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The mods for Cartoon Network Punch Explosion XL haven't logged in for almost a year, can i be mod since i'm active in the game?


The mod for The U.S.: 50 States - Map Quiz Game has been inactive for nearly 3 weeks, I've reached out to get in contact with them and got nothing.


Mod for Risen still inactive can you add me as a mod or verify my run?


Hey everyone, just letting you guys know, ive been running silver (infogrames) and beat the current wr that was obtain by the mod of the same game: The Gons, the problème is, he is not active since 5 month and i couldnt contact him even through his twitch acc that is innactive for about same period of time btw. so I would be glad to attend as mod for the game, and see my time uploaded too ^^
here is vidéo linked:
and hope someone see my comment.


@Mithyy Mod hasn't replied/verified your run after several days, so added.

@eljesT Please attempt to contact the mod prior, as they haven't yet gone past the 21 day limit which we class as inactivity: , if your run sits for upwards of 21 days then I'll contact the mod personally, and after then we can consider shifting the moderators around a bit.

@NinjastarReviews Since both mods have been inactive for 11+ months, and you have pending runs, added.

@mynameisAndy Tweeted at the mod notifying them there are runs which have been pending for 21 days, I'll give them a couple days to respond and/or verify your runs. If they do not, I can add you.

@OvershotTae13 The mod was last online today: and appears to have since verified your run.

@Everran Since you have a pending run and the current mod has been offline for close to 6 months, added.


Morning! I got a run in Ninja Combat, but Kobe hasn't been on in a while. Asked him on Twitter last week, but to no avail, seeing how he's not into speedrunning anymore. Could I get a promotion on there? I know some improvements I can do on the boards.


@Riekelt Ok, since you have two runs pending for almost 3 weeks and appear to have contacted them almost a week ago with no response, added.

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Currently I'm waiting to get my Disparity Bad Ending run verified for the past 2 weeks. But it seems that the only Moderator, Pathermon, has been inactive for awhile.
The last (Full Game) run he had was from over a Year Ago.
His last video was from 11 Months Ago.

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Moderator of this game hasnt logged in for 25 days and my run is still pending


I have a bunch of IL runs awaiting verification and the only moderator hasn't been online for over 27 days.
Also tried to contact the moderator via twitter DM the day i submitted, because i saw that he was already offline for a while, but have not gotten a response until now.

edit: nvm got active after i wrote this


Hi, my case is... weird to explain
I'm one of the three Super Mods of League of Evil leaderboard ( ) but I'm the only one active.
Blackbeltboi doesn't connected from 6 month, and the other one one month only but didn't do anything as far as I know.
I did a lot of modifications since I'm Mod, and I'm affraid than one of those come back and mess up everything I done...
What should I do ?


Can I moderater for Be Crushed By A Speeding Wall (Link at the top of this post.) I own a WR in it (NG+ at 7 seconds.) One of the mods are inactive (Haven't logged on since July 2017) and there is only one active mod.


Please make me a supermod for Mickey's Speedway USA (GBC) - There are pending runs from 22 days ago, and I have contacted the current mods via the forums and Youtube (they do not have any contact information provided, but I left comments on videos of their posted runs). Somehow, there is no current supermod. I already moderate the N64 game.


There is no longer a moderator for this GB game - I can take over modding this game, as I am practicing runs of this game currently. THanks!


Hi, I would like to be moderator for

It's a meme game and I think the mods are busy/lost and nowhere to be found. I have world record in the Any% category (although it still pending).

Many thanks!


@L-Roy , @Cyberdemon531 is active and has contacts use them if needed.
If the run was submitted less then a a week or 2 ago give it some time to be reviewed.
This thread is a last resort if mods are inactive past 3 weeks or longer.


There is a moderation issue with the overwatch category extensions. A month ago a new map was added to the game. I posted in the fourms trying to figure out how the category could be adjusted to take into account this new map. One month later, I contacted the head super mod directly. He responded initially, however after explaining the events, he has yet to respond or change anything. It has been about 5 weeks since the forum post and 5 days since personal contact and the issue has still yet to be fixed.

This is the forum post:

The main category of this game has also yet to be adjusted for the addition of the new hero on the Practice range category, however this was just added yesterday and this is less of an issue than the one that has been outstanding for over a month now. I'm not sure what to do or how this could be fixed, but this is clearly the result of a moderation issue and no one is even willing to discuss this with me at this point. I would be fine with being promoted to a moderator, however I am ambivalent as to what the solution is as long as it is fixed.


@mynameisAndy The mod has since verified your run. They seem rather active on twitter, would be best to contact them there for any further inquiries on anything.

@GordonBoxman Since it appears the current mod has been offline for 3 months, has no contact methods and you have a run pending, added.

@GameShark Attempted to contact the current mod via Youtube. If they don't reach our in the next couple of days, I will add you, considering they don't appear to run the game additionally.

@Eidgod Seems this issue was rectified.

@KikooDX I wouldn't see any cause for concern with this. I'd just try to reach out to Sparsie via social media (Blackbeltboi could probably be removed since they've been inactive for a rather lengthy period but it'd still probably be better to decide this collectively as mods) and inform them of what you've done. He hasn't been too inactive yet, perhaps just busy.

@KyleMKW There is one active super mod, so ask them. If they're in need of new mods, then they'll add some.

@meauxdal I've tweeted at Jefestrefe since they're active on twitter and informed them of the pending runs. Also upped them to super mod since they're the only current mod with contact methods. If the runs aren't handled in several days, I'll look at adding you to assist with the runs, since all of them appear to be close to 3 weeks pending.

@pianistman I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here run wise due to there being no current mod at all for the game.

@L-Roy Try contact Cyberdemon, they aren't inactive. I've appointed them Super Mod of that also, due to the prior super mod being inactive for a 1 year +. 1 day definitely isn't a wait long enough to be requesting mod for a game.

@WindexTheGr8 I'll ping Gamebrain regarding this.

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@meauxdal done, try twitter on another occasion, I'm more active there 😃

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