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Hey, could someone please unmod from
He is not active in the community whatsoever and hasn't been online since the 22nd October 2017. Thanks for your time.

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I second this as a super mod on GTA:Online, we wish to remove him to introduce other mods into the GTA:Online community who can help with verifying the runs

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I am a Super Mod for the Trials Series and have been for several years

Currently I can't edit anything for Trials Rising

Trials Rising was released a couple months ago but the mods have not carried over even though the games is listed in the series link below

The game is very new and I would ask that the moderation team be kept the same as before and not new mods if that is ok

We are in the process of setting the timing rules for categories and the guidlines for 3-4 categories. Any %, Any% w/ DLC, Platinum% and Ninja%. Jammy is currently the only Super Mod for Trials Rising, He hasn't Moderated before and has set up Any% Incorrectly and submitted an invalid run. We would ask that he could be placed as a regular mod and that the super mods from the trials series link could be carried over so we can adjust and fix this. We have modded Trials games for the past 5 years setting up the guidelines and timing rules for the community.

Vantier and Myself

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@RNJesus Done.

@TheBlazeJp You cannot edit games that were manually added by us, have any of you made any effort whatsoever to contact Jammy at all? I see he has twitch linked, try whispering to them or at least post a thread under the game and give him some time.

There is no harm being done or any damage, there isn't other runs pending for the game at all, all I see this as is a few people wanting to grab a hold of a board none of them even run and trying to make up rules for categories of the game...that again they don't run (yet). There has been times in the past when we have added Series mods to games within the series before and it has created a large amount of problems among one another for the games. Also I want to also add that, you claim you are all trying to forcefully make rules for the game but then you have boards with no rules defined? and being examples.

We are not going to revoke his Super Mod status at this time nor add anyone until contact has been attempted which I feel is completely acceptable. I'm just saying because its been about a week since the game has been added at this point. Hopefully this isn't an attempt to stir up a problem that does not exist.

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@KaweedFul I haven't heard anything from back the mod in a little over 2 weeks, so this should be fine since you have a pending run.

@TheBlazeJp I don't see any reason myself why the moderation should be adjusted. There's no issue currently, and this would likely just create one. That said, I've never really cared for this particular method of handling series moderators, that being them having control over every individual game within their series. It always seemed to cause more issues than it helped, which is likely part of the reason this exact permission was stripped from the series mod role years ago.

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I've submitted a run for the game . After telling a friend, who's been speedruning for a long time, he told me that the mod probably won't answer and I'd have to ask someone here. The current mod hasn't been online for 9 months and he doesn't have any social accounts linked on his profile.

If I should wait for a longer time that's fine. 🙂

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Hi I submitted a run for SeppuKuties and I recently just noticed that the game has no moderators at all. I would like to become moderator of SeppuKuties so the run can be verified. Game link is right here

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Hello. I'd like to request mod for Sonic Eraser . Recently myself and a few other people routed the game and have begun doing runs of it (mine is now pending). The current mod that requested the board over 2 months ago has not logged on since or posted any runs of his own. He does not have a twitter that I can contact him on and has not posted any related content on his youtube (I check for anything Eraser related).


Hello, I would like to request to become a moderator for Trickstyle (dreamcast and PC) They guy hasnt been on in almost a year and there are NO runs. His profile is here he also has no twitter or twitch so I cannot contact him


Hi I would like to become series mod for Killer Instinct. I talked with one of the previous mods for Killer Instinct 2013 and he said it was fine and to request it.

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Hello, I'd like to request moderator for Tomodachi Collection. Both moderators are fairly inactive, and it's been about a week since i submitted a World Record for 100 Miis. Ive tried to contact IanAC, the more recently online moderator through both Discord and Twitch, but I still haven't heard back.

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I don't understand why you think we have hostile intentions.
We have moderated the Trials Games for 5 years
Everyone in the trials community always comes to me or Vantier or Sandholm when they have questions about how to speedrun Trials, there is no dictatorship. It is community decided on how rules of the previous game were set out. Not 1 person defining everything or just wanting to "grab a board" or "make up rules" as you say? - We have always discussed timing/completion rules as a group and then set them up.
Trials Evoluton Gold had no rules because the game only ever had myself do speedruns. There was never the need to post rules because nobody else got into it or showed interest in that board. Trials Evo had no rules because It wasn't on PC, You can't reset your save file to 0% so I personally never invested time into it, other than reviewing runs over the years. Fusion and Blood Dragon however have had multiple guidelines and timing rulesets places on each category over the years by us.

Also you say I don't run the game? - Whilst it is true I am yet to post a run this is only because I have been practicing each individual level since the release of the game. Which again is only 3 months old, before I head into full game speedruns. Thats how I have always done it with trials games. Instead of rushing into a fullgame speedrun. Each track has had multiple timesavers discovered over the initial few months, and it is for that reason I don't rush into the category runs. Because ultimately it wouldn't be beneficial in the long run for optimal gameplay on each individual IL of a category speedrun.
Trials Is a Game that has speedruns on each level, each individual track is time based. I actively stream the game for 7 hours or more each day. I have 444 hours in 2.5 months played. so It's safe to say I run it.
The game is now at a point where I am comfortable in doing categories with most Individual tracks being optimised. Of which there are 122 seperate levels which is why there isn't many runs currently submitted on a 4 hour speedrun because as mentioned the game has been in a discovery period. Once I stream it, It will see a boom of people submitting runs as with the last Trials Game. (Fusion)
I will be doing full runs starting next week.

