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@Invive322 Removed the old moderator and replaced them with you.

@Flynntendo - Contact the Super Mod here, they appear active on twitter.

@Sopha Removed and added you as Super Mod.

@Aradije Post your problem under the Minesweeper forum of the game.

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hi so i've had a run pending for almost 3 weeks in Google Doodle Chinese New Year 2013, their are 2 moderators, 1 hasn"t been online in 3 years the other in 3 months, neither of which have any contact information

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@Dangerless thank you, thank you very much!


@Dangerless Thank you

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Hey guys can you add me as a mod for default dan the current mod hasen't responded to me on discord and was last online 4 months ago. Run was submitted 15 days ago.


Hello, Hearts of Iron 4 has a rule stating "No mods (Of ANY type,including music or graphics)," You can tell if the person has mods on by looking at the Achievements disabled icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. One of the moderators for this game "survivalMichi" has achievements disabled for his "1st place" run (Achievements should be enable no-matter the version you're playing on, Unless you're playing in 1.0.0, which the icon does not show for that version.)


@Jonnah that sounds like something you should bring up in the games forums, this should be used as a last resort


Thanks @Daravae, but I was added for Killer Instinct not the series according to my info.

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@afnannen136 Info seems accurate. Added.

@Jonnah Forward your request to the game forum first.

@Slevanas What do you require series moderator for? This seems a relatively small series. Only a handful of series are in need of actual moderation.

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I asked both moderators of game Midnight Club Los Angeles but any of them answered me.

Can you pls add me directly as admin of the game?


Hello, it has been two weeks since I submitted my Tomodachi Collection 100 Miis world record, and it still hasn’t been verified. I hate to ask again, but I believe the mods for TC are dormant, for the time being. I’d like to at least be added as a Verifier for the game.


@Daravae I personally like the games and mods left where one made me one for Killer Instinct 2013. So being series mod can be good. I have experience managing pages for the Soul, N3, and Gears of War series.


@Slevanas We prefer keeping series without moderators if the series is in no need for it. Right now, I think this series can do just fine without a moderator.

@sto1crose Done.


Hello. I would like to become moderator of CrunchBall_3000 and PinOut. I have submitted a run of both CrunchBall_3000 and PinOut 3 weeks ago and the moderator for both games is very inactive and has never responded to my Twitch DM 2 weeks ago. The other mod for PinOut has no contact info plus is very inactive as well. The link to the games is right here and

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@Daravae I did, but the only person to reply was the moderator in question, who replied with "seems like they changed it" (which they haven't,) I have found various source on youtube disproving that statement. He also goes on to say "...steam now doesnt handle it as older versions anymore. Instead they handle it as Beta now." (this is untrue,) At the time he ran the game (2018. 03. 23,) the version of the game he was running on (1.3.3, over a year old) would show as beta in steam.


I posted a run for Headhunter around a month ago that is waiting to be verified, just checked the mod and they've been inactive for a month, anything that I can do about it?

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Hi! I have posted a run for The Incredible Hulk for Snes almost a month ago and it still hasnt been verified! I have checked and the moderator for that game (RantronBomb) has been inactive for at least a month. I have tried contacting him on Twitch, Twitter and Discord with no success! I would like to apply to be added as a moderator for that game. I feel like being the WR holder for that game makes me qualified enough to moderate it.

Thank you for your consideration and heres the link for the game in question!

Have a great day.

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@Daravae You had no problems before about it prior and told me to do something about the current runs needing verification. And now doing a 180 and saying it doesn't need one is ridiculous. There should be at least one for the series. I got word someone plans to do runs for one of the older games. Sure it may not be popular like Mario or Zelda games but that doesn't mean no one should be series mod. And you even said one of them has been inactive for years. I'm pretty active and check nearly every day because of course some things may happen IRL to prevent a day. But I try to be active.

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Good night.
I am one of the runners of the game Pocahontas (Genesis) and wanted to request, if possible, the moderation of it. I needed to appeal to this post because the current moderator of the game is absent (does not respond on Twitter, does not respond on YouTube and does not respond on Discord). I know that it is necessary to wait at least 3 weeks for the race to be verified, but I believe that a faster check will encourage the riders even more so that they continue to run the game. It is very disheartening when you are in the race and there is this delay in checking, which in some cases is more than 3 weeks. I fully understand that the verification is voluntary and that the moderator in question does so when possible, but in my case I believe I would be able to do the checks in a much shorter period than the current one, especially in Pocahontas where there are few less so far, as I know some people who might be interested in running the game, and they agreed that a faster check would bring more spirits to them.
Anyway, that's it. Forgive me for the great text.

Profile of the moderator in question:


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Did you even try to contact @Ragnell56 who is a super mod for that game who i know is active and last i check online 4 hrs ago from the time of this post.
They have contacts and reachable. This forum is for last resort issues so take it up the the games mods first before coming here.