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@mexicaan you should try to contact the mods I have contacted Trollcross for you 🙂

  [user deleted]

I contacted trollcross before, but he said he forgot his password.

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My friend and I submitted Clasic Mode any% - No badges runs of Yoshi's Woolly World weeks ago and neither have been accepted yet. I suggest adding another mod so there isn't so much backlog on this stuff, possibly even me since i run a lot of nintendo games and am always on this site


We have submitted a run to the Sunset Riders (Sega Genesis) board under the co-op category. The run has been unverified for over 30 days. I posted on the forums of that game with no success and tried to contact all the moderators who seem to have left gaming all together. During this period other runs have been approved including a few in the single player categories. I am not sure who is approving those runs and completely ignoring ours. I have also resubmitted the run hoping to gain the attention of whomever is obviously still monitoring that board but to no avail.I do not wish to be a moderator for the game, what can be done? Thanks.


Hey, I submitted a run for The Realy Easy Obby over a month ago (LInk The game has also gotten a lot of spam and Sh*tpost on the forms with little to nothing being done about it due to inactivity from both mods. I think it would be best if I became the moderator for this game so the Forms can be finally taken care of and the runs can be submitted. Another reason I should be the moderator for that game is that I have a lot of knowledge about the game so I will be a good moderator. (BTW mods have been contacted with neither response)


@KingJ0444 You should attempt to contact the other mods first. All 3 of them are active on numerous social media sites. If you'd like, I can give you SimplyCosmo's discord information, since it doesn't seem to be on SR.C.

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my friend and i are starting to run cities skylines. the mod there has no social media, the link to his twitch is broken, and his last youtube upload was 6 months ago. Theres no response to our forum post from last week.


@Mexicaan If trollcross is active elsewhere and can't log in, he can ask Pac for assistance of resetting their password.

@KingJ0444 As starsmiley mentioned try to reach out to them.

@EightbitSteve This thread is for leaderboard moderation requests, there's not much anyone can do if no one is willing to maintain the board. Have you tried asking other runners for the game if they are up for the task?

@Otterstone_Gamer Added you to the board.

@v1valvanerth This seems to check out but is this a moderator request for the board?


If you in the past, got added to a game because of an inactive mod (This forum), Should the inactive mod be removed from the moderators list?
If they should, please remove @Flutter from this board


@Dangerless as soon as I contacted him he managed to fix his password which is why @Mexicaan run already got verified ^^


both the supermods for the game speedrunners are very inactive with one of their last logins at 1 year ago and the other at 2 months ago, i personally want to run the game a lot and wouldnt mind being put a mod but even if its not me the two normal mods of the game should get supermod or at least someone should


Hi folks 🙂 I am currently (although not for long, ha!) WR holder for the PC versions of Maniac Mansion. It seems the appointed mod for this version of the game -- @El-Nino -- has been away for 3+ months. A new WR (which I have verified, and also witnessed live 😃 ) has been submitted 3 weeks ago, and no reply from El-Nino. I've tried contacting El-Nino outside of here and he seems to be completely away from the internet and unreachable.

Could I be added as a mod, at least in the interim to get this run approved, by a Global Mod?

Matt McGrath

Edited to add: I am willing and would love to maintain this game going forward as well, as I and another runner are hoping to push the WR to below 5 minutes 🙂

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I would like to be added as moderator or super mod for the game Soda Dungeon ( ). The current super mod ( ) has not been online for a month. I tried to contact him in early January, no response. Thanks.


Hello. I submitted a run for this game on almost 2 months ago The moderator of the game has been inactive for a very long time so I think I should become the moderator of this game since I am much more active that Flutter is. I also really like that game so I would really make a good job as the new moderator.


@Dangerless i guess it is, unless there is a supermod or something that can add the category for us


Hi I have played through portal Knights and I Love speedrunning it would be my dream to be a moderator on portal knights
Can you help me make that dream come true?


@Marster772 try asking the mods of the game yourself. seems to work, as seen here:

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Oh yeah. I also forgot to mention that I also did a speedrun of My Little Pony Obby some time ago. Since the mod Flutter has been inactive for just a long time can I become the moderator? It has been two weeks and he probably isn't coming back in a while so should I just take over the leaderboard? Game link


Seems like the mod for and ( isn't active on the site anymore. I messaged them on Twitter but didn't get a response. is a mod of the other games in the series and still active on, I'd recommend adding him as a mod.