I have contacted Jammy but am yet to hear back, his last stream was 7 days ago. I wasn't asking for him to be removed, Considering the history I didn't think it was an unreasonable request.
I wouldn't however think it was much to ask to add me to the super mod list of the game so I can at least place guidelines and timing rules for each category because currently there is none for Platinum% and Ninja% which I would like to add and it is needed so that new players don't get confused. I have already been approached by a few players asking me how to time these runs because there is no clear end point in the game for them and the guide section is in desperate need of clear input for that. I would like to add the categories with the accompanying text so it is clear for people who want to run them.

@Liv Actually there is an issue currently.
There is also a slight issue with the current Any%
The WR run on any% Downloadable Content tracks that aren't in the base game are used.
Any% has always been base game only. So under global Any% Rules the run is invalid

Filters can be used in game to avoid playing the DLC Tracks for normal "Any%"

The Category his video is in needs to be renamed to Any% w/ DLC

Jammy got back to me, We are discussing tweaks.

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@ZeDoctor Info seems accurate. Added.

@Otterstone_Gamer Okay, Added.

@Finalflame Had a talk with the series moderator about this game and all seems accurate. Added.

@OddGodGamer Do you have a run pending or what is your motivation? You also seem to only have one social linked which is YouTube. Kindly add at least one more. Preferably Twitter or Discord so users can properly contact you.

@Slevanas Mod seems inactive for 3 years. I added you. There seems to be a run or two in the queue. Kindly take care of them.

@sto1crose IanAC was online 10 days ago. He even replied back to your forum post. Please allow a period of at least 3 weeks for your run to get verified. This thread is a last resort.

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requesting mod for johnny 3 and johnny 4 as the moderator for both games has been offline for a year

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@TheBlazeJp Not interested in a rant and my opinion still stands, what Jammy decides to do is his own choice. Series mods do not "own" other game leaderboards within its series and do not get special privileges so where we stand on this hasn't/won't change.

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Hi I'm requesting to have myself and to be a moderator for Duel Masters. Reason being my Duel Masters run was submitted in early April as shown here: and the one and only moderator has not responded to me. I would like to make Tagerplayer a moderator as well because he is a friend of mine that plans on doing a run in the future and I don't feel comfortable verifying my own run. Thank you for taking the time and consideration to read this message. Duel Masters Leaderboard page:

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Thanks for that @Dangerless
Not sure where I put anywhere that I want "special privileges" or to "own" a board or to "make up rules" for a game "I dont run" with 450 hours in.
You say you want to avoid a rant but seem quick to throw those at me which isn't very nice and couldn't be more from how it is.

Been nothing but respectful and civil explaining how as a community we discuss things. I have given just reasoning to everything you questioned.

I created my Initial post because Jammys current Any% Wr Run is Illegal and not Any% but a seperate category because it uses tracks not in the "Base Game".
And we felt that the leaderboards are in need of mods with years of experience setting them up to adress this and setting up the other categories for the community who have sent me questions on how they run them.

I'm not going to say anymore. Apparently I'm being treated like I have done something wrong which puzzles me.

Jammy has got back to me and we are discussing things today so I'm going to leave it there.

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@TheBlazeJp I disagree with much of what you say and this has to do with how series mods tend to think as a whole, Jammy has gotten back to you and whatever he decides is okay by us seeing as how the state of the board was, actually fine. A leaderboard is not defined by what series mods think and I think that is something you may might to consider when trying to enforce future decisions on games none of you moderated in the first place, which again the first thing you should've actually done was talk the Super Mod about the game and I assume the others felt no need to wanting to do so as well but decided to just request (or enforce) all of you to just get assigned it.

You can see the outliner where it looks bad, even if it isn't your intent, it is what it appears to be to us. I personally don't care for the rant or the excuse being provided, I'm pointing out where it was unfair to Jammy and the original request. This had less to do about "you" and more to do with the "request/decision" made here when posted.

Also; "I created my Initial post because Jammys current Any% Wr Run is Illegal and not Any% but a seperate category because it uses tracks not in the "Base Game". That was your opinion, not literal fact. A leaderboard is setup to however its moderators feel it should be set up and if something is wrong/unfair/etc then it should be directed to the games leaderboard moderators with making amendments or potential changes. I also provided how two games in the series modded by Trials don't even have rule defined. No offense, but what you are saying here is pretty bent backwards.

In short, again, what Jammy does is up to him and

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A game non of us have moderated?
Nobody has moderated it. There is 1 run.

A run which currently is Incorrect.

The game has been out for 3 months and there is only 1 run and leaderboard which has been set up wrong.

Trials Games are complex to set up guidlines and timing rules for.

This is even more evident considering the single category and the only run in the Trials Rising section currently is an Illegal run because it uses content from a DLC patch 2 months into the game.

Any% Is base game content. What was available day 1 of the games release.

It's not just my opinion, that is how it is. Dlc is used in the current run of Any% and that is wrong.

I had every reason to make a post here.

Trials Games havent changed much in their structure over the years and don't have obvious timing points for categories and category guidelines.

Which is why Mod experience from past games is very beneficial.