the runs reviewed and get the scores up on the board for the people who whave submitted.


@Rayvex Not yet, I will message one of the other mods on Twitter and Steam. I will get back to you on the outcome.


Hello, I'd like to ask if anything can be done for the dead by daylight leaderboards, as the only admin hasn't been online for a month now, tried contacting on twitter and still no reply. Thank you.


Both mods haven't been online for 4+ months and can't be contacted otherwise due to inactivity online. (And thus can't verify currently pending runs)
I'd like to request two new moderators: thatonenewtagerplayer and myself due to our moderation of almost the entire yugioh series.


@Mergy seems fair. Some of their socials also dont seem to work. Added. You can add the other moderator as you so please.

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@Daravae When someone is a supermod for a page, and they are impossible to reach it seems for a verification of a run. (Tried adding on discord, Sciku tried contacting them over twitter) What is the best course of action?