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Hello. I submitted a run for Aerobiz a little over a month ago. There are two mods for the board, one of whom hasn't been on for over a year. I reached out to the other moderator (inactive for a few weeks now) via Twitter after about four weeks, but haven't heard back.



Hello dear Admins,

I want to request Mod Status, or Super Mod Status on the Gundam Series.
Here are some reason's why i request that:

- the Gundam Series seems like a dead series, but it's really not. More people need to pick it up and ARE picking it up, because there are a lot of people loving the games
- the current Mods are not active enough. I look into SRcom every 1-2 days to check for updates, the forums, etc.
- I'm the most active runner, when it comes to those kind of games. there are more to add, and i could improve to growth of the games by just adding them more quickly instead of waiting 2-3 weeks for approval.
- i have a huge knowledge over all kinds of gundam games. this is from its early days, to this day. I played almost every single game there is. i know how mechanics work and how to verify a certain "new game" to the leaderboards.

Please consider adding me, since the current mods, may have 1-2 runs over all on ONE game, while i'm trying to improve and spread all the games for speedrunning and being an active runner and mod on all games i submitted. 🙂
Thank you a lot !

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^ PandaBURRR, ask the current mods for that. Admins generally aren't supposed to add moderators just because you run it. This thread is for inactive moderators.

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@Nuetrino in regards to MX Superfly for GCN featuring Ricky Carmichael- please add all the levels in the game to the "Level's Leaderboard." There are some runs I want to submit for levels that are not up.


Hello, I would like to request supermod for Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu
I have submitted a run just a few days ago, but after looking at the current mod I noticed that he hasn't been online for 7 months and chances are that this wont change any time soon. Also he has no way of contacting him. Someone asked in the games forum to get mod but he hasn't responded to this request either. Finally the mod hasn't added any rules for the game.


Want to be supermod of I have had a run pending for a month.

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Can I become the moderator of ROBLOX escape construction site obby? I should be the moderator of this as I am the only person on this site that knows about the game and the current moderator has not verified my run yet and it`s been a month. I know a lot about the game from speedruning it and I can be a trustworthy mod. LINK

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Thank you very much @Kid_Gamer for this advice ! Will do 🙂


Requesting to be added as moderator to the California Games Series and I have a new category and a new run I would like to submit, but the current mod has not been active here or Twitch for over a year.


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@Radioactive_Man Generally series do not need moderators. In addition, that moderator was last online 7 minutes ago, so ask them. -

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Requesting to get a Supermod for

The current supermod is inactive and there is only one other mod, which has not much time.

thanks for answer

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My run of Cv1 is not Verified since 6 days & I hope that my run have no problem

Please contact me so my run have a mistake or is not legit beacause I try to reach Sub12 & I hope that not do this for nothing

Ps: I run actually CV1 on my Powerpak because my cartridge Freeze sometime in the 2 last stages...unfortunately

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@Vidtendo that would probably be best to post in the CV1 forums, either that or asking in the discord about it. here is the discord -


@Vidtendo I'm the mod for CV1 I got a pile of runs to verify surprisingly and I recently reformatted so I have to install a few programs and I'll get back to verifying. I frame count all runs so I'll get to it within the next day or so

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"The current supermod is inactive and there is only one other mod, which has not much time."

If there is one mod who is active, they can promote you to mod or verifier if they need help. Going behind their back to site staff to get them to promote you isn't the way this works (read the first post in this topic). Also, they were online 15 days ago, and 1 day ago, respectively. Neither qualifies as inactive.
Do you have a run pending for more than 3 weeks? If so, then the mods might need a kick in the pants. Both have social media links through which you should contact them.

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@Bimj well if he's not inactive. Why don't you just ask him?


There might just be a reason for that... but either way, you should add your discord to your profile.

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@6oliath so, how do we do with Acefrog and Styx: Shards of Darkness (and Master of Shadows, since he also moderates there as well) moderating?

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acefrog is inactive on all platforms. he does not even check the Run. some even no video

Styx master Of shadows!

all moderators are inactive

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@6oliath yea i had 2 runs waitin for verify for like 6-8weeks. it was fine to me because i had the WR already. but i dont know if there were other people that request runs too.... asked supermod on social media too. now the other mod is supermod as well... thats just what i wanted.

thanks we're fine now