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I would like Mod for FrostRunner. Current mod gets very uptight when asked about adding more mods and just seems slightly power hungry. He's been mod of at least 5 other games. Some games he's the only mod. It really just looks like if he's the only Mod for a game it'll stay that way. He claims that he's verifying twice a day and that should be enough. But yesterday or 2 days ago or whenever the leaderboards weren't updated for like 16 hrs and like 50 submissions were updated at once when he got on. And on top of that I really believe twice a day isn't enough. FrostRunner is a very new game with high submission count. The discord is growing fast and this game is front page of most active runners and it needs more mods. There is a 2nd mod (sebban) but he doesnt seem to verify that many submissions. I also think he has mod just because he's been friends with losi for awhile (kind of assuming they're friends based on how they talk on discord and they've both speedran some other games together).


@bdiggles it sounds like the mod I question has the board under control. As long as the runs are being verified in a timely manner, and the mod isn’t abusing their power in any way, then there’s no need for more mods. A mod isn’t considered inactive unless it’s been 2-3 weeks without them doing anything and since the mod you mentioned logs on and verifies runs almost daily, they are far from inactive.

My guess would be that if you’re constantly asking them for mod when they don’t need it, they’re getting irritated with it. Also, you can’t use this thread to go around the current mods to get yourself mod if they don’t want to give it to you. This is a last resort thread when the mods of a game are inactive, not a place to go behind their backs to get yourself promoted.

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Originally posted by bdigglesthe leaderboards weren't updated for like 16 hrs... I really believe twice a day isn't enough

Lol. Twice a day is far more than enough. Remember that moderators are volunteers verifying (in this case, fairly short) runs in their free time. You should be grateful that they're verifying runs every single day (most leaderboards don't even get that much), never mind multiple times a day. If they start falling behind in the queue (like really behind, not just a day or two) then they should consider adding more moderators (and if they still refuse to, then there's a problem), but it sounds like they're on top of things right now and they're putting in far more than a reasonable amount of time/effort.

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Hi, I have had a few runs waiting to be verified for smb special for months (one of them the WR). I know others have as well. The mods are simply not around. Hoping I could be added as mod.


Hi, I would like to be a super mod on
There is only one mod and he/she has been inactive for 1 month.
I have a pending run also and I play the game
Could I become a super mod and could you remove @Flutter?


I would like to mod for the sonic fan game series

The only mod, blazethecat, has been inactive for 9 monthes, and im sure there have been lots of runs not accepted between that time. I am always active and will have a co mod in case something happens.

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Series pages do not get run submissions and it looks like theyre just moderator of the series page


@Tron_Javolta yeah thats true but there what abour game submissions?


Game submits should go through the game request form.

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Hello, I would like to be added as super mod for the game Reap : . The current super mod as been offline for 3 months and there is no way to contact him, since he deleted his twitch account (previously the only way to contact him). Thank you


I was hoping maybe me and a friend could mod sonic fan game series due to the OG mod being gone for so long, and we hope this will help increase game requests


@Habreno sometimes when requesting a fan game, for example undertale fan games, theres a forum post to request it and stuff like that

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Heyy so a game (Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA) I somewhat used to run (although when I have my laptop back I'll be running it full on again, which is this week, yay!) has a little problem. At some point I deleted my old account along with all my old runs (user 15587) so I lost moderation on that game, which didn't really bother me.

But now, when submitting an old run from September (because it's the only run of mine that actually has video atm because, again deleted old account with all my runs - including video. Except one but that's a different story ty demolition for backup lol), it turns out that Joe's account was lost. So basically, the game is left with no moderators. A little annoying because, well, yeah. So I wanted to ask if I could have moderator (I have more than enough knowledge of this game honestly so) OR if in general someone else can have moderator to that game?

Thanks in advance!

(Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA, again)

Small proof I used to run the game: User 15587 on Mario & Luigi Dream Team has multiple guides which wasn't deleted, and I'm associated with that account and my current account does have a run there, I guess. Currently a run waiting for approval for dkc2gba, in the guides you do have a guide again with the user 15587. I guess you could link the two and this way check it's me, I guess? Unless you also have databases and such from old stuff lol.

