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@Dangerless I just tried to contact @CommanderCH in his youtube channel, let's see if he replies, but I have no way to contact @Lavender_cobra or @mnbmnb336.


@UNICOY There are plenty of speed games rely on manipulating the IGT, and plenty of speed games that are platform agnostic (fastest run wins, regardless of platform disadvantage). There's also so few runners on that game. I really don't think anyone is intentionally ignoring you guys, just that no one cares enough to change the whole system for a single runner on what's essentially a dead board.

Have you guys tried to reach out to the mod directly on twitch or twitter to see about the run verification? @TheKombatKing manages the entire series so it's very possible he hasn't seen the notifications. The mods here usually make you do that before taking any action.


Well if that's the case, @UNICOY, you might have to get @Epica here to present this, as usually it's the person who has the runs pending that needs to post here.


The true Mortal Kombat tournament is held every generation between the South American community and the rest of the world, aka Outworld, in the secret island of forums. They must win 10 consecutive arguments in the forum to be taken seriously.

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Hey hello. Thanks UNICOY to bring this case here. UNICOY wrote all exactly as it is, so I won't repeat it all but I will do a brief explanation.

This all started when I created a Thread at the Forum of MKA Leaderboards, just pointing something out, which it's actually not fair, and it's not competitive at all among speedrunners, so when I waited for the response I started speedrunning Motor Kombat. I don't really remember the date, but I was like 2 days before I uploaded my first runs.
I got a response that you can actually follow at the Forum, by this time TKK added Kromer as a Verifier.

On January 7th of this year I uploaded my runs, It took 3 days to get verfied by Kromer, not a big issue.

After that you can see that the Thread keep getting respones not very promising.

On January 17th of this year Kromer took his world records back ,totally cool with that. Then UNICOY told to me he tried to insult me in his lenguage, so I checked and it was true.

On January 19th of this year I uploaded my wr that I took back, and when I uploaded them all, I started a new Thread claiming that a run of Kromer was bad verified, and graciously when I was messing around in the forums I saw Kromer quitting Verifier only in MKA Leaderboards (of course to not verify my WRs) and "deleted" his that was verified, but he actually didn't delete it, he tried to change the time before he left but he messed up and it looked like he tried to delete it.

A month go past. During that month TKK was getting connected (cus I check a lot to be sure what is happening) but he didn't even reply to the threads nor verfy my runs.

(I forgot to say I tried to contact TKK since the first day.)

I contact a moderator that tried to help me, I also explain the whole situation, and he contacted with TKK. Mod let me know and after some days he responded the thread about Kromer's run, not the one it's like, more important. And verfied the Arcade run of Kromer (that he uploaded half month after mine) and verified one of my six runs pending, he didn't even verified the one from Arcade which I have the WR.

Till this day I'm waiting to them to get verified and get a final response on that thread (which now I have solid proof that it is not good to use it).
I want this situation to be solve, I feel like they are trying to troll me or something, so I'm asking me to be a full-mode to change this whole non-sense.

Now, thanks for your time.

Greeting, Epica.

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Hey @Epica,

I'll admit I've grown fatigued with modding some of these games. I have some good help with the older games in the series, but I'm pretty much on my own with 5 or 6 of the later ones. I don't check the MK forums nearly as often as I used to, since we have the Discord server now. I check that almost every day, so it's a much better way to get a hold of me.

Anyway, I could really use some help ironing out the rules and approving runs in the 3D-Era MK games. I'm cool with making you a mod, as long as you join the discord server first and discuss any rule changes with us there. Here's the link:

Sorry about the tardiness my dude.

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Hi, game's moderators are inactive Is it possible to add a new moderator?


@UNICOY @Epica @TheKombatKing Just posting this here so others know and staff, this is being revolved peacefully in the discord server at this time so no need to address the situation.

@cheating I'm honestly suspicions, I find it odd that when I addressed this originally the requester had no run or anything for the game. Suddenly in just three days (via logs on the game) someone else is asking for it and has runs pending....What I'm going to do for now is postpone this for about a week, during that time I would try to reach out to them via reddit or if their steam works, attempt that as well. Sorry for the trouble here but its just off to me.

@zoNE Radioactive_Rat is active on twitter, attempt to reach out to them.

@Skriff_ITP as @Seydie mentioned, Kirkq personally handled your request on the previous page.


@Dangerless that's alright. I've tried contacting them through both, but I guess I should give the person a bit more time rather than just rush it like this. Sorry that this all seems rather suspicious to you and all, but I won't push anything due to me just being a random runner.

The reason that derp did request to become a moderator was due to me asking him. I was pretty sure he would be able to get it (knowing he's an active moderator and a moderator over the cs series in general). I didn't want to apply as a moderator myself due to me being a rather newer runner with few/no runs compared to most other people on this page. He rather messaged me to apply due to him getting rejected due to not having any current runs on the maps. I am currently actively looking at the steam notifications and twitter notifications to see if the current moderator responds.

(SIDE NOTE: If this all end up in me potentially becoming a moderator for the given section I would like a supervisor to be added as a moderator as well in order to make sure that there will be no suspicion overall and that I’ll rather seem like a trust-worthy runner and moderator rather than a suspicious one)


@Dangerless - I don't have a twitter account, could you contact her, please?


@zoNE Why are you asking to be a moderator if you're expecting other people to do the communicative legwork for you?? Just make a Twitter and contact her yourself, Twitter is the primary social media platform for most speedrunners so I have no idea why you expect to be able to be a moderator and be unable to be contacted via that platform.

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@Drakodan - Because I don't use social media like Twitter and I don't want to have the Twitter account. I avoid unnecessary accounts and ofc, I don't want to create new accounts just for this.

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Most speedrunners use twitter or discord to communicate. By not wanting either you're not just saying that you don't want to put in the work to contact mods of a certain game, but that you also don't want to be contacted by runners over issues like this very issue when the situation may occur.

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Would it be possible to be a mod of ? The existing rules are not accurate, and I would like to make them more specific.


May I get super for pac-man championship edition DX ? Tried reaching out to Kyle a bit ago through his steam a few times with no luck and his discord tag doesn’t work anymore either.


hello, XDragon, myself and Symponian46 have discussed this and decided to remove Cryze, Brotenko, and Voltrey as mods since they are inactive and currently haven't been doing anything but we have no power to do so. Would this be the place to request this or would this needed to be requested somewhere else?

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@Dangerless, @CommanderCH replied when I contacted him and already removed himself from Super Mod. However, I don't have any way to contact @Lavender_cobra or @mnbmnb336. Therefore, for the reasons I posted previously I would like them to be removed as Super Mods of Payday 2 (


@SloaTheDemon Have you asked CryZe on Twitter? He is pretty active on there.

As for the rest, could follow a similar procedure, but this is indeed the place for this sort of request


Hello, I would like to become a moderator for Netstorm: Islands At War. I have submitted many speedruns for this game, and know enough about the game to take care of it here on
There is no sign of a current moderator anywhere on social networks:
1. No Twitter account attached to profile.
2. YouTube channel has been deleted.
3. Twitch is inactive.


I am interested in becoming a Super mod for the Sonic Fan Games series ( I'm an active Super mod for Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath and run the Discord for that subseries of games. The Sonic fan gaming community is growing in size but there's no overall mod left anymore, and I fear if no-one else steps up our community will die off as it did a few years back. I intend to add further mods who would be better suited for the larger games (Sanicball, SRB2 etc.) as I would have a good idea but not the best on what to do for those games and their communities.