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Hello Zewing, I've tried contacting DragonDarch via twitter a few months ago for no avail, as seem here:
The thing is: out of the 4 moderators on the game, 3 of them are global for the Castlevaina franchise but only one of the four (DragonDarch), has actually done runs of the game, on the Julius categories. I know all of them are active runners, but the leaderboard seems dead as of late. I could verify the runs for both Julius and Soma categories and bring some life to the leaderboards, making it easier for new people to join the series. As I mentioned on the earlier post, I have some free time that I could put into it.


Reminder: before posting in this thread, you're supposed to contact the current mods of your game, wait for a response (not 2hours, longer than that, let's say 1 to 2 weeks ?). This thread should only be used as a LAST RESORT.


Unless i am missing something: Svenne should be able to add you then as a mod.


its svenne decision to add you as a mod or not(since he's super mod), that is a LAST RESORT thread in case super mods DONT answer back or dont verify runs after weeks.


Problem solved.
Thanks and sorry for the trouble.


I want to request mod for
I was told that MASTER-88 is inactive. I have a submitted (unverified) run of this game.

Thank you!


speedwerd: I contacted the moderator, we'll see where that goes.

MyWolfgoesRAWR: Added, 1 moderator, 1 month inactive

Sambss: Someone apparently added you before we got to the request.

Atomical_Sloths: Gave it to MyWolfgoesRAWR because he has a pending run.

Epitaphios: Super moderators can add users as moderators. I'm pretty sure that super moderator is well aware of this functionality, so your statement seems strange.

schemax: You can look on user profiles to see last login date. Small board with one moderator who isn't the most active, I'll add you.


I Would like to be the mod for Garfield: The Search for Pooky. The current mod hasn't been active on the site for a week


@Dylan: please read the very first post.

"Please keep in mind that using this thread is somewhat a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Twitch messages to mods are probably best for now.

Moderator inactivity doesn't apply until around 3 weeks, depending on other circumstances, and it is expected that you try to contact them (exceptions may be made if they have been offline ~3+ months.) "


It has been about 2.5 months and my run in this game hasn't been verified:

I'm happy to help moderate the leaderboard going forward.


dylan8915: You don't have a pending run, so I don't see a major reason to add you in this case.
Epitaphios: Apparently someone added you.
authorblues: Okay, I added you on the series as well. Feel free to remove yourself if you don't want to handle all of the games.


I am requesting Moderator access as this is a game that I have already been speed running with friends and have interest in for the overall game, would also like to inspire a competitive community and make the game more popular which is why I would like to add the rest of the levels and have access to making changes to the rules/guidelines and if this also means accepting or rejecting speed runs that would be a nice bonus. As of right now I submitted a test run a few days ago to see the response time and have not received a response yet therefore I would also be more prompt with looking at speedruns for this game.

We may have to redo some of these levels to comply with stricter start/stop guidelines but my team already has base times for nightmare any %

The Horn of Magnus - 10:12:85

Supply & Demand - 5:34:65

The Wizards Tower - 13:34:16

Engines of War - 10:54:19

Garden of Morr - 8:56:00

The Enemy Below - 6:11:19

The White Rat - 6:00:00

Smuggler's Run - 5:25:46

Black Powder - 3:03:00

Man The Ramparts - 5:14:25

Wheat & Chaff - 5:28:00

Well Watch - 14:56:00

Waterfront - 5:39:68

But again, 12 of these levels are currently not available which is why I would like access to moderator.

Edit: I just submitted 2 clean nightmare difficulty any % runs, so if someone could add the rest of the levels or contact me at or BnH247 on steam, it would be much appreciated because I want to get this started 😃

Kind Regards,



BenevolentLife: You were added by someone before I got to it.
Kenata8: The user was online 17 hours ago. It's possible he's a wizard or someone mentioned the post to him. I'd recommend sending a Twitch PM or a tweet if you want to discuss moderation with him.


Can I request moderation on the Fast Racing NEO leaderboards?

I am tempted to run this game though I am not 100% decided on this. However, the leaerboards in their current state are a mess, as has been pointed out in a thread on the board which has been so far ignored by the only moderator of the game, where in the meantime he has been online as he has been accepting his own runs. I am very happy to organise these leaderboards to an acceptable state and then, if I decide not to run it and another active runner wants to take my place I am happy to relinquish it and give them mod status instead. However, as things stand, the board needs sorting to have ILs be put in the IL section and streamlined so as not to contain 64 categories as it does now

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Hi, I would like to become a moderator for The Hobbit leaderboards, currently, iRule (the only super mod), has quit speedrunning, and TheAJJohnson has been a bit unactive recently, this leads no runs to be accepted. I would also like to add certain categories that have been discussed, but can't be added.


i would like mod in WE'RE BACK! A DINOSAUR'S STORY SERIES (or at least the 4 gameboy games in this series.. i know nothing about the snes game) Ajarmar hasn't been on this website in 3 months and he is not responding to my tweets.. the 4 gameboy titles are identical and my PB is 19:44 just not yet approved.. thank you


I will readily admit that I have never done runs of other m, but is there any problem with the current moderation? Is there something you would add or change?


Never mind. It's fine the way it is. Thanks for the reply, mobiusman.


Kenata8: That's kinda what I assumed.

socialspeedrunner: Done before I got to it.

SilenceErupts: I made the other moderator a super, so he can add moderators. There are no runs in queue.

StarvinStruthers: Added. If some change is necessary due to the titles being identical, let us know. At a glance it sounds like it might just be a sprite swap, but if they visually appear different and were released under different names they should probably all be tracked.

mobiusman/Impressivepigeon390: It looks like a post was deleted, so I'll assume there's no outstanding request.


@kirkq if runners of the other titles come along i will be able to see if there are any differences.. but from what i can tell it is just a sprite swap.. there are a couple of strats in ajarmars run i cant seem to figure out myself.. but either way.. thank you