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Hi there, unfortunately the game series of Colin McRae Rally does not have a series moderator after looking at it recently and I would like to take on the role of series manager along with a fellow runner (Josef733)
If this could somehow be sorted out it means we can sort out a few things in the series, such as adding different versions of some of the games and adding some of the newer games when they come out 🙂


@Tohelot I know Acefrog, l will ask him to get in touch with you if I can reach him.

Keep in mind that
1. The mod has no obligation to create a new category just because you ask for it, and
2. It's good practice to record a run of the category you want before trying to get a category for it.

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The Game Dev Tycoon leaderboard only has 1 active moderator, but no Super Mod. I requested a while ago if it would be possible to become a mod on the game's forums and didn't get a reply from any moderator. I only learned later that Regular Mods cannot add new mods so I'm requesting if it would be possible for me to be a Super Mod for that leaderboard, also possibly remove the inactive ones since the game has like 5 moderators and 3 of them haven't been online in ages.

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@thebpg13 Added you to the series.

@TheMadWasp Added you as a regular moderator, removed the inactive moderators and moved the existing regular mod to super mod.

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@Bokoblins Thank you!


@6oliath I am aware of that, and I do have recorded run for that category. It has been sitting on my youtube channel for a month now, waiting for Acefrog to create it.
Here is the run:


I can't reach him so far. 😕


Hi, i am a Highscore runner for: White Tiles 4: Piano Master 2

The current moderators are inactive and ignoring the game. Several forum topics have been created for asking for mod, adding new categories,(since the game has been updated several times) but until now there was 0 response from any of the 2 moderators. The moderator "moose_hockey" is inactive for 2 months and The Super Mod "ChocolateTheGaming" is not inactive but never replies to Mod Applications or New Categories applications and also refuses to accept 30 days+ old submitted runs.

For last, there is evidence for hacked runs and also they refuse to give us any response or deleting the runs.


Hey! The lone mod for the game Victoria 2 ( has become inactive as of late and I have a run that's been pending for a little over a month and a half. I was wondering if I could get mod to have at least one active mod for the game should anyone want to run it. I would also like to add more categories to the leaderboards as the people in the forums asked about a year ago but none have been added.

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Just requesting supermod for the game sheppard software geography ( ) as the current super mod has gone inactive, and even claims to be retired. Hoping that as one of the two remaining active mods in the game that I would be able to receive supermod so that I can make some of the other mods into supermods as well. Attaching some messages from the discord about the current supermod howell going inactive. Cheers.


Hi! I've been a moderator for "TTR" for almost 3 years, and was the first to create categories for the game. Coming up until then we have gotten a lot of community feedback to make the games more fair, as online personas and amount of players give runners an unfair advantage.
I would like to standardize runs for Toontown Rewritten as well as Toontown Corporate Clash, both similar games with different storylines, but rules should and can be applied to both as standards.

I'm already a moderator in TTR, but request to have supermod as the current supermod has not actively posted within a year for TTR, nor has done runs of their own.
For Corporate Clash I will need Supermod as well, as this category is empty and needs a total rework
* I have a new account as I go by a new name on twitch, and request that both of these are applied to user "foxotic" please



Replying here just to confirm the correct account and that I am the owner of ChrisCampbll


I was moderated in this game, but I mistakenly deleted the authority.
I only ran this game so I'd like "Super".
I do not know other people and videos that run.
Thank you.

Now, the person who is Moderated is my acquaintance, Moderated of another game.
I contacted this Moderated, but he is "Regular".


Hi. I would like to become a super mod for
So the super mod in this game was last online a month ago. The mod seems to be active though. @ConnorhalcrowYT is the super mod that is inactive.
I also have a pending run but the mod might verify it before you see this.

Thanks 😃


I need mod for mod has not been active for a long time and i need to add categories i have done runs for.

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I'm back to ask for moderator to Stacking ( ). BubblesDelFuego has told me to ask for it ( ), and the other two moderators haven't been on the site in three years.

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This request is for

Hello, I tried to contact the moderators of this game for discussion.

it does not respond to any message on the entire platform (Twitch, Youtube, Forum,)
The moderator does not check the run and some record not even video.

I wish I could take this community and do something new. I created a guide on this game that has never been done. I would like to create a new category. The moderator of Styx refuses to create categories for the console. we lost runners
I would like to create a discord for the community

I am motivated to create guides in several languages ​​and new categories. I want to take care of this community


Hello, me and my sister submitted a google pacman 2 player 2 weeks ago at
The mod has been inactive for a month, their twitter has been suspended, there's no videos on their yt, or an email to message them, and their twitch is also inactive.

I've sent them a twitch whisper, but I doubt it will do anything.


Hey, request is for:

I've submitted over the hedge cheat% runs close to 2 months ago and nothing has been done so far, cant see the mods contact details and they haven't been active for months.


My request is for:
I've submitted a run 8 months ago and is still pending, also both mod are offline since 1 year.