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i would like to be Smod for

i know i sent a run a few days ago but seeing how active they are here and twitter(one of them doesnt use twitter but has it linked?)(last login 1 month ago). I can wait a few more days but i doubt it will be accepted by then.

If possible to also remove said person from the mod list since well.... inactive.

Edit: also note that the only run up there has no video so there is no way to validate his run.


@kingmarsh13 : To request a new game, it's here


I'd like to be a mod for the Donkey Kong Country 1, 2 and 3 GBA leaderbords. I asked the current mod if he could add me because I'm focussing on these games, but he didn't want to mod me.
I don't really understand why there is only one mod on those three leaderbords, and he doesn't even run these games. As someone who puts a lot of work into these games that feels a bit odd, to be honest. 😕

I'd be happy to be mod for the three leaderbords of the GBA-ports of Donkey Kong Country, linked below.

I hope you can help me. 🙂


Out of interest: Is he taking care of submissions? Is the leaderboard in good shape? If yes, why would it need another mod?


Inmagine the only 1 Mod hasn´t time ( for example he is to busy with work / school ) , so he can´t accept runs. That´s the reason why More mods are ever better then only 1 Mod.

AND: It doesn´t make sense if the Mod doen´t know anything of the game that he moderates.

That´s the reason.

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He reacts to submissions, that's not the problem. It just feels odd to have a single mod on a series of games who doesn't even run them.
Imagine working on a project, but needing permissions of someone who isn't even part of the project. What marvjungs said is totally right in my opinion. Why not have a mod who runs the games? It might sound weird, but for me it makes the series appear so unimportant that there just has to be anyone to mod it, no matter who it is.
I'd like to take responsability for what I put work into. 🙂

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Deln: He responded to authorblues on Twitter when he asked not too long ago. I don't really see a large reason to intervene in this case since your run was approved and the super mod appears contactable and reasonable. (If the general consensus among the runners is an issue with his non-video run, that's a different discussion.)

Avanor: I sent him a PM, we'll see where that discussion goes.


I never once said I didn't want to mod Avanor. Also, other things:

1) I am mod of the dkc gbas because I requested the 3 games to be added.
2) I am knowledgeable about the DKC SNES games, and the gba games are similar in regards to how categories are defined.
3) I actively respond to submissions. If I miss for one day, it's not a big deal. I can handle the submissions as they aren't a lot at once.
4) Having more than one mod for the series is kind of unnecessary as it stands. There aren't a whole lot of submissions and the community is really small.

I'm not saying that Avanor shouldn't be mod, but granted the size of the community/run submissions, I don't really see a need. I'm glad avanor and a few others are working on these games, but I don't see that as a reason to need more mods. Also, another feeling I'm getting from this is "I run this game, therefore I should be mod." I dont think its necessary is all.


Well, as it appears nothing of what I've said is picked up in the way it was meant, which makes me kind of sad.

I never said "I run this game, mod me", and I don't dare to, because that wouldn't be the thing the mod-status stands for.
I tried to reason, obviously without any succession, so this discussion is done for me.


Ok, maybe the last thing wasnt good, but I did give reasons as to why for your request. The amount of runners/runs isnt large enough to make it necessary for more than one mod.


I never questioned the fact of how many mods there are necessary. I'd just think a game, no matter which one, regardless of how many submissions, and regardless of how big the community is, would deserve a mod who actually run the games. But it seems like I'm alone with that kind of thinking.
So I might contact you in the next days to add at least one more category for DKC3 and rules for the runs, because there are no at the moment.

So, no bad feelings, and thanks for the discussion.

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I'm sorry that I couldnt be of any help.


kirk: yeah its all good, its just that no video is kind of wierd went it come down to wr(ya feel me?), as long there is someone active(blues) then im fine with that.


@kirkq thats the thing, one of the mods quit speedrunning, one is inactive and i havent heard from him in ages and the other doesnt really seem to want to work with me on making the leaderboards more well put together lol
I just dont get how im not mod cause im super mod for the whole series


if the dude made the board, he can uncheck "series moderators have power here". Nothing you can do about it.


I would like to be a mod on the Final Fantasy X-2 page. I noticed that it hasn't been updated with the HD and International runs yet. And the page is slightly outdated.


Rubberduckyassassin3: There's not a requirement for most series games to inherit series moderators. Some communities have larger more integrated communities and choose to model it this way, but it's not something we're going to enforce for loosely associated games that just happen to be put into the same series. (Assuming we're still talking about Mario Super Sluggers: All 3 users moderating that game have been online in the last week.)

Augora: Try contacting the current moderator, they appear active based on login date, and I don't see any runs in queue.

RobotCrocodilz: I had removed you from a couple games manually case by case largely on the basis that you had requested a bunch of games and not added any runs for them. Admittedly much of this was before game request guidelines were more specific about linking/adding a run. From a user perspective, you're still basically sitting on 10 or 20 games you don't run and haven't even added a run for, which has the effect of holding them from other users who could request them. Adding a game cover is pretty basic effort, and themes aren't required. (Looking back the themes issue I mentioned a while back was possibly the other guy moderating that game, it's been a while so I can't recall all the specifics. I think I was assuming you guys knew each other, which might have been a bad assumption on my part.) Super moderators can no longer remove super moderators as of a few months ago.

Not making changes to DK moderation at this time. I really do recommend involving multiple people with games/series moderation in general though, because it increases the likelihood that user consensus is met. We also have series with large amounts of games that don't have series moderators in some cases.


I'd like to moderate the game Mini Metro. I have a couple of runs for it currently unverified because the only moderator (DuongC) hasn't been online on this site in about a month, and my attempts to contact him haven't been answered.


Hello! I am currently running most of the Prince of Persia series among other things and got a problem with one of the games Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. The supermod Bl has not been online for six mounths and the game has been set to Series moderators have power here "no" so no one besides him has supermod powers for the game. I would like to have mod status for the game since I am the only activ runner for both any% and All powers. Tocaloni1 the supermod for the prince of persia series wants to make me moderator but he has no power.

I know there are like 3 or 4 pending submissions and I just got the number 2 time, thanks 🙂