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Rubberduckyassassin3: There's not a requirement for most series games to inherit series moderators. Some communities have larger more integrated communities and choose to model it this way, but it's not something we're going to enforce for loosely associated games that just happen to be put into the same series. (Assuming we're still talking about Mario Super Sluggers: All 3 users moderating that game have been online in the last week.)

Augora: Try contacting the current moderator, they appear active based on login date, and I don't see any runs in queue.

RobotCrocodilz: I had removed you from a couple games manually case by case largely on the basis that you had requested a bunch of games and not added any runs for them. Admittedly much of this was before game request guidelines were more specific about linking/adding a run. From a user perspective, you're still basically sitting on 10 or 20 games you don't run and haven't even added a run for, which has the effect of holding them from other users who could request them. Adding a game cover is pretty basic effort, and themes aren't required. (Looking back the themes issue I mentioned a while back was possibly the other guy moderating that game, it's been a while so I can't recall all the specifics. I think I was assuming you guys knew each other, which might have been a bad assumption on my part.) Super moderators can no longer remove super moderators as of a few months ago.

Not making changes to DK moderation at this time. I really do recommend involving multiple people with games/series moderation in general though, because it increases the likelihood that user consensus is met. We also have series with large amounts of games that don't have series moderators in some cases.


I'd like to moderate the game Mini Metro. I have a couple of runs for it currently unverified because the only moderator (DuongC) hasn't been online on this site in about a month, and my attempts to contact him haven't been answered.


Hello! I am currently running most of the Prince of Persia series among other things and got a problem with one of the games Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. The supermod Bl has not been online for six mounths and the game has been set to Series moderators have power here "no" so no one besides him has supermod powers for the game. I would like to have mod status for the game since I am the only activ runner for both any% and All powers. Tocaloni1 the supermod for the prince of persia series wants to make me moderator but he has no power.

I know there are like 3 or 4 pending submissions and I just got the number 2 time, thanks 🙂


TwoGood, contact the mod on twitter first 🙄


@SkiCrazedTeddy he's not a bad person and he got banned from twitch for dumb reasons, anyone can get banned if children mass report you

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lol you can verify runs easily, and he is a known racist? Known by who?


Imagine being so mad at someone else being a mod for a game you run that you call them a dangerous, terrible person

Crash runners smfh

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not sure if Ski is a bot or just mad cos bad

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skicrazedteddy is a known autist, and therefore cannot handle being a moderator :^)

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As someone who has been following Kollin for a long ass time I have no clue what the racist claims are about, and on the other hand Teddy has no room to call out/shit talk anyone, just my honest imo.

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Wow, ok, I guess I have to respond to this.

First of all, I want to clear up a couple things. My Twitch ban was a result of a mass report. I have full confidence I will be getting my account back soon. Also, the ban does not hinder me from viewing VODs on this site.

Second of all, "known racist." Jesus Christ, I have literally no idea where that came from. That is just a downright lie, and you know that, SkiCrazedTeddy.

Your attempts to defame me because of personal grudge is not going to work, SkiCrazedTeddy. I was one of the very first moderators on this website when GFC_ and I contacted Pac about adding Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories to the site. It was probably one of the first 15-20 games added to the site. Pretty incredible to say I was a part of that, knowing that there is thousands of games on the site now. I've since stepped down from my moderator position on that game, but I've been told I can have it back whenever I want. Pac and I have always had a great relationship, and I know he will have my back.

Lastly, I'd like to say this from as friendly of a place as possible. SkiCrazedTeddy, shitposting all the forums in a tirade is not going to help your case. To be blunt, you just end up looking like an idiot.

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And here we see the Crash speedrunners in their natural habitat. Fueled by their dreams of power. Too bad one of them suffer from autism and therefore can only see the world in his own deluded vision, oh and then there's all the other retards. 🙂

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Could you guys please not use this thread for these kind of discussion.
If it really is a problem contact one of the admins/full mods of the site and they will help sorting this out.
This is a last resort thread for moderation issues.
Also SkiCrazedTeddy please don't accuse people of something they would have done and then 3 minutes later post that you did it yourself.

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I think we all need to just calm down and FrankerZ

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Hey Teddy, I'd just like to know, how are you able to call someone out on being racist? Someone who I have never witnessed being racist ever, while you have used racial stereotypes as evidenced in one of the stupid messages you've said on Twitch shown here.

I've never seen you say anything logical in Twitch chat, or really anywhere, what the hell makes you think you can dictate who is an isn't mod? You're in no place to speak.

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honestly i believe that my boy @SKICRAZEDTEDDY is right and everyone else should be removed as mod so he can moderate the whole series to be quite frank....

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