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@Tigee_3 ask the current mods first, this forum is for last resorts.


Hi. I'd like my runs on the Metroid Prime leaderboard to be removed and prevented from replacement. I asked edzan13 and JustinDM before on Twitch to remove my runs, but nothing has been done. I made a forum post here https://www.​speedrun.​com/mp/thread/gella asking for the same thing. Nothing has happened.

Yet they continue to verify new runs (such as gdVertigo's on there now). Would somebody please do me a solid and remove my runs? They aren't linked to my account so I can do nothing.


@jack879jack879 I'll have a look

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I'm requesting to be a super mod for Fortnite: Creative. My run has been waiting to be verified for over 30 days, and i'm pretty sure other people are waiting as well.
1 of the mods has not been online for 20 days, and the other mod hasn't been online for over a month.

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@ThePigKingThePigKing did you try and reach out to Bokoblins? I have send him a message as well either way but I recommend you do so.

Edit: I already had a chat with Bokoblins and its fine to add you.

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Hi.I submit run senran kagura Burst Re:Newal.
but,i think the moderators of that game, are inactive.
・One person contacted me that I could not login to
・Another person contacted the twitter account but there was no response.
(So perhaps not active)

I would like to apply to be added as a moderator for that game.

heres the link for the game

thank you.

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@kabota1215 Who responded to you? If they are having password issues please have them send a message to Pac on Discord or Kirkq on Twitter. If they respond to you saying they aren't going to bother doing that, we'll look into this further.

@Hulnia Can you provide a direct link to the leaderboard?


Hey. I would like to become moderator of Motherload. I submitted a run for the game motherload and it seems to be that the moderators are highly inactive with the recently active mod being active 5 months ago (the other two are about 1 and 2 years since active) along with the fact that after I submitted the run I contacted all the moderators on Twitch/Discord (and one DMed on Twitter) to see if they are active to verify my run and none have replied to the message. The game link is here https://www.​speedrun.​com/Motherload/full_game

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Hi I'm trying to get my runs approved for mega man 2 the power fighters for arcade? its been over 19 days and I've tried getting in touch with the mod on both Twitter and discord and no response. The mod hasn't been on the site for about a month now so i don't know how active they are.
here is the game link https://www.​speedrun.​com/Mega_Man_2_The_Power_Fighters#Solo

edit: the mod responded and he's going to verify it


@Dangerless MLS4219 responded.He did not mention that Perhaps the password problem.


Remove flutter as a moderator from geometry dash world, hasn't been on in 5 months.

If you could super mod Jueg and I, that would be great as well.


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@Dangerless Contact Kirkq and waitting for response
However, both moderators not login for more than half a year, so I pray that no time for pending applications will remain pending for a long time

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Hi i sumit some runs from resident evil 6 im playing atm coop whit one friend, but,i think the moderators of that game, are inactive or something.
There is some way that I can be a moderator or that someone will talk to them to be more active since that is what I am running from this month. And I plan to play it in all categories.

Game link: https://www.​speedrun.​com/re6

Thanks !

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I submitted a run for Gensou Skydrift https://www.​speedrun.​com/Gensou_Skydrift last week, but the only mod's last online in this site was 6 months ago. Can you guys look into it?


Hi would it be possible to remove Foas from Need For Speed Underground 2? He has been inactive for a couple months and has had absolutely no activity on the board (no runs, fourm posts, anything) https://www.​speedrun.​com/Need_for_Speed_Underground_2


Hi there, I'd like to request being added as a moderator to Steven Universe: Save the Light https://www.​speedrun.​com/sustl

The Super Mod FLUB hasn't logged on in six months and the only way it seems possible to contact them is through twitch which I don't believe they've logged on to in a long time either. Sora is active and approves runs as they come in but doesn't run the game, and while Frog is both a mod and a runner he's been fairly busy for a few months now. The issue right now for the game isn't so much runs not being approved (Sora or Frog usually get to them within 3 days) but as of now Frog is the only mod who runs the game and we've been left for over a month with changes that we want to make to the leaderboard and category rules due to new things being discovered, and I and the other runners have come to an agreement for these things but can't make changes without a moderator to do it.

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@Otterstone_GamerOtterstone_Gamer All mods are super inactive and you have a run pending. Seems okay, added. Kindly take a look at the rules and category names more importantly. Putting "Glitched" in Any% as a category name seems very redundant since Any% Glitchless also exists on this board.

@ItsMaximumItsMaximum Seems fair game, done.

@LonneLonne This moderator has lots of social links added. Any attempt from your end to contact this moderator so the moderator can unmod him/herself?

@KoksalKoksal Moderator seems very inactive and only has one social linked. Doesn't look like he is gonna come back anytime soon. I added you. Kindly have a look at the other pending runs as well as the forum posts.

@VarldinVarldin Did you approach Sora with the request for your changes?

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@Daravae I've not asked him, no, but he's not chimed in in any of the discussion about it on the forums here so I presumed he's not really paying attention to anything there (and he also isn't in the discord)

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Hi! I'm a Super Mod for the "I Wanna Be The Guy Fangames" series ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/iwbtgfg ), and I needed a single game to be removed along with being added as a Super Mod to several games that are not currently being moderated by any of the series Super Mods. If I'm added, I can add the rest of the necessary Super Mods myself. All of the following games have moderators that are separate from the series mods which means we have no way to keep them active if people submit runs:

I Wanna QoQoQo 200 ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/I_wanna_qoqoqo_200 )
I Wanna Be The TsuTaMao ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/tsutamao )
I Wanna Be The Chokochoko ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/I_wanna_be_the_Chokochoko )
I Wanna PD Happy ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/iwpdhappy )
I Wanna Be The Air ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/I_Wanna_be_the_Air )
I Wanna Hurt The 100 Skys ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/I_wanna_hurt_the_100_skys )
I Wanna Be Well Soon ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/I_wanna_be_Well_Soon )
I Wanna QoQoQo 100 ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/I_wanna_QoQoQo100 )
I Wanna Be Beginner Friendly ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/iwbbeginnerfriendly )

And this is the game I'd like removed from the series due to not having any runners:

I Wanna Be The Biginer 3 ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/I_Wanna_Be_The_Biginer_3 )

Thank you very much! If you have any questions please lemme know because the IWBTG speedrun community is set up a bit strangely.

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Reminds me of the whole trials rissing thing from two weeks ago

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