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I'm a series mod for Nitrome games and some of the people that used to moderate games are no longer active (Qazedt, Emericus, Flapx100). A run has been pending for over a month in a game that they moderate and they haven't been online in 1-4 months. Can I be added as a moderator to the games they moderate (as I am already a series mod and a mod of many other games in the series)?
These games are:
Dirk Valentine and the Fortesss of Steam
Frost Bite
The Glassworks
Final Ninja
Fault Line


Was looking for supermod for Main mod (Jeepitou) has been inactive for a while and has been unresponsive to requests to update the leaderboard. I wouldn't mind it so much if it weren't for no response given to my request for it via the forums (this thread has been up for over a year) along with Jeepitou not being on our speedrunning Discord. Seeing as he is the only super mod, this seems to make things a bit of a hindrance.


@scoot_ Hey! Can you add me as mod to Citizens of Earth?! I've been trying to contact you forever!

It needs an update and I seem to be the only one running the game.


There's a few requests Kirk/Dangerless appeared to be sort of managing, so going to try sidestep those a bit right now as I don't wanna interfere with any kind of judgment they may have made, or interrupt any kind of communication attempt with mods they may have been waiting for/attempting.

@speedrunningiscool Whispered the current mod, I'll give them a couple days or so to reply.

@ThoseCrazyGuys This seems fine to me. I've tried to contact the current supermod in the past also about a similar situation and received no actual reply back. Removed Nacho as well, as the user has been offline for 2 years, so chances are... they aren't coming back.

@TheStalkerVal Is this also an opinion the other mods also hold? From looking at his logs I can't see that he's actually verified any runs at all, or had anything to do with the board since 2017 (logs don't go all the way back), so I'm not necessarily opposed to removing him despite the fact he was last online 25 days ago (and I presume you've tried to get this resolved yourself going by your post) but just want to verify the former is the case beforehand.

@petfriendamy Yeah the mod appears to have been online today, as can be seen here: , your run appears to have been reviewed now so I presume this is resolved? Generally if mods are active, mod requests should be sent their way, and not to us.

@Jack_Hase They were last online 2 days ago, as can be seen here: , though unsure if they were online recently at the time of your request. Have you tried whispering them?

@TransparentBlue Added Moonspod to two of the 3 games within the series, and removed Walter, who has been offline for 2 years. Regarding the other game, it appears as though MrBond is already an active mod there, so I will leave it up to him to distribute moderators for that particular title. As to not step on his toes. If there's any other concerns, feel free to reply here or tweet at me.

Regarding the Switch Board, if this is something the community would rather not exist (and be merged platform wise with another of the games) contact me or another site mod. Since it appears this was a vocal point of your first post also, and I don't believe it can be manually removed by anyone but site mods now.

@euantp Done.

@LeandroAmadeu What do you mean by you don't want his place and to add "agility"? Either way since the moderator has been inactive for 2 months and there looks to be runs pending, I am fine with this. Also fixed the name of the game, as the site has issues with allowing ō in titles.

@PeterAfro I am mostly fine with this. Cyber looks to moderate a lot of games, and this also appears to be a semi-recurring issue. That, and you have a run that's been pending for over 2 months now. So even though they're using the site, there still does look to be some inactivity in terms of handling runs to me.

@sWinTuZ_2019 ? You're supposed to submit your runs to the game.

@GinTatsu2 Since the mod appears to actively use the site, I've sent them a tweet pointing to your request. Generally in these situations if you haven't already I would suggest reaching out to them on social media.

@Peregrine The mod layout for this game seems pretty messy already. They have 1 mod that hasn't used the site for 1 month / two that haven't for 4 months, and 3/4 of them don't even look to have a run of the game. They do look to be series mods, but it's honestly redundant to me if they are if the majority of them don't even look to have ran it. I'll change up the mod situation there to better reflect active users and mods who have ran the game. Additionally, you appear to have 3 pending runs on your profile, 2 of which appear to be the same run as the one you submitted and the third seems to be an error judging by the time inputted. You should probably delete those.

@yoshifruit This board to me falls into the category of 'why does this thing even exist in the first place?'. That said, I can't tell if the submission is a joke or not. It's a 6 minute video of fails, and in the last 30 seconds or so you achieve a score of two.

@TanyaVsTheWorld Regarding Brothers in Arms, I've attempted to whisper the current mod. About MW Remastered, since you were a prior mod anyway before deleting your past account (and added by Surviv0r before, so he'd probably be fine with it), and he has been offline for a month this seems okay. There also appears to be quite a few runs in the queue.

@OctoDus They look to have added you.

@rythin I probably should have told the other mods regarding this when I decided to take a break from the site mod team, but I forgot so sorry about that. I've added you now, since I got no response in the past from the current mod.

@davidwiki8 Removed the inactive mods, both trom the series and from the games. For now will add you, Salem and dorentuz as series mods, since that creates an equal divide between all three games, I feel. With Dorentuz super modding Payday 1, you super modding Payday 2 and Salem also being a Super mod between Payday 2 and Payday 2: The Tournament. If either of them don't wish to be series mods, they are free to remove themselves. Additionally, feel free to add any you feel I missed.

