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Hi, I am already a moderator for Rugrats: Royal Ransom ( ) and would like all other mods to be removed, as none of them have been active on the game for over a year, and 4/5 haven't been active on the site in over 4 months. I tried contacting the one who was most recently on via twitch, however never got a response. This message I sent him (redmoss) was sent on 12/17/18, 3 weeks ago. I understand that getting rid of other mods and making myself super mod is not technically necessary, however I believe it just creates confusion if people attempt to ask a mod something and only 1/6 mods are even active. Additionally, can SlyCooperPlays be removed from the rugrats series as a supermod ( ) given he has not been on since June? If there are any questions regarding my requests, I will answer them as quickly as I am able to.

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Hello, I'd like to get mod for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (, it's a new game that had it's page created not even a week ago, and I had asked for it to be created but Elneris ( beat me to it, he has been offline on the site for 3 weeks and I have messaged him on Twitter to let him know the page was created since he is fairly active on it, having posted quite a bit since my tweet, however no dice so far with no activity and no categories set up for the page.


Hi, I'd like to become a super a mod for Epic Battle Fantasy: Bullet Heaven 2 ( The current super mods are inactive, have out of date contact info, and they're not really a part of the game's community (looks like they're super mod by association to the EBF series as a whole). I have the fastest times for this game by a large margin, and I have the most experience out of probably anyone when it comes to this game. I have over 500 hours of experience with the game, and I have the rank 1 high score for 70/70 levels. I'm the most active player in the game's community and I'm sure I'd have the approval of many of the people who play the game (I could get approval if it's needed). I'd like to clarify rules, help verify runs, and clean up the leaderboard to improve readability. Also, should decide they want to start supporting high scores on this site (there has been some discussion about this being a possibility), I'd like to be in a position to set up the leaderboards for that, the rules, and verification of runs. Runs of any kind for this game take a lot of work to verify, and I'm willing to do it.


Hello, 2 months ago i was added here: as regular mod, the current super mod (Shade667) has been inactive for +3 months, many contact attempts we're made but no result and some people came to me asking if there was going to have any changes/new categories on the board. I don't see major changes as regular mod being an ethical attitude, so i'd like to be "promoted" to Super Mod role.

Thank You!


Hello, I would like to become a mod for Mario Kart Wii This game is byfar my most speedran game and also I am very knowledgeable about the certain ultra shortcuts and i have had WR in some categories for a decent amount of time and even now im trying to make some of the categories more optimised to this day after playing this game for 8 years and also speedrunning it for almost 2 years. I will try to be as active as possible and try to fit this in between school things and I know I have to check runs close to everyday but I am willing to do it


@TyPL4YZ All 4 of the game's moderators are active on SRC. Contact them and ask them to be a mod first before posting here, as this is a last resort thread.

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I did they didnt respond


I guess that's your answer then if they're active.

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Idk if is here for this question but, Why my game request take so long
Requested on: 2018-12-19 Still waiting. . .


@ü A lot of people are at AGDQ. Sit tight, friend.


@TyPL4YZ I personally know Francesco, if you contact him on Discord, he's sure to respond. Did you do that? I don't think the game really needs more mods anyway imo.


Hey , it seems like the game what remains of Edith finch has inactive mods . The game is soon free to play , what Means that there’s possible more speedruns soon . I would take the time and do it if I get the permission.

Have a awesome day .


Hello, I moderate the beta version of Tonic Trouble, but the community has now decided put all the various titles under one page; I'd like to request that the TT beta version page be deleted by a full mod. (


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Hi, I was hoping to become a mod for James Bond Jr. (, I was wanting to add a new category (any% 1- loop) that might entice more people to play the game as it seems right now the only category is too long and people just don't want to put that much time in it. I tried contacting RantronBomb on Discord but didn't get a response.

Thank you!



I'd like to request to become a mod for Winds of Revenge (/Winds_of_Revenge). There's a single mod, Hallkatla, who hasn't been online for almost a year. The Twitter and Twitch accounts also don't seem to have been used in quite a while.

I've had two pending WR runs for almost a week, and I don't think the mod will be accepting them any time soon.

As a bonus, I'm willing to spend some time creating a cute style for the leaderboard (and adding a game cover, because even that is lacking :c), just like I did for No Touch!

Thanks for taking your time, and keep up the great work!


Reiterating on what alexproctor55 said above, all the Tonic Trouble games are now consolidated into one leaderboard (, so the following need to be removed:

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I would like Mod for FrostRunner. Current mod gets very uptight when asked about adding more mods and just seems slightly power hungry. He's been mod of at least 5 other games. Some games he's the only mod. It really just looks like if he's the only Mod for a game it'll stay that way. He claims that he's verifying twice a day and that should be enough. But yesterday or 2 days ago or whenever the leaderboards weren't updated for like 16 hrs and like 50 submissions were updated at once when he got on. And on top of that I really believe twice a day isn't enough. FrostRunner is a very new game with high submission count. The discord is growing fast and this game is front page of most active runners and it needs more mods. There is a 2nd mod (sebban) but he doesnt seem to verify that many submissions. I also think he has mod just because he's been friends with losi for awhile (kind of assuming they're friends based on how they talk on discord and they've both speedran some other games together).


@bdiggles it sounds like the mod I question has the board under control. As long as the runs are being verified in a timely manner, and the mod isn’t abusing their power in any way, then there’s no need for more mods. A mod isn’t considered inactive unless it’s been 2-3 weeks without them doing anything and since the mod you mentioned logs on and verifies runs almost daily, they are far from inactive.

My guess would be that if you’re constantly asking them for mod when they don’t need it, they’re getting irritated with it. Also, you can’t use this thread to go around the current mods to get yourself mod if they don’t want to give it to you. This is a last resort thread when the mods of a game are inactive, not a place to go behind their backs to get yourself promoted.

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Originally posted by bdigglesthe leaderboards weren't updated for like 16 hrs... I really believe twice a day isn't enough

Lol. Twice a day is far more than enough. Remember that moderators are volunteers verifying (in this case, fairly short) runs in their free time. You should be grateful that they're verifying runs every single day (most leaderboards don't even get that much), never mind multiple times a day. If they start falling behind in the queue (like really behind, not just a day or two) then they should consider adding more moderators (and if they still refuse to, then there's a problem), but it sounds like they're on top of things right now and they're putting in far more than a reasonable amount of time/effort.

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Hi, I have had a few runs waiting to be verified for smb special for months (one of them the WR). I know others have as well. The mods are simply not around. Hoping I could be added as mod.