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mt76907: Game has one run/moderator, not that active on here or Twitter, run has been in queue a while. Normally I'd say let the tweet sit longer than one day, but he doesn't appear very active on there either, so ok.

Rithek: Game hasn't had any categories added in its months of existence. (Too old, wasn't flagged) I removed the extra moderators for the game because it's not apparent why they were there and added you.

TheUltimateStooges: Since he apparently added you, it looks like there's some line of communication there, so talk to him please. Board has only existed two days. If it becomes necessary for us to shift moderation to active people because it's a popular game we can do that, but it's too soon.

FireNels: I'll add you to DTL: The Next Chapter because it has existed months and has no runs. Freedom Planet you need to contact the mods and discuss it with them.

Balletdancergabe31: One of the mods is reasonably active, try contacting him. It's not a requirement to have run the game in recent weeks, otherwise moderation would shift far too much.


You can see last online by going to the user info page like so:


Can you remove infestedriche from vice project doom? I modded him since he was learning and super modded him because I was dumb and said screw it. He quit learning a little later. I will not do that again


Balletdancergabe31: Wait a few days. Some people don't check all of their messages daily.

PeterAfro: Since you were apparently the only one that could've added him, and he doesn't have a run, that's fine.



Can i be Mod for that has 2 Reasons:

1st Reason: I am the only one who run this Game at the Moment very often
2nd Reason: It seems liike the Mods ignore my Run Submission,i submitted like 3 days ago and altabiscuit,mugg1991 and DhrGR was last on like 1 or 2 Days ago. So i have the feeling they ignore it. BibleThump Anwonu was on like 3 weeks ago , so inactive at the moment. I will be happy if i can mod for the Game. ( Super Mod will be better 😉 ) The Best Thing will be if i can be mod for the Series ( ) but it´s not so important. For me is at the moment only important because i run this a lot of tmes at the moment and the Reason i explained it already. Thanks it´s possible 🙂


I doubt mugg1991 is ignoring you. Give it a bit of time.


3 days is nothing. If they actually verify the run by checking it, a 9 hours long run may not be something you can watch fully in a single day.


ok i will waiting. If the run isn´t verify in 1 more week i come again , ok? 🙂


If a run isn't verified after 3 weeks, you can start to complain hardly.
You can ask politely the moderators through a PM on social networks to accelerate the process.


ok , what i do now i waiting , and if the run is then no verifiered i will ask mods or post that here again 🙂


Hei i want to mod. Pink heaven the only mod There have not got a site up for it like where to start and END splits. I have trying to contact him with noo luck. I have Also Submit a run without it being moderated. And if i could be a super mod so i can add other people after need that would be great.


Hello all,

I was wondering if I could get moderator status on some of the following:

Marble Madness NES
Contra NES
Ninja Crusaders NES
Joe and Mac NES
A boy and his blob NES
Mega Man NES

I have a very high understanding of all these games and would update often. Thank you.


Did you contact the current moderators of these games first ?


@Toad22484 PM/DM those people

WhiteHat94 is active.(Ninja Crusader)
Elipsis is also active(Marble Madness)
Dugongue is active(contra)
Zephyrz was on 2 weeks ago, still msg him lol(blob)
Dugongue is Active(Joe and Mac)
joka is pretty active(Mega Man)

its not hard to msg someone and ask them first.


Reminder that this thread is only for last resort.
I mean seriously, newcommers are often posting here BEFORE trying to ask. It would be cool to have something in the thread title to warn the future poster that he has to ask moderators first then post here in case there is a problem.

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The only mod for pink heaven is destroying the fun of pink heaven. Have 1 category normal any where i submitet my run. But he accepted a hard any under the normal any%. He Also need to add ms beacuse this is a short game, And he have no info on the site. I been trying to contact him and i,m still trying.


marvjungs: The mods for MLDT are reasonably active with the site, they approved your run.
ssjhenrik: I'm fine with adding you because the only user moderating doesn't have a run and you do. The categories also appear not well set up.
Toad22484: Most of the mods for these games are active. You should contact the moderators, per the first post in this thread.


yeah , i saw it. I wrote it where the run was not accept at the moment. Because i they " ignore " it i though but now it´s ok. I will wait the next time longer then 3 days 😛