Rant rant rant.


Hey, I'm currently the only mod for the game Coraline ( The former admin who created the category made me a mod and then ditched, so I'm stuck as the only mod on this game with no admins. Thing is, regular mods don't get full edit powers over categories/etc., which makes it difficult when I want to update some of the leaderboards. If someone could help me fix this I'd appreciate it - I want to get back into running the game, but there are several changes to the leaderboards that need to be made and which I can't make. 😕


Hey All,

Magicka 2. There is only one mod and he hasn't been active for about a year. There are a couple of people that have picked up the game and started optimising it. I've uploaded tutorials and some splits and such but can't do much more. Wondering if I can get a mod status so we can get that game up and running again (I'm current WR holder, but if there is someone active and more experienced at modding then happy for them to do it instead).


Hi all, moderator of "Stranded II" game are inactive about 1 year. I have speedrun for this game but i cant upload it because moderator always inactive. Rules too raw and i want edit it. So, can i be the moderator of this game. I never go offline for a long time with a maximum of 3-4 days

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Hello! I would like to request either a moderator to come to the leaderboards as the most recent Moderator has been online last 7 months ago, and it seems his social contact-links are dead, or to become a moderator of those leaderboards.

I have a run waiting for approval there, too.

Edit: Thank you kindly. I will take care of this little, tiny game. 🙂


Liv asked to leave site staff last week, so please don't bother her with site requests going forward. We may start looking for a few additional people to help out again soon.

PandaBURRR: It looks like the user has been responding on the game's forums since your post.

GamingLand: Removed

Guerriero1: The mod is inactive, okay.

Droogie4Ever: The mod is inactive, okay.

CoopeZz: Mods are inactive, okay.

Tohelot: It looks like your run was added.

robthegamer115: I removed the other mods due to inactivity. I'd recommend adding 1 or 2 people if they're available.

Panjandrm: User didn't set up page, so go for it.

Remix227: I'd recommend discussing with the active moderators. I removed one that was very inactive and bumped the rest up to supers.

Kromer: User is inactive, I bumped you up.

TyPL4YZ: Generally popular games want moderators that are well-known to their communities.

ü: We got pretty far behind. It's still pretty far behind, but it looks like yours was handled.

frkypnt: Added due to inactivity.

alexproctor55: I deleted it.

hyo24: Run has been pending a while so I added you.

ShadowCyberpunk: Would probably want someone with a run to replace or someone who runs a lot of NES games, if they want to post here.

MattHazelnut: The mod is inactive, okay.

RibShark: Thanks, got it

bdiggles: I would recommend posting a thread on the game's forum discussing adding one or two mods, and runners trying to form a consensus on who they want added. I don't think the turnaround in this case is too bad, but i do think the board is active enough it could probably use a couple more people.

xeroxfiend: Mods inactive, run pending, okay

Jack_Hase: Mod is somewhat inactive and you have a bunch of runs on similar games, okay.

bluerapids12/TailsProYT: If someone who mods a bunch of those fangames wants mod, I could add them. Series don't strongly need any moderators though. Also those game requests can go through the site game request form.

Racoonix: Mod inactive, okay

Snodeca: Seems to line up. If Joe doesn't have his e-mail, he can contact me to sort that out.

Woodswolf: Bumped you up. I thought regular mods could do everything a super mod could do except add/remove moderators. If that has changed could someone remind me?

SGA: Added due to inactivity.

ExplodingHE: Please link or submit a run done by you, and I can probably add you.

DeathPancake: I removed some highly inactive mods. Please discuss it with the active moderator.

Huntylicious: Run pending, mods inactive, added.

Let me know if I missed anyone.

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Non supers have the same privileges aside from adding or removing mods.

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@kirkq Unfortunately the category I asked hasn't been added (that category would be New Game+). And the mod in question Acefrog has actually been online in discord, but when I dm him, he didn't respond me in any way, so he's been inactive for couple of months now. That's why I was asking that could I be mod at Styx: Shards of Darkness.