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I would like to do IL's on the N64 game Nightmare Creatures. The game has a IGT that would be very similar to how goldeneye's leaderboard works. Mod wont reply to me and there is a dead forum post from years back where someone wanted to do something similar to me but never got a response.

Link to the Nightmare Creatures Leaderboard:

Link to the dead forum post:

Moderators Page:

You can contact me on Twitter @Caseywho1. I'm completely okay with becoming the moderator myself if need be. Thanks in advance!

@Liv I'd like to be mod for this game as the moderator hasn't submitted my 19 day old submission. hopefully everything turns out cool and good.


@Caseywho Have you tried to contact Seph outside of the site? I know Seph, and he is active on social media. I'll ping him for you and let him know you've requested this, though.
@Cupps Mod has been offline for 3 months. Since you have a pending submission, added.
@Lonne Do you have to have any recorded runs for this game at all? (Doesn't matter if they're current categories or not on the board, as I notice he hasn't setup any Full Game board either)

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@Liv Yeah i do have a few on my drive. ive uploaded them to YT


I want to be the super mod for Squidlit ( ). The thing is the current super mod ( @NickCopper ) has been unactive, for +3 months, in every social media I knew he had, and he doesn't have any social account linked in his SRC profile. I tried to contact him by his twitch page and his discord but no answer. But I managed to contact the other mod, so he went active again and verified 2 runs that were waiting since a while ago.
I would like to be the super mod (or at least another mod) so I can take better care of the SRC page. If it's for knowledge of the game, I'm the current WR holder for both categories of the game and I'm also more active than the other mod (I haven't been uploading a lot of runs lately, because of college 🙁, but I frequently check SRC, to check the other games I mod). If that reason is not enough at least could you make the other mod ( @PhilipTerryGraham ) the new super mod. I think it's bad to have an unactive super mod.


@Lonne Okay, this seems fine.

@Garita I've upped @PhilipTerryGraham to a super mod on the game as asked, since the prior super mod has been inactive for 3 months and additionally has no methods of contact listed. So, you should forward your request of adding further mods towards @PhilipTerryGraham now.

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The mod for Risen has been inactive for over a month


@Mithyy Attempted to contact them via their Youtube. If they don't get back to me in several days or verify your run, I'll add you.


Hello, i'm a supermod for tomb raider franchise but for some technical reasons i am not a mod of rise of the tomb raider. There are 3 mods and 2 are not around anymore, i tried to contact the last one to add me but i didn't get any answer. I would like to be added to rise as a supermod so i can deal with the game and add few more mods.


@makeal I've sent the current super mod a whisper to see if they can get back to your directly themselves. I don't really want to add additional mods to the game unless there is a need for it. Checked the queue and there currently doesn't appear to be any runs in the queue for this game and the current super mod has used the site today.

Just adding super mods to games without any consultation has proven to cause issues in the past, so I'd prefer not to do that unless entirely necessary. And I don't feel the role of series mod necessarily means mods should be added to all games within the series without a legitimate reason, also.

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I've recently been active again in the Roblox: Climb 2000 Stairs to VIP any% category and I noticed that since the last time I was active there was a change in moderators. I am certain that user Quantum_ is not fit to be a moderator of this category. The first time he rejected my run was for this reason: "This run has been deemed too inappropriate for the ROBLOX platform." Obviously this doesn't make sense because the run wasn't uploaded to the ROBLOX platform only to the youtube and websites and it didn't break any rules on both of those sites. The next time he rejected the same run after I reluctantly censored my overlay on the original run it was for the reason: "Use of gear is not allowed. Another runner pointed out this mistake, sorry for this confusion." The item I used in my run isn't classified as a gear in the ROBLOX catalog. So he rejected my run 1 time because of a rule he made up in the process of approving or rejecting my run and then the 2nd time was because he didn't understand the actual rules himself. Can you please take action and remove Quantum_'s moderation privileges and instead make me a moderator? I've been running the game for a long time and basically invented the any% category, without me the world record for this game would be up more than 3 minutes.

First run using current any% method: ,
Rejected run:


Originally posted by "Tablesalt"The item I used in my run isn't classified as a gear in the ROBLOX catalog

Have you... tried telling the mod this? Sounds like a genuine mistake, no need to demote people for that.

(also if that's your overlay I don't really blame them for making you censor it tbh, that's pretty damn lewd for fucking ROBLOX)

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@Tablesalt Moderation wise, I'll leave this to OverworldYT to decide as they were the moderator who originally added Quantum_ as a moderator and they're active on the site. You are right though, runs shouldn't be being arbitrarily rejected despite how obnoxious that particular linked submission is.


Wow that was pure cancer. If something like that was submitted to a game I care for it is NOT getting accepted in that state without getting edited, I don't give a fuck what is technically a rule or not. How you can submit that, and then go on about how important you are for the game? God damn.....

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@ShikenNuggets I have told the mods this and I got a response from OverworldYT and all he said was "Umbrella is a type of gear". In the thread I explained to him why he was wrong by roblox's own definition of a gear and why it should be allowed and haven't gotten a reply yet. So right now I'm currently waiting for him to either change the rules or accept my run because arguing the item I used was a gear is objectively wrong by roblox's own definition.


@Tablesalt mind coming to the f-zero community?


I'm not really good at racing games, but I could try I guess.

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TBH regardless of the original topic in regards to that run I would have rejected it for the annoying audio and the Overlay, to me it just looks like a bad quality submission so that would have been enough for me to ask them to resubmit with changes being made to mute the audio and cover/crop out the overlay.