@Nariom Since all 3 mods look to have been offline for at least a month (with the more active two having zero contacts methods) I have no issue with this, since you have a pending run. Added.

@conormcmahon You look to have since been added as a mod for all of the listed games.

@scoot_ Lowered Jeepitou from Super Mod and upped LucidJackal to Super Mod, since they are active on the site. So, your request should now be forwarded to them.

@Galedog Since I don't know the entire story, I've at least attempted to reach out to iReference via twitter and directed them to your post. I would at least prefer them to be aware of this situation beforehand, over removing them and them having zero clue how they were removed and who by.

@Trigger Similar to the above request, some of these mods are active on the site... have you contacted them about this at all? I know Ufotekkie is active for sure, both on here and on social media. I've lowered several of the super mods who were inactive and didn't even make sense even being there due to having no run of the game, so you're free to remove those whenever. It'd be best to try reach out to Nord/UfoTekkie though, because both of those appear to use the site regularly, and as said before if they can be made aware of it, it'd remove the issue of "I'm active, where did my mod status randomly go for X game?".

Edit: Tekkie is fine with it.

I haven't touched yours or cosmic's status because ShadowDraft is a super and can up you guys whenever, and so that duty belongs to him.

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>Regarding the Switch Board, if this is something the community would rather not exist (and be merged platform wise with another of the games) contact me or another site mod. Since it appears this was a vocal point of your first post also, and I don't believe it can be manually removed by anyone but site mods now.

Apparently the supermods are able to remove the leaderboard by themselves from what they've told me, I'll post again or let them post in case there's an issue with that.
Thank you for the help.

EDIT: @Liv Looks like the supermods were mistaken after all, so we would like to have removed since we're just gonna use the regular board.


Savage brick the super moderator on spore GA has been inactive for 3 weeks there's no point trying to contact savage brick on YouTube since they don't read there youtube comments I sent savage brick a friend request on discord a few months ago they did not notice it and I have a full game spore GA run I want approved as well as the it came from the sky individual mission run i tied the world record of in my full game run so can savage brick be removed as the spore GA moderator and I added in there place?


Yea mod someone on CoD4. I have a run on there that's still pending. Lo1ts doesn't do anything im pretty sure, owoisop is in the army according to The_VK, and Surviv0r comes by maybe like once a month.

UPDATE: ok yea i talked to surviv0r and he added me. going to start going through the queue today when i have free time (and website cooperates xd)


Hello, I've been approved with my Quickie World 2 run. But I think I've made a mistake about the information and I want to know if any moderator could adjust for me.

It's about the location of the game. I've played the EUA version, not the EUR version that was in the leaderboard.

Thanks in advance.



@PepeSama You can contact a moderator of the game to fix it for you, or resubmit the run with the correct information. The former is preferred. This is not the thread for that.

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@PepeSama I think you should you post that in the forms for that game not here. You could also resubmit the run too.


@Liv at the time I posted it, he was 3 months inactive. You might have some logs or something to look at that. Then, 3 days later, he comes online, my post not read. 3 more days after that, you saw my report and he was no longer inactive. Could I be a super mod with him or something?
Edit: What do you mean or how do you whisper? He doesn't have discord, only has youtube and twitch.


@Jack_Hase you whisper on twitch to other users, it's basically instant messaging on twitch. I think all users have a little tab at the bottom of their screens that you can use to whisper to other users. The only thing is some users do have whispers blocked if they do not follow you, so if whispering him doesn't work I'd recommend commenting on one of his videos

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Hello, the moderator for seems to have been inactive on this site for 9 months. I checked their other sites listed on their profile but they don't seem to be very active in other places either, so I was hoping I could be added as a mod.

EDIT: I should also mention that I sent a twitter DM a few days ago with no response yet, but given that their last post was on feb 14th I'm feeling like it'll take a while before I get a response

Double edit: Thanks Liv! I've been taken care of.


I am just going to bump my request for moderator on “Aim Time Trial by uLLeticaL” under the Counter-Strike series.

I would also like to bump my request for moderator under the maps created by uLLeticaL for CS:GO.


Space Channel 5 Part 2 seems a bit down so wondering if I could request Mod on it since I do plan on submitting a run myself


I wanna be a super mod in Donald Duck: Goin' Qauckers leaderboard

Actually I'm a verifier and the only super mod has lost his access to his account and is retired from speedrunning. I talked with him and he told me I should talk with somebody from the site to be moved to super mod. The reason of this is because there has been new runners and the game is active again and there're some changes that runners wanna do and also there're some new categories both Scorpi (the other verifier) and I wanna add for the game


Been checking my pending actions for days and i don't seem whens this Mod post to verified my two game runs of megaman.
I check on the moderator and his been out for 4 or 5 months which i don't know when will he come back or not.This may be a issue here..


@ShinkenX Do you think we're blind or stupid?

His last login was 1 month ago.

Have you asked him? Tried to contact him through his social media he has in his profile?

It's not your first time you're trying to lie telling a wrong last login or the date you've submitted a run.

I don't know what you pretend with those lies and behaviour (like here ), people like you shouldn't be a moderator.