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Cooljay : Ask the mods of the game to take another decision on this run. We global mods are not qualified for that.


hi i would like to be a mod of the lego series i absoulutly love the lego games and i do speedrun a few thanks.


You have no Lego runs (That are validated) and there is at least one, if not more active mods of the lego series of games.


howdenking: I promoted the other moderator to a super, so you are able to discuss it with him now.

Cooljay: That guy submits a lot of his stuff like that I think. I don't see issues with people submitting their own playthroughs to the boards, so long as they meet the category rules. I would warn against moderators submitting other users' casual playthroughs to boards though.

_-_STAR_fox_-_: The moderators are active with the series, the procedure is to contact them. I'd recommend actually submitting runs of games before asking to moderate them.

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Hi, I would like to submit a record for blue stinger on dreamcast, I'm new (and bad in english, I'm french...) and I don't want to make mystakes so I rather ask here. I have a youtube channel with a video of my speedrun (but not my best time) as a proof. I could be a moderator for this game, but first thing first:

Could you show me the way to add a new game to your list ?

thank you !


Thank you Gyoo !


Would like to be added as a Mod to Spiritual Warfare ( I asked the current mod (Dugongue) to add additional NES categories and never received a reply. Would like to add 100% and a couple of others. Thanks.


Hi, can I get added as a mod to

Tried contacting Dugonge, never got a reply, pretty sure both mods never did anything with the game as well


Xezrunner, Garl_Memory was literally on less than an hour ago and is a Super Mod. Contact them first.

This is a Last Resort thread.


Hi, I'd like to be added as mod to the Five Nights at F¤¤¤boy's Series. The only mod right now (BakaScarlet) hasn't responded to my messages, is very inactive, and isn't a native English speaker. Thanks.


Ategenos: Promoted you to super.

Arctice: Promoted you to super.

xezrunner: You don't have a run or a pending run, and per the first post in the thread the request should go through an active moderator.

coolmath10: I'm gonna say give it another week or so. You gave him like one week to respond, and this thread requests 3 weeks. His English seems good enough to communicate in my opinion. (I seem to be recalling posts pertaining to issues with this game at some point, but I don't feel like digging them up right now.)

The holidays and AGDQ are coming up, so apologies in advance if responses on the forum are delayed. (Game requests got a bit behind, sorry.)

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Validation of my run unvalidated by modos inactive for over 3 months


I made a runs plague Inc: Evolved but moderators are inactive for over three months . I try to contact them on twitter or youtube but no one answers. Then how I make for the validated?


Hello, I'd like to request moderation for the Forbidden Memories leaderboard. A glitch was recently used in an any% run, and I submitted a record to it. After doing so, my run was rejected, and the rules were quickly changed without any community input. I brought it up with them, and they were dismissive about it.
Image posted here:

Afterward, a "discussion" began in the discord server, which resulted in my run being accepted, and rejected again for this reason:

A poll was started in the discord, and the majority voted for a category rename, which GFC_ disregarded and made a decision all by himself that opposed it to throw my run into. Some of my followers also celebrated my run, and posted it to r/speedrun. Then, GFC_ messaged moderators of the subreddit to tell them to remove my run, which they did. Afterward I was kicked from the server with no reason and GFC_ refuses to explain why he did what he did.

I'd like to mention that I have been an active participant in Forbidden Memories speedrunning since early 2013, I also created and maintained the first leaderboard on google documents until GFC_ took this page first and that was what it was. I had no problems with it, until now where he seems to be abusive. Mergy and Kollin also seem to be of the same opinion and/or are completely neutral. I've tried talking with GFC_ on twitter, but he refuses to respond in a serious tone, and he refuses to talk to me on any other platform.

I've tried reasoning, but it seems that this is my last option. All I want is a proper leaderboard that accurately reflects the game, categories, and community intentions.

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More drama involving Cyberdemon531? Alright, I'll bite. First off, I know quite a bit about Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories from the most efficient way to A-Tec foes to the drop-rate of Meteor Black Dragon (it's 1 in 1338 by the way). So I know how the community works and why I don't see why Cyberemon531 is fit to be a ruler of the community. First off, he creates drama like this for fun, he is a known cheater in Mega Man X6, and he is fairly irrelevant to the community. He speedruns this game maybe once per month and has bare minimum knowledge in the game. Just because he does a run using hardware manipulation does not mean his time is good or even legitimate. I'm sure if I was to do a run I could easily get sub 2 hours.

Next, I want to talk about why his attacks are completely pointless. The Discord server and r/speedrun is not attached to in any way so there is simply no sense in bringing that up, acting like it has any sort of weight in this argument. "Oh look at me, I want to stir up something, so I'll use hardware manipulation that is obviously not allowed, but because the rules don't say so, I can use it!" This is who we're dealing with. Listen, I've been in quite a few leaderboards that don't have 18 pages of text for every single possible way a person can cheat because the runners understand what is and is not allowed. You're arguments are weak and futile, just give it up, Cyberdemon531.

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Just to be clear for anyone who is unfamiliar with the situation, 99% of this is a joke for Cyberdemon and everyone else involved. Cyber mainly did this to pick on GFC_ since he knows he is an easy target, and he has messed with him before.

The card duplication thing has always just been a thing that people have known about but kind of silently agreed to not do. With that being said, I would propose having the board look similar to the Crash 3 board ( where "Any% (No Item Glitch)" is the main and most centralized category, but the real any% category is still named correctly even though it has very few runners. So what I would do is have "Any% (No Card Duplication)" or whatever you want to call it be the category that appears first on the board, so people know it's the main category people play/most centralized, etc. And then have the category that Cyber did be called "Any%".

This would definitely have to be ran by some people first, and we'd need some more input from the community (No a strawpoll is not good enough), but this is what I'm proposing. I also don't know if I would personally consider this hardware manipulation/something that doesn't belong in a speedrun. I guess I'd like to hear more opinions.

I'm also not necessarily opposed to Cyber being a mod for the game, but I know it would anger quite a few people on the community on the concept of it alone.

Posting this here just so admins know what the deal is and everything. You can contact me on Twitter or something if you need more info.


Kollin, how is calling Cyberdemon a derogatory term a "joke". Can you not show an ounce of compassion and see that GFC is clearly not mature enough to handle such an important responsibility. That type of behavior is absolutely disgusting.

EDIT: It appears it was actually Kollin who rejected the run with the comment. It is now clear that the only capable mod is Mergy.

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Again, lack of knowledge in the game and community is the source of all of this. Cyberdemon531 is simply not fit to be a moderator of YGOFM, or any leaderboard for that matter. He does not understand that 50+ people running a game and agreeing not to use hardware manipulation means that it's essentially a rule that must not be broken. Leaving Any% with duping as a miscellaneous category is the obvious fix to this problem seeing as nobody takes it seriously. Honestly this should not even be a discussion seeing as Kollin7, who is a friend of Cyberdemon531 says this is just a joke. This is nothing more than a ploy to create drama for the hell of it because he noticed the loop hole and planned this out. This is very sickening.

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I'm new to the whole community and all, but I think this whole debacle genuinely illustrates GFC's instability as a moderator. He consistently makes community decisions by himself, and doesn't at all understand the gravity of his actions. Quite frankly, it doesn't embody the spirit of speedrunning at all. How can you go fast if you're petrified in your old ways?

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