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There is no longer a moderator for this GB game - I can take over modding this game, as I am practicing runs of this game currently. THanks!


Hi, I would like to be moderator for

It's a meme game and I think the mods are busy/lost and nowhere to be found. I have world record in the Any% category (although it still pending).

Many thanks!


@L-Roy , @Cyberdemon531 is active and has contacts use them if needed.
If the run was submitted less then a a week or 2 ago give it some time to be reviewed.
This thread is a last resort if mods are inactive past 3 weeks or longer.


There is a moderation issue with the overwatch category extensions. A month ago a new map was added to the game. I posted in the fourms trying to figure out how the category could be adjusted to take into account this new map. One month later, I contacted the head super mod directly. He responded initially, however after explaining the events, he has yet to respond or change anything. It has been about 5 weeks since the forum post and 5 days since personal contact and the issue has still yet to be fixed.

This is the forum post:

The main category of this game has also yet to be adjusted for the addition of the new hero on the Practice range category, however this was just added yesterday and this is less of an issue than the one that has been outstanding for over a month now. I'm not sure what to do or how this could be fixed, but this is clearly the result of a moderation issue and no one is even willing to discuss this with me at this point. I would be fine with being promoted to a moderator, however I am ambivalent as to what the solution is as long as it is fixed.

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@meauxdal done, try twitter on another occasion, I'm more active there 😃

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In response to an earlier post that got deleted today because of the update:

If the mods are ostracizing Ohrami and ignoring his runs because of a political opinion he had, that's an issue, and there's really not much getting around that. I had a couple paragraphs typed up but now that the discussion is erased it makes no sense to post that.

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Hey well with the sims 3 games I want to be boosted up to a super mod or have bounceyboy moved to a normal mod (I do want to add another mod eventually but if I do I will just post here for them to be added if I am not super mod) , he goes off for 1-2 months (currently 3 months) at a time comes back once and then is off all the time, he doesn't verify runs even when I have left them for him. The only reason I am asking this is that I have added stuff the community wanted and talked to people who care about the game and speedrun the game, fixing the timing issues etc which were all timed wrong according to the rules so I changed the rules and made the game more inclusive.

I know bounceyboy is kinda popular so I didn't really want to say anything but I don't want to be randomly removed or have all the progress reversed from a game and community I care about a lot. What should I do about this? thank you and sorry if its annoying I have just been worrying about it for so long now I had to get it off my chest ^^

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Wow, unfortunate I lost my post. I'll try to briefly rewrite it.

The-elite banned me from their own website's leaderboard and rankings because of a political opinion I had, not related to cheating at all. However, they are refusing to even address my 5 world record runs I posted to, not just their own personal leaderboard. They even directly conspired not to approve my runs in their now-private Discord (so I can't see what they are saying about it now):

I can't contact RWhiteGoose because he has blocked our communication in all ways I'm aware of. I left a comment on Qweczol's public Steam profile asking him to approve my runs, and I added him on Discord. He responded by making his Steam profile private so that nobody can read or post comments on his profile, and by blocking me on Discord. I sent Spec3x a message, but he never responded. I can't find AustinPerroux's contact information.

The moderators of GoldenEye on are the same moderators that banned me from the-elite's leaderboard, again, not for cheating, but because I posted political opinions they disagreed with. As it stands, the-elite is blocking my completely legitimate runs from being posted on simply because they do not like me.

If you'd like to learn more details, I made a video documenting this drama between me and the-elite:

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You can be the biggest scumbag in the world, but if your runs are legitimate then they earn a spot on a leaderboard

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Looks like my message was deleted. I'd like to be a mod for Solo mod hasn't replied to message in game forum for 8 days, their Twitter was suspended, last run they have done was 2 months ago, and last post on forums was a year ago. They also have no streams at all on Twitch when they used to.

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more words:

Yes, Ohrami advocated for child porn.

But the idea that someone should be banned just for being known to have that position (on a different website, no less) is nothing short of ridiculous. As zewing said, "You can be the biggest scumbag in the world, but if your runs are legitimate then they earn a spot on a leaderboard." Leaderboards are statistical and should never be influenced by politics. If you complete a run, you deserve the spot on the leaderboard, because that's what they're for. It isn't anyone's place to impose their morals on how they feel others should think by controlling who gets what place on the leaderboard. This should be obvious to anyone.

