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@Dangerless Yes, he is really the only one who checked the runs (manhunt 1). I communicate with him in the steam, I think it is a good idea to give him a super mod, we have long wanted to change everything there


I know i just submitted my run, but the moderator of this game
haven't been online since october 2018. No social media to contact him and his last stream was from 1 years ago.

I don't mind getting the moderation, but if possible, i'd prefer that someone else get it like TheVirusMaster or flower since they know more about the game then i do.

Thanks in advance, whatever the final decision is


@Dangerless How long will it take for these changes to show up? I'm still seeing callum2001 as the sole moderator of the leaderboard.


@SlushPuppy It should be right away, I just double checked and fixed it. Sorry about that.


@Dangerless Im still showing as a regular mod for Dawn of War III, not sure why, thank you for adding me to Slalom Canoe


The mod for Caveblazers hasn't been active for ~3 months, and I submitted a run more than 2 weeks ago with no response.


@Dangerless what is the situation for styx master of shadows?


The single moderator for Balloon Fight on the NES is inactive, my run hasn't been approved in 2 months.


@Dangerless I'm fine to be super mod with Shark Gang for Manhunt series.

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Hello, Good Night! I love this game series and always want to run the God of War I, II, PSP. I have posted some demo runs are taking a long time to be verified, one of them is the i long run, easy glitchless. I've been waiting for this run for 14 days. II tried to communicate with the mods of God of War, Ragnellgow and Speedmarty, but i had no answer from both.The game has 6 active mods, i could be a moderator to avoid these types of problems for me?

Usually period thats treated as like inactive is 21 days for user, and like 14+ days on runs is when they're classed as overdue and such

The image of contact and run below, thanks, GustavoPredador

God of War Speedruns Discord:


@T1M Also appears they have no contacts, I've added you as mod to the board.

@Lu-I They still have about three days.

@NotKain I'm a little iffy, I feel I will add you to the board but I will keep the current mod on there since they've maintained the board for as long as they have for the time being.

@Veekron I've made the changes.

@Gustavo.Predador four of five of the mods are active, attempt to reach out to all of them if you have to using their linked social media.


Kane and Lynch 2's only moderator has been offline for a month and my run has been waiting unapproved for 2 weeks. Hoping to either have myself or mattmatt (who seems to login daily and is the current record holder) placed as mod so it can be looked at


@Dangerless it has now been 28 days for the Shadow of Mordor mod and he still has not responded to any of messages or anything.


I would like to take on moderation for the Azure dreams (psx) we now have more member than ever and the mods haven't logged in 3 years. I poked them without Success. Thanks in advance for your time ^^


I'd like to request to be a mod/supermod for Mort the Chicken. The game currently has only one mod who hasn't logged on to this site in almost a year and he hasn't posted anything on Twitter in the last ~6 months. I've also sent a friend request on Discord in an attempt to contact him and have not received a response.


@Spookems I've added you to the board.

@Sand_Knight_ I've added you to the board.

@Joester98 And I've also added you to that bard.


The only run for Citizens of Earth by Andrew Larareo from 2015 is not mine.

Due to version updates my runs are in a different category and the current moderator Scoot_ cannot be contacted to add new categories or get approval.

Can I please be added as Moderator so I can organize the page and post guides I've been working on?



This morning, the master of shadows styx connected for a few seconds. Unfortunately, he did not answer any of my messages


@GinTatsu2 Mod has only been inactive for a few days, you don't seem to have a run pending nor have you made a thread under the game. Have you tried to whisper to the user on twitch? This thread is for a last resort and at this time I will not fulfill your request.

@Lu-I Acefrog came online and verified runs, I currently do not think there is still a problem. Although I am keeping a watch on this.