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Hi, I would like to be a mod for the Yie Ar Kung-Fu( , since it's has a run verification, but the one and only mod for this game is inactive in speedrun community(but he has activity in twitter)


@SonyOne I pinged them on twitter and directed them to your request. Generally, if someone is active on social media though it might be best to just contact them, because usually it'll result in them just sorting out the situation.


Can I be a moderator for Jellydad Hero? There's only one moderator for that game and he hasn't been online in a year.


Hi! I would like to know if there's a possibility to collaborate with Super Mario Land moderators. Maybe be one of them, but I have to say that I've never been a moderator of any game ^^'



@Tranman64 If they're inactive, you need either a past run in the game or a currently pending one to request mod.

@SSbeatle Please ask the Super Mario World mods this, as they're active. We aren't just adding mods to games for the sake of it.

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I've requested at the same time Samurai Shodown V leaderboards and Samurai Shodown series.

Both were accepted but, for the Samurai Shodown series, you have sent me a message to request the moderator role for the series in case I want to.

Yes, I want to request the moderator.



@Maiguels Usually only large series require moderation. Samurai Shodown has two games. What would you require series moderator for?

@fepnascimento I will message you about this (also regarding the very large amount of game requests you have been making)

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@Daravae Right now there is a discord server for those fighting games speedrunning communities which don't have an own server, and Samurai Shodown has a channel in it.

I will add information to the series page, as the invitation link, or a thread if needed with more information.

At the same time I would like to add the other games of the franchise as there are some runners which have a run of a game without a leaderboard and don't know how to request it (either for ignorement of the procedure, they don't feel condifent to be a moderator, or don't have a good English level to be a person who must be in contact with the runners or answer their questions or debate about new categories, rules, etc.).

Right now I'm mod of other series, and always tried to update the information, the game of the entire series, and contact the people.

You can see my profile to see which series I moderate and what I did with them, setting up everything as soon as the leaderboards were accepted.

I'm requesting the mod to have everthing set to let new runners submit their runs, help them with all the information they require, and give them a place to join and talk if they want.

In case you finally decide to not give me the moderation role, I won't insist with that.


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@fepnascimento Per the runs that were rejected due to 'no timer', I've contacted the moderator and asked they rescind the rejections. Keep us posted here on the status of your runs.

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The current only moderator for PC Building Simulator hasn't been online in over a month, on the Discord server for the game someone has shown that they're waiting for a run to be verified and the moderator has barely spoken there recently as well.

He had mod applications open since last year and I've asked him there and over at the Discord if he'd make me a moderator for the game. He did get back to me on Discord asking me to "remind him in 7-8 hours" which I did and he still hasn't.

So I'm asking if it's possible to be added as a moderator.


@Maiguels Thanks for the arguments. Allright, that seems fine. Done.

@TheMadWasp We handled this in DM's already.

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Hi, I know there's a million problems for super mods to deal with, so I will keep it simple the best I can.

The game is this one:

And just to show I've already tried to suggest solving the issue by contacting the mod of the game here, but I got no answer:

I've talked to one of the mods of the game and he agrees with my point but only the main mod can do it. And from where I see I think he might be busy to deal with the matter now.

The point is these 2 games, are kinda different games.


It's like comparing "Resident Evil" with "Resident Evil Director's cut" for example. The damage system is different, Item placement, the speed of the cars and all.
They are totally different versions, PSP and PS2, but were put in the same leaderboard

The things mentioned alone would be a good reason to have a leaderboard for the 2 games.

But the thing that makes it unavailable for competition is that the PS2 version has an extra level to beat in story mode. So those who play on PSP will always be on top records for shorter story mode time compared to ps2. It's kinda self explanatory.
Like a Resident Evil on Wii had extra cutscenes or extra rooms, and other in Xbox has not. it would have to be in different boards for each console.

I don't want to just bull in and make a problem on something, I'm really a fan of TM series as you can check in my runs and I have recorded more runs waiting to be submitted. I know it would be better to have fixed it before runs were submitted, But I think is better to solve now than later when more people submit more and more runs, the long it takes the harder it will become.

The way I could suggest is either

- requesting a new game for PS2 only, and later when the mod of this one is back he changes it to PSP only. So both games would be in separately.
- being able to modify the boards and slipt consoles PS2 and PSP on this same game,

(Again, I know is annoying, have to erase runs already submitted... but, There are runs from 2 different games on same board, And I'm suposing that runners could just re-submit them without a problem)


Hi there. Could i be added as moderator for ?. I've submitted a run about a month ago, but the only active moderator is not submitting or rejecting my run, I can't contact him (links in profile doesn't work).Also there is two super mods with last online 3 years (fractale) and 6 month (Pinkpanther01).


@WeaponLord This is not the right thread for your request. This is a thread to request mod for a Leaderboard. Seems better to take your request to the Forums of Twisted Metal and let the moderators decide how to handle this further.

@TheQuickFox Did you reach out to any of the other moderators? Pinkpanther has some socials linked. Did you try to contact this moderator?

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@Daravae yeah, i could not pm him on discord due "recipient is only accepting direct messages from friends, or you were blocked by the recipient" so i added him to friends and waiting for respond.


@Daravae Thank you. I've had taken this to the forum as I've shown, I've created a thread on the forum, but had no response.

I think the main Mod is Crisco, he's usually online but my guess he simply ignored.

Could I have a term for example, a week or so, to try further to contact him, and insist on the thread, and then may I be put as super mod for the game? This just in case he is still absent


To add on to what @NTRG mentioned ( I tried contacting the mod myself. Their Twitch channel seems to be mostly inactive now. They have no past broadcasts at the time of writing, their last video was from over a year ago.

I also tried contacting them via Discord but I wasn't able to find them. I directly copied their username as it's written on their SRC profile and tried to find them/add them as a friend and nothing came up:

I'm aware it hasn't been the full 3 weeks yet, however I felt like I should try contacting the mod as it's my run that I'm waiting to be verified. I'm not asking to be added as a moderator to the game myself.


We have a problem when it comes to super mods and mods in the Trackmania games. There are a lot of super mods, but none of them are active. The ones who we are able to conctact are not super helpfull, and one of them didn't even understand themselfs why they became a mod/supermod for the games. When I got in contact with one of them he did not respond to my request about getting added as a mod. He just stopped responding. It seems like the original and active super mods, Alpines and Yazzo, demoted themselfs or deleted their account, but added some other runners as mods before they left.

The only active mod is RastaBobby, but he is only a mod, not a super mod. He has no problem with adding new people to help him moderate the leaderboards, but he doesn't have the power to do it. He had to make a post himself in this thread over 2 years ago (19. Dec 2016) in order to get added as a mod. His post resulted in the remaining mods getting bumped up to super mod in order to fix the problem, but they are all very inactive.

I would like to be a mod to help with adding some categories and make the leaderboard a bit cleaner. A lot of runs are missing in-game time at the moment, and I would like to fix that. Maybe the best option would be to make RastaBobby a super mod on all the games, as he is the only active mod anyway, so he could add new moderators himself?