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@zoNE Why are you asking to be a moderator if you're expecting other people to do the communicative legwork for you?? Just make a Twitter and contact her yourself, Twitter is the primary social media platform for most speedrunners so I have no idea why you expect to be able to be a moderator and be unable to be contacted via that platform.

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@Drakodan - Because I don't use social media like Twitter and I don't want to have the Twitter account. I avoid unnecessary accounts and ofc, I don't want to create new accounts just for this.

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Most speedrunners use twitter or discord to communicate. By not wanting either you're not just saying that you don't want to put in the work to contact mods of a certain game, but that you also don't want to be contacted by runners over issues like this very issue when the situation may occur.

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Would it be possible to be a mod of ? The existing rules are not accurate, and I would like to make them more specific.


May I get super for pac-man championship edition DX ? Tried reaching out to Kyle a bit ago through his steam a few times with no luck and his discord tag doesn’t work anymore either.


hello, XDragon, myself and Symponian46 have discussed this and decided to remove Cryze, Brotenko, and Voltrey as mods since they are inactive and currently haven't been doing anything but we have no power to do so. Would this be the place to request this or would this needed to be requested somewhere else?

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@Dangerless, @CommanderCH replied when I contacted him and already removed himself from Super Mod. However, I don't have any way to contact @Lavender_cobra or @mnbmnb336. Therefore, for the reasons I posted previously I would like them to be removed as Super Mods of Payday 2 (


@SloaTheDemon Have you asked CryZe on Twitter? He is pretty active on there.

As for the rest, could follow a similar procedure, but this is indeed the place for this sort of request


Hello, I would like to become a moderator for Netstorm: Islands At War. I have submitted many speedruns for this game, and know enough about the game to take care of it here on
There is no sign of a current moderator anywhere on social networks:
1. No Twitter account attached to profile.
2. YouTube channel has been deleted.
3. Twitch is inactive.


I am interested in becoming a Super mod for the Sonic Fan Games series ( I'm an active Super mod for Sonic Before the Sequel Aftermath and run the Discord for that subseries of games. The Sonic fan gaming community is growing in size but there's no overall mod left anymore, and I fear if no-one else steps up our community will die off as it did a few years back. I intend to add further mods who would be better suited for the larger games (Sanicball, SRB2 etc.) as I would have a good idea but not the best on what to do for those games and their communities.


@Riekelt I pm'd Cryze on Twitter in September, didn't get an answer.
I couldn't contact Voltrey on Twitter (something something phone number vericifaction?), but he should be in the Discord by now.
Totally forgot that supermods can remove themselves tbh. Guess we'll send some pms.


Wait. I meant a different game but I fixed it now. Thanks @Cuttyflame for the correction


He's not inactive - last on Feb 25th 2019.
Note that it's a requirement if you want to take over as mod or submit a game. It's not retroactively enforced.

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  [user deleted]

Requesting mod for
MichaelAldrich does not have Twitch, Twitter, inactive on youtube, and last log on for this site was 3 months. Thank you for your time.


I would like to mod for hitman (2016)


Hi, I've requested the Battle Arena Toshinden series and two BAT games.

You gave me the moderator role in both games (as it was expected and it's already configured and with uploaded runs), but I don't have the moderator role for the series:



cheating: Still going to wait on this. I didn't read everything, so we can look at it next pass.

zoNE: I'll go ahead and just add you since the users are highly inactive and you have a long-pending run. (I also find the site not having PMs to be a pile of garbage, but that's probably beside the point at the moment.)

T1redMonkey: The mods are active, please discuss it with them. I bumped one of them up to super mod.

Tron_Javolta: Bumped you up

SloaTheDemon: This seems fine based on their activity/relative consensus.

davidwiki8: The users are excessively inactive, so I'm fine with making this change.

MegaVortex: Mod has been inactive a while and you have a lot of approved runs, ok.

TheGreenViper8: In general series don't necessarily require mods, since games can be requested through the game request form. Is there some consensus between some of the mods of those games? We could look into this more, but right now you're essentially nominating yourself. We'd like some consensus by other moderators if they think this is a good idea.

yoshifruit/Otterstone_Gamer: I'm not adding you guys to games you don't have runs of. From my perspective you were making things up last request to try to convince us to mod you on more things.

Rayquaza911: Generally we wouldn't retroactively enforce, but in this specific case I think it's beneficial to have another moderator since there is only one with no socials and you already mod a bunch of NES games.

boundingrey: I'll add you for the specific game you have a run of for now.

Léone: Mods are highly inactive, okay.

Exgert: Please discuss it with the existing moderators, they are active.

Maiguels: Got it thanks. There was a bug when adding a series with the same name as a game and I apparently didn't fix everything.

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if i can't help with damn request game run bullshit then let me become a Moderator ! Look i wasn't that happy for i got those Notifications from today... If i won't used the game request thing then i want to be a moderator.!!

Cause you know want i learn my lesson never used submit game request again !!


But how am i post become a Moderator.? well i for one don't know so i think moderators are kinda lazy because this is a waste of time and they don't realty sent you a reply or anything, i mean i got my run by a Mod from the leaderboard once but then after that nothing happened when i check my Notifications..! If i was Moderator i would help anyone out but right now its just waiting my time and i think using that so called game request doesn't help no FUCKEN BULLSHIT.!! ?

I'm just so angry now but they should ask my help about this from my gmail so yea that's all i have to say thank you.?