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To translate: they submitted a run today and want it verified...

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I would like to be added as a mod for the game Ape Out. The game released Thursday and I haven't seen an Any % category uploaded yet. The game is still in the state from the past 2 years when the demo released. Both current mods have not been active for at least a month with the other being out for the last 7. I'd like to grow the community around this game and keep the speedrun category as up to date as I can. I'd also like to see an up kept site where I can help others post ILs and work on full runs. Much consideration would be appreciated.


@yoshifruit You realize that Kirkq is an admin while Dangerless is a full mod, correct?

@ShinkenX You submitted your run yesterday (the 2nd), asked in the forums yesterday about the run being verified only 8 hours after posting it, and now have made three posts in here regarding what I presume is the same issue. Firstly, two of the three mods are very active; one of them was on yesterday (the 2nd) and the other on two days ago (the 1st). Secondly, moderators for a game are volunteers and this is not a job - have some patience. If you read the first post as you were supposed to you would realize that inactivity is defined as three weeks - your run has not even been submitted for 24 hours. Finally, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.


I have preserved ShinkenX's rant here for future comedy. Usually these types of users disappear all to quickly along with their hilarious posts.
"waiting..waiting..waiting ..waiting..WAITING..!!"

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Hello, sorry for my english but :

I send a run, on Resident Evil 2 ( 2019 ) . I use the glitch with 120 FPS, ONLY on the boss.
And my run 's classified on ' 60 fps ' but it's not true.
I play with 60 fps except on Boss because i stream, and i have bug when i use more FPS.

I hope you understand my bad english.
Thank you 🙂


ShinkenX: The site's games have users who volunteer to moderate for each game. They do it in their free time and we typically give them at least 3 weeks to handle run submissions. Some people might only check the site on weekends for example. Generally someone demanding moderator in the way you're currently doing would not make a very good person to put in charge of a board. If you would take a break from swearing and being angry, I think you would find that we're generally reasonable people to discuss things with.

qwerf: I tend to dislike the no game verification option (we've contemplated ways to obsolete it), and the user has low responsiveness/contactability, and games should generally have more than one mod. Given all of that together, I'm fine with adding you. Otherwise, my default answer would generally be talk to the moderator.

Boomdabah: Neither user is really around, so I'll add you.

yoshifruit: I mean that's cool and all, I was just pointing out to my fellow staff member that you and your friend were blatantly making things up to try to get mod on games you don't have runs of. Seemed problematic to me so I was just letting him know.

NeylioFR: Could you discuss this on the game forum, or talk to the moderators: I don't know enough about the game to know how they would want to list the run, otherwise I could make the change.

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Hey @kirkq I would like to apologise for my making up all that pending request I made up. Like my Brother @yoshifruit it was something with @Flutter and I was just being a moderator stealer which I shouldn't have done I'm sorry. Also next time I'll make sure I give the moderators time to see if they will verify the run.


@Habreno i was angry yesterday because i got two notifications about 2 game request been rejected cause i don't know what to do and i just gone mad but yea i'm cool with it now so what you said that i need to be patience for that matter so yes i'll okay with it waiting.

@theripper999 that's a good one but i'll delete my angry comment now lol.


@kirkq I understand thanks mate. It just i'm not doing anything right so i don't get whats the deal with this game request thing that's all.?


@kirkq let me know when there is an update about my request. Unfortunately I still haven’t even gotten a reply from the current (and only) moderator for the section I was asking for (asked on every linked social media in their profile). The +3 months absence have slightly worried me for the previous days.


Hi, I was wondering if I could be added as a moderator for Sunset Overdrive?

I have been doing runs in the community since the game was created, and it seems the current mods don't check the site too frequently (Most recent sign-in was 28 days ago). I've tried reaching out to one of the mods on Youtube, but have not yet received a response. (Most mods twitter accounts do not exist or are not recently used, and most twitch accounts have not streamed in 8+ months)

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Been waiting for the mod about 3 weeks now and i don't see verified with my new run yet .
I had been patience and i don't know when will the moderator get the message yet ?

I also send a new forum to this game that i been speedrun if anyone are interested it.

Don't know how i could be a mod to this game but this is just not easy to ask the game moderators..


Requesting to remove S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl super mod from because he doesn’t perform duties of super mod for 3 years since he submit first run and he doesn’t care about community. Attempts to solve this problem personally were not successful, because he doesn’t want to come a common decision and limited to verbal abusing.

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Hello! I was wondering if maybe I could be added as moderator for ? I submitted a run a couple of weeks ago, but the only moderator hasn't been online in over a year. I've tried contacting him on other sites with no luck. Thanks!

EDIT: Oh, he did finally reply so it's not as important now, lol.

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Hi, I would like to take over as a super mod because the mod is 3 months inactive. I don't know how I would contact them on twitch. I also have a pending run that I might have sent twice and also maybe another run. Thanks!

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I'd like to request that user LoveBot be removed as supermod from the game series, and all leaderboards therein.

This is due to his behavior within and in relation to the community since he hasn't been active inside of it for nearly 2 years, which has culminated in his recent removal/demotion of other moderators with no good justification as a completely unilateral decision. He did this because the community disagreed with him about putting the Switch release of the game on a separate leaderboard. He's behaving more like a dictator than a moderator, so the community feels he is no longer fit for the role. As the site moderation guidelines state “You are a representative of the community, not the ruler.”

The community has also compiled a history of his behavior which can be provided privately or publicly if requested, as this is not the first time he's acted on his own without consulting the community / in complete disregard of what the community wants.

In his place, I suggest instating or , since they have been the most active moderators and contributors until they were removed by him.

Thank you for your consideration.

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I am stepping down as a mod, which is why I am restoring the leaderboard to its original owner.

I also find it super uncomfortable to read things about me that is just blatantly untrue. I dont want to discuss this here, but my DM's have always been open, and ive reached out often to ppl who dont respond. Please dont spread lies about whats actually been happening. Enjoy your leaderboard. 🙂

If a site moderator needs to talk to me about my changes, please do. Would love to do so. Besides that, I have stepped down as a moderator as was the plan, and why I did moderator changes, as I didnt want to leave the board with mods I didnt feel comfortable with.


It is a good thing for us that you finally decide to step down but again it would have been great if we were made aware of it prior, our DM's have also always been open.
We also want to make sure that people and the site moderation are aware of what you have provably done in regards to our community and that this is not just a graceful stepping down on your part.

>as I didnt want to leave the board with mods I didnt feel comfortable with.
So you took it upon yourself to make such an important decision alone and not consult the community at all at any point.

EDIT: Now that LoveBot has removed himself as a supermod from the game series, and all the leaderboards contained inside and gave it to someone who hasn't been active on this site or anywhere public in several years and has no contact info that we can find I'd like once again to ask that a supermod be nominated from any of the currently active runners of the game
( , , , , )

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I don't see anything untrue about TB's post.

It's cool that you're stepping down, though. I guess this is goodbye. We appreciate what you've done for our community in the past, LB.


Anyway, as far as I know, walterx8 (the only remaining series mod) is inactive, so we will need a new series moderator at some point. MoonsPod is the most obvious choice for this. I could also do it, I guess.

Sorry about this mess.

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