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@OscillaringOcelot I don't think AD2 is too busy to be a mod, he might still verify runs when he get the chance. Dugglez has already sad he doesn't have interest in the game anymore so I think it would be more logical downgrading him to regularmod or remove him.


Got a WR on this game, the mod is inactive for 4 months 🙁


@Liv hi unfortunatly your missing the point i am not applying for normal mod i was applying for "super" mod anyway ive contacted that guy about getting normal mod then well go from there


A super mod can give out super mod status as well, not just regular mod

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Considering the runner is listed as N/A and there are no other runs my guess is those are placeholder "runs"

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definitly not normal
wouldn't be surprised if the "runs" ended up not being legit at all too

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Hi, I would like to be added as a moderator for Uurnog Uurnlimited. The super mod appears inactive and unresponsive to my attempts to contact, and the only other mod is a series mod and has indicated that they aren’t familiar enough with this game in particular, so they suggested I request for the position. Thanks.

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@Renegade522 I didn't miss any point. I still don't see how the process would be any different. This thread is for inactive moderation, and the majority of the series mods aren't inactive. They're more than capable of handling this, which is why I don't see why this discussion is even occurring in this thread in the first place.

@L-Roy I'll send a tweet Cyberdemon's way.

@OscillatingOcelot I can remove MCMic due to them being off for over a year. As for the other mod, it would be best you contact them regarding it if they were only online 8 days ago. I don't want to remove a mod who currently uses the site without them knowing about it, or being heavily inactive beforehand, which I wouldn't say they are.

@FlashTheorie Okay, added.

@YESR Placeholder runs it looks like, if I had to guess.

@dohz I've left a comment on the current super mods Youtube informing them of both your post here and on the games forum itself. I'll give them a couple of days to respond. Also, do you happen to have a run of the game at all? There doesn't appear to be any pending, and I don't necessarily want to add a user as mod who doesn't currently look to have ran the game.

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@Liv I have not submitted a run of the game yet, but I’m willing to wait until then.


please give me a moderator
6 days this is unacceptable, I think you need more moderators for games

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this is unacceptable

They're not paid for this, they're doing it on their free time, and sadly, they probably have a life too

Also, reminder (from first post in this topic) :


Please keep in mind that using this thread is a last resort, in case the current moderators are not responding or refusing your help without justification. You should always start by asking the Super mods of a game/series as they are also able to add mods. Best way to contact game mods is probably through Twitter for now. Also try the game forums, many users get notifications when threads are created for games they follow.

Moderator inactivity doesn't apply until around 3 weeks, depending on other circumstances, and it is expected that you try to contact them (exceptions may be made if they have been offline ~3+ months.)

An admin or full mod will respond to your post when they review it; if there is no response, it hasn't been reviewed yet.

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1-2 weeks to verify runs is perfectly acceptable, there is no rule that says they have to verify a run within days of its submittal. Most of the mods on that game are very active on the site, if you want to be a mod, you need to contact them (in other words you can’t go around the backs of the current mods to give yourself any power).

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Hello, Hoping to be added as a SuperMod to the Scaler leaderboard. The current and only mod I have tried to get in contact with however they do not have twitter, and haven't responded to my message on twitch. The leaderboard has been inactive for 2 years and the game only has 3 runs total to begin with. I am in the process of helping to create a community with the game, having already started a discord and website for tricks and such. Hoping to be added as a supermod to be able to add some extra features and information to the page as well as approve runs and such. Let me know what can be done, Thanks


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@TGR 6 days isn't unacceptable. Message the mods, they're both active. Attempts at contacting is required, and I know full well Whitehat is active on social media.

@DylCat Message the mods. Werster is active, on top of being a site moderator. This thread isn't used for circumventing moderator. If the mods are active, then ask them.

@mr_whiskers__ Here is the mods twitter: , they look to have just input it wrong. That said, going by what I can see you have no affiliation with the game (no pending or prior runs, no posts on the games forum and such), so it's kinda difficult for me to make someone mod on this basis alone. There also aren't any pending runs in the game.

Unless you're willing to go into detail on what needs updating and what changes are gonna be made and such (and if they're even necessary, all you've really given is vague info about 'creating a community' and 'extra features and information'), I don't entirely see the need personally right now specifically.

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Thank you for the reply @Liv , I am currently still routing out the game based on the 3 runs seen, made a discord for the game for discussion of strats and routing, and a website that has been started (its being made from scratch and is major work in progress only this one page has been made really yet. Its being hosted on one of the other guys servers at the moment till its ready to move to public domain.) . We only have a few hours a day to work on the website and such so the progress has been slow, but also fast considering I have another 10 videos to put on the website and make pages for. As far as changes needing to be made to the SRC page, firstly I plan on making an IL section for each level seeing as that is what I am speedrunning currently to get as familiar with each level in the game while I plan out the full game routing still (there are things such as upgrades and ammunition to consider that go into full routing that arent applicable to IL). Other things with SRC page are aesthetics, addressing a forum post asking about emulator runs, adding the discord and webpage resources as we work on them ( the more users that join the better and faster we can work obv). Understandably I have no runs submitted (because I am grinding ILs which dont exist at the moment) and its early on to be asking for supermod for it, I just am not the kind of person to take things slow when I get passionate about something. I appreciate the update on the current mods twitter I have made an account and messaged them. I understand that it is best now that I have their twitter to just wait to hear back from them but hopefully that clears up a lot of the missing context for you as far as my affiliation goes.


@trapmix there are multiple active moderators that you should attempt contact with first and ask for the position. This is a last resort thread.


Can I request the removal of a couple super mods who have been inactive for well over a year? One is Rhuller of the Conker series and the other is Princess_Flaaffy of Conker's Bad Fur Day, thanks in advance.


I recently posted a run on Milos Astro Lanes, there is only 1 mod with no links on his account. He holds the WR for luigi's mansion so I joined their discord and they said, "snap is very elusive." I'm okay with becoming a mod for the game! Thanks in advance.



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I wanna be moderator in Doodle Jump, because @Gogorotor not online 2 weeks.


Hello. I would like to become a mod for operation wolf (NES) . The only mod hasn't submitted a run on any games in over 7 months and has been inactive on for a month now. I tried reaching out to him several times but I never got any responses. I moderate several other NES zapper games and the zapper discord server. I'm online several times daily and have modded other games for over a year so I believe I'm up to the task