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I also have done a Speedrun of Spy obby (now called Mansion obby) over a month ago with no verification nor a way to contact the moderators. I am also available for moderation of that leaderboard too because I can actually start to verify the probably tens of runs that haven't been verified there since forever


Hello, I'd like to request the current supermod ("Bubble.") of the Outland leaderboard be removed and for me to be made a supermod.

Currently the other moderator, Pentaleks, is active in verifying runs, despite not running the game actively. He's happy to accept someone else to either be mod along with him or take over his position, but as a non-supermod, he doesn't have permission to do that. I reached out to the current supermod, Bubble., yesterday to see if he'd be willing to transfer ownership of the leaderboard. However, Pentaleks informs me that even back in 2016 Bubble. was inactive on the site, and Pentaleks had to reach out to an admin to get moderator status at that time. (Presumably, there's a record of that in this thread somewhere.) Given that Bubble. has not resurfaced in the nearly 3 years since then, I don't see a reason for them to continue to retain supermod status on the leaderboard, so I'd like to just expedite the process and replace them now.

(edit) Should also note that Bubble. has not logged onto the site since 2017 and hasn't submitted a run since January 2016.

Here's a screenshot of some Discord conversation between Pentaleks, Covert_Madness (another Outland runner), and I about this:

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I would like to request that i be made supermod for the game ApexLegends as i am currently world record holder and feel that the current supermod is not a very good mod and is refusing to add milliseconds, i have asked him for mod but he said that milliseconds are not needed even though there has been a timing error about the lack of milliseconds and the current top 2 times are less than a second apart but he is refusing to add them as "theres no need to add miliseconds" he also verified a run where the person started the timer very late and he accepted that run as the time the timer was stopped at only after i mentioned on a thread about this and how there should be more mods than just him he fixed it and added a new mod. the main reason im typing this is that i feel personally i care more about the running of this game as every forum post about it that i can reply to i do including someone who said about a new category but the supermod danthar ignored it completely as in not commenting on it or adding it so i think i should get supermod as i actually enjoy running this game a lot and i dont feel like the current super mod is adequately doing his job.

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i would also like to add on to my last post as to why the other mod shouldnt get supermod over myself and one of the biggest reasons is he verified a run by jimmydeanbigups69 which was filmed on his phone with another phone as a timer and the timer is obstructed along with a lot of the screen throughout the video and i dont think this is a valid run but theres also the fact of the other mod yeetboy has only done a few runs on apex and has only modded on apex so he doesnt seem to have experience in modding and wouldnt know this is a bad thing i dont think he should be removed from mod as when i gave criticism before he seemed to of fixed his mistake but i think he needs some sort of guidance or more clear ruleset of the game to follow which dantharr the supermod isnt making which is another reason i feel i should be supermod and dantharr removed or demoted to a normal mod

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@AnthonyEcon how can you complain your runs aren’t on the LB while also admitting you don’t want to upload them? It’s not a mods job to upload the runs of other users, it’s their responsibility to do so. You can’t complain your runs aren’t on the board while simultaneously choosing not to upload them. You can’t have it both ways. I can’t comment on your first point since I don’t know the game, but the mod isn’t doing anything wrong by not uploading your runs for you. You clearly think so lowly of the board, so I wouldn’t upload your runs for you either; you’ve made it clear you don’t like the LB.

@mattmcgrath have some patience, you only posted a day or two ago. Dangerless or another full mod/admin will see your post and address it. You can see Dangerless checks this thread every few days. There is no set point for when this thread is checked - it could be every day or it could be once a week depending on how busy people are.

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@Dangerless I will contact the person who keeps uploading single player records @WDRickGrimes047 and see if he wants to become a mod. It still does not solve the mystery of how @WDRickGrimes047 is getting his runs approved frequently when the mods list have no active social presence and other runs are getting totally ignored.


@Timmiluvs Re-reading what I wrote, it definitely reads as being frustrated, which wasn't my intent. I just wasn't sure if I had made a mistake by posting here earlier, or if there was a smarter way to handle the issue that I somehow missed 🙂 Thank your for letting me know, especially about the frequency at which the thread is checked by someone like Dangerless.

Have a great weekend!


@Jack_Hase Done.

@ZEkNd I swapped mods roles between them based on activity anything further you should talk to them. As for your other request I am denying it.

@mattmcgrath I've added you to the board and yeah I check this thread every so often myself.

@acetrainereddie They appear active on twitter, I've recommend tweeting at them.

@yoshifruit I've added you to both boards.

@Otterstone_Gamer Done.

@Admiral_Flapjack Please ask them to make a request in this thread, we do not handle requests that are asked for others.

@Vulajin I've added you to the board, thanks for the in-depth information.

@AnthonyEcon I'm going to agree with @Timmiluvs as he took the words out of my mouth. I'm denying your request as well.

@EightbitSteve Please be sure to have them post in this thread.

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Tbqh if someone on Twitter made a reply to a (auto-generated?) Tweet from APRIL 2018, and they asked me for mod out of the blue... I would probably ignore it too if I didn't just flat out miss it.

Imo: Try again with a direct tweet (or if you're replying, reply to something recent) and say that you have a pending run or something, give some context. I'm just suggesting this now so you don't have to wait until a full mod goes through the topic again.

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I did request on the soda dungeon Speedrun official forums. he said he would give me mod if I knew the game, which I do, and then he kinda disappeared. Also, it was his most recent tweet at the time.

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@Dangerless Thanks for the quick response, I greatly appreciate it. Enjoy the weekend! Matt


I submitted a Rolling Thunder NES run 27 days ago that is still pending verification.

I reached out to the mod on Twitter and he said he would approve it but still hasn't. The other mod does not seem to be active anywhere online. Is it possible for someone else to approve my run?


@Dangerless yes, i would like to be a Mod at there is now another person asking about things on the forum with no Mod response


Please remove as a super mod from the game . He hasn't been active at all and his last time online was two months ago


Hi, our super mod demod himself but forgot to add another one and his place. Could you please turn Maxylobes and CursedToast into super mods ?
Thank you.


wait how do I get mod? I can’t do a game request since it keeps getting rejected. so what now?

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For what leaderboard? Does that leaderboard even need mods? Most games only need 1, MAYBE 2 mods. @Sewiferos


G'day! I'm here to request replacing the moderator for due to the fact that he is no longer active, I'm currently waiting to have a world record approved but I do not foresee that happening anytime soon as he has had no activity on the website in almost a year. If I could take his place that would be great, thank you! ^^