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Thanks for the heads up @Liv.

I'm just going to refer to the 2 tweets that ClasikWild made to both myself and former judge FearfulFerret:

And after being tweeted to from myself and Ferret this was the response she made alone to her feed:

I will now point out that was a day after the run was submitted.
This is now Day 2.


As for what ClasikWild wrote in terms of being "active" here was the last thing that was accepted:
That had an 8 day gap between it.

To be blunt: This is just someone wanting to hurry up moderation process cause they have no patience.

Edit: Just as a heads up. If any of those tweets are deleted I have screenshots for them.


Three weeks ago, I submitted a run to which has not been verified since the only moderator ( has not been active for almost a month. I have tried to contact him, but his discord link was dead and I have not gotten a reply from his youtube account, which is why I am wondering if I can become a moderator.


@Spikestuff No Problem.

@tapioca Heard nothing back from the Super Mod of Zone of the Enders after 5 days so added you to the game, since the Super Mod has been offline for 2 months and the other mod has also been offline for 3 weeks.

@Endenite As you have had a run pending for 3 weeks, and the mod hasn't been online in close to a month (plus checked their discord contact and it is infact dead), added.


Hi, please remove AntoninZeKing as a mod from the Wii series page. Thanks!


Hello! The one moderator on Namco Museum has not verified any runs or even been online in one month. If someone else could verify my run or remove him as a moderator that would be for the best and extremely helpful. Since there is only one moderator for Namco Musuem (GBA) and he is not active, I would also volunteer to be a moderator. Thanks for reading!


@Wipeoutjack7 Have you attempted to message them at all regarding their removal? Just as a heads up to them? I mean, technically they are inactive on the site, but we don't want someone just up and removed without good reason to / without them at least being attempted to be notified first beforehand. Otherwise, people come on suddenly and wonder what happened.

@OwenCarlson72 Please assign some methods of contact to your profile (Discord, Twitter, Youtube, etc), as we aren't adding moderators to games with 0 valid methods of contact. I've messaged the moderator on Youtube though via comment, I'll give them a couple days to reply and if they don't I can add you (once you've set these methods of contact)


@Liv mainly because I havent seen him talk in a while (used to see him a good amount) anyway I'll send him another message


I've whispered them too on Twitch, I'll give it a couple of days.



I added my youtube channel which I can be messaged through by commenting. I would just like to be a moderator either way because one moderator isn't enough and this way run's can be approved faster


@OwenCarlson72 The mod has replied to me via Youtube and told me they'll handle this. If possible we'd rather the moderator themselves handle the situation but if they continue to be inactive several days from now I'll look into it again.

@MrZombieChaos Since you attempted to contact them and it seems to have gone ignored (they're active on twitter so gonna assume they ignored it), and they've currently been offline for 3 months, I'll bump you upto super mod.


request to get TheNannerpuss12 to be removed from for inactivity


@tu0mas So, they appeared to have since verified your run and were last online 1 day ago. My suggestion is to take up your requests with the current super mod, either through message or via the forums.

@Deln Lowered them from Super > Regular due to them being offline for 4 months. Free to remove them whenever.


I'd like to remove SlyLobster from super mod in , he stopped speedrunning, and it's been inactive for11 month on src. Thx


The super mod doesnt seem to be around I havent been able to contact them and their runs are not on the links anymore. I wanted to see if I could get mod again I decided to not be for the reason of being away awhile and wanted to ask if I could get mod back to help with the community but there doesnt seem to be anyway to contact the super mod.

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Both moderators for have been inactive. I have a run that I submitted 23 days ago that has not been verified or rejected. I have tried multiple times to reach out to both of the mods, the latest attempt being about a week ago, and I have not heard anything back. One mod, Kayzer has not been online for 9 months, and the other mod, TheReed has not been online for more than 3 weeks. I would like to be added as a moderator for the game.


oh wow I thought closetowar was a super mod as he interacts with the game a lot, yeah that defo needs sorting tho I feel



The youtube channel for the moderator for namco museum has been removed as well as the twitch channel today, he has still been offline for 1 month and doesn't look like he will be returning... If there is no one else that wants to moderate that game I would be more than happy to.


Hey! I learned a game for the #12hourchallenge but cant find it on the site! Could you add Kid Tripp to the site? It's a game for the Nintendo Switch!


@Svenne Please do that here also please read the first post in future 😊 good luck with getting it on the site though

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@Xcvazer I lowered them to regular mod, you're free to remove them.

@Asre Since you appear to have been a mod prior going by the logs, added you. Also upped Starbiits to a super mod, since the current one is inactive.

@calnew8 Tried to message the more active super mod on Youtube and directed them to this thread. If no response is received/your run is still pending in the next few days from now I will add you.

@OwenCarlson72 I'll give them a little more time to handle it, maybe another day or two. Just like to give each user at least a couple of days after being messaged to handle the situation. If nothing is done in the next few days, then I can add you.

@KevinDurden Since they're inactive and don't appear to have set the board up properly also, I will add you.

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