Not to get too political, but the idea that we should punish someone for their beliefs is generally dangerous, and although this is on a somewhat small scale, it's a horrible thing to set a precedent for. Should we all be careful of what unpopular positions we advocate in fear that someone will find out and have us ostracized from the community? Obviously not. I don't agree with Ohrami's position myself, but I can sympathize with his situation and I certainly wouldn't want to punish him simply for disagreeing with me. So it can easily be seen that the act of removing him for his political beliefs is pretty not good.

Oh, and while we're at it, let's falsely accuse this guy of being a RAPIST AND CHILD ABUSER. That should go over great on his end. The fuck

Some say that Ohrami's mere existence as a speedrunner threatens the reputation of speedrunning as a whole. This boils down to an advocation of committing an immoral act (banning him cause politic) in order to achieve the " goal" of giving speedrunning a good name in the eyes of the kinds of people who will look down entirely upon a community because one member advocates child porn. To me, there's a large imbalance in morality. Not to mention that the precedent set by this decision would negatively impact the speedrun community for who knows how long.

I don't think that's the motivation for this though, that would make a little too much sense. Goose would like as well to censor anyone who believes Ohrami shouldn't be banned, and I think that shows us his moral compass quite nicely.

TL;DR, Banning him cause politic is immoral because speedrunning isn't speedpolitics, banning him cause reputation is immoral because anything gained by in terms of speedrunning reputation by the ban is outweighed by the immoral act of banning him, and Goose is even more of a child than I am, which says a lot.

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The idea that the reputation of the-elite or of speedrunning will benefit because of me being banned is quite clearly a false idea. Take a look at this thread to see how quickly this exact issue derailed discussion even before I ever saw it:

The very top-voted post was made before I even entered the thread: "Does your resource include a list of ideals and stances that The Elite deem are ok to think, and the things that will get your times excised from the leaderboards?" Clearly, the Streisand effect is in full force regarding this, and where the-elite intended to disassociate their website with my name and with my political beliefs, and specifically went about this in a way to ensure that as few people as possible would know about it (by silencing all discussion about it in their forums/Discord), it actually had the opposite effect, and many outsiders who would otherwise never know of me or the situation are now fully aware of it and aware of the-elite's insane tyrannical censorship practices.

I would also like to note that I specifically said that only possession of child pornography should be legal, and that production, distribution, sale, and purchase should still be illegal; that is to say that everything should be illegal except the act of downloading it onto your computer. It is my opinion that merely downloading something doesn't cause harm to anybody, which is why I hold this belief. It has nothing to do with being a rapist, child abuser, or a pedophile, and those who act as if it does are being completely disingenuous.

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Yeah I agree your runs shouldn't be removed based off of a belief. I was just trying to give advice on how to make yourself look better.

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NOTE: Need to re-post this since the site-wide rollback, I apologize if this was answered, but I now have no way of seeing it.

Game: Irritating Stick
Current mod inactive: 6+ months
Tried reaching out to them on Twitch, but seems inactive on there as well. Requesting mod status. I have a run submitted in queue and plan on running this game a lot. Thanks!

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Put me as mod for this board, or just approve my pending run lol -

It has 2 moderators (cuboid9 and Shade667), cuboid9 is 1 year inactive, so i didn't even bother to contact him and Shade667 is inactive for about a month, i tried to contact him via Twitter almost a week ago and got no response, my run has been waiting for nearly 3 weeks to be verified. I guess i could be added as mod since i'm daily active here, thank you.

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Reposting because of rollback as well.
Requesting mod for for myself and cetormenter, current mod is MIA and a lot of runs are awaiting verification.

Edit because I forgot to mention:
Mod has been contacted on twitter but no response has yet been given.
Some of the unverified runs are 2 weeks or older (my own are 14 days old as of writing).

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@Ohrami I think this deserves a separate thread


@IlluminaTea where would I post it?


If this is a case of moderators abusing their position on this site, then this is an appropriate thread imo


@Liv Thanks. I have done so. Out of curiosity, how does one become a moderator for a game naturally? Is the only way to be moderated by a current moderator or wait until they quit? Does having wr help at all? Because, my current time is almost a minute ahead of the best time on the leaderboards right now. It’s kind of fun to be able to show it off when it actually happens but I'm absolutely cool with waiting. It's a meme speedun anyways.