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If any fullmods want to talk to me DM me on Discord. I've already tried to resolve this issue with @sbeve Also this is a massive waste of fullmods time.


Regarding that CoD WAW video above, since it was conveniently linked.

I think you're trying to answer the question "What's the lowest possible effort and highest possible memery I can put into a run and convince site staff to allow up on the site?" You're not concerned with posting a run, you're concerned with stirring up drama. The answer is by you taking this position, we're not going to do anything for you.

If you want to use the site use the site. What you're currently doing is wasting everyone's time. Thanks for that.

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Another runner on that WaW submission here, I just wanted to take a second to clarify a few things and provide an alternate viewpoint. I'll try to be brief here, as I've already presented much of my position in the discord messages that you can see in the imgur link of screenshots that @sbeve grabbed before we were banned from the WaW discord.

First off, I'd like to quickly state the obvious - we're new. New to the Zombies and WaW community here, as well as speedrunning in general. I recognize that under the shield of effective anonymity on the internet, it can be very difficult to trust in the goodwill of new strangers. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to offer other than my sincere promise that we're legitimately new to the community. As you may be able to tell from the voices in the video submission, we're all in our early 20s - World at War was one of the first video games that we played together. The release of Black Ops 4 and its zombies gameplay has kicked off a healthy dose of nostalgia for the first zombies we played as a group, hence our desire to become involved in the speedrunning community for the game. In addition, if it's within the power of the admins I would encourage/request that you run a quick check on the IP addresses that our accounts were created from. At 2:17pm, Weekender asked if we were "Tanya and his friends" which should be fairly easy to disprove by checking IP addresses, as well as verifying that we are not duplicate accounts of any members.

Next, I'd like to clarify that we aren't necessarily protesting the fact that our run was rejected, but rather the reasons that it was rejected. I fully recognize that there are a large number of issues that could be taken with the recording we provided. Initially, our run was rejected because the gameplay window was too small on the screen, and I was more than happy to quickly provide an alternate recording that fixed the issue. Past that, I would not be surprised if Kzarknuckle's usual streaming overlay or aspects of our casual commentary did not meet community professionalism guidelines - if these are documented and available anywhere I would greatly appreciate a link.

Despite my own uncertainty in that area, you can clearly see that Weekender never cited a lack of video recording professionalism in the discord discussion regarding the rejection of our submission, but rather only referred to the time of the run. As far as I am aware, this is in and of itself not a reason to reject a run from the leaderboards. I'll avoid rehashing my arguments here as they're all visible in the discord screenshots, but there are plenty of examples on the WaW leaderboards of 3P runs taking longer than 2P runs, slower runs being accepted after the submission of a first-place run, etc. This point seems consistent across the entire site - with just a quick check I can see that a Celeste any% run was accepted yesterday with a time that is over 3.6 times as long as the current first place run.

Looking at the video, I believe it is clear to see that while we may be playing in a suboptimal way, we are still trying to accomplish the goal of the category and not deviating from that goal. If suboptimal gameplay was in and of itself a reason to reject runs, then all of the categories on this site would be empty with the exception of tool-assisted runs.

At this point, I am making the request that the three other runners for the submission and myself be unbanned from submitting zombies runs, and unbanned from the WaW zombies discord. I would also like to thank you for taking the time to consider my position, and encourage you to contact me either on these forums or VenocStorm#3269 on discord if you would like additional followup or if there are points you desire further clarification on.

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Wulfz and* Kirkq already agree with my ruling on your run. Move along.

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Did you even bother reading what I wrote? I'm fine with the run being rejected, but you haven't said anything about us being banned from running the game or from the discord. I'm trying to be articulate and civil here while you're effectively ignoring us and posting gifs of Tupac.

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You guys are the ones that brought it to the mainboard and fullmods. You were here to start drama off the rip, and I ban people like you. I'm not going to pander to you and explain every small detail of the rules. Others have followed the rules just fine why can't you guys? Your run was a troll. Kzarknuckle also tested the rules on a black ops 4 run. 'By the wording of the rules this is legal.' I don't like people who test the moderators and rules purposefully. Fullmods have no leverage over our own personal discord, and no you're not getting unbanned from there. You're just the type to continue drama and argue rules because you want every small detail written out like a book for you. As for being unbanned from running you can take that up with fullmods. Stop wasting everyone's time with your stupid runs and drama. I'm sick and tired of dealing with players like you guys.

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In my defense, on the black ops 4 run, I was genuinely curious as to whether or not my run would be legal. At least from my perspective, the run I submitted was within the rules. After having my run reviewed, I now know that I was wrong, and that's okay. I would have asked about the rule, but I can't exactly ask in the discord anymore,so I just put forth the run, and figured that would be fine.

All we are trying to do is get into the zombies speedrunning community as a group of friends, that's all. We've apologized for any disrespect our submissions may have implied, and we hope to be a part of the community.

We're trying to get unbanned from running, which is exactly why we're posting here.

We appreciate your time, and thank you for your patience.

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If you looked at prior runs you'd realize others used the method of the papped alter gun to actually unlock pack-a-punch. It' pretty blatant that you have to pack-a-punch with points as using a gobblegum to pack a punch was banned in bo3. I thought this was pretty clear to everyone, and you didn't care to ask in the discord when you weren't banned and you could've used our forum. I'm unbanning all of you on the discord and on src for the fact that I literally don't care anymore to argue this. I've already had to explain the rules a dozen times. Just read the rules it's not difficult. We have all these rules set in place to filter out terrible quality runs and spam from the forum as we have a lot of runners and categories. I hope you realize as the main admin/mod of src zombies my patience has run thin with trolls, and if you are to troll anymore you WILL be banned. Thanks.

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Does this mean that my would-be 9th place Solo Song on Nacht run will be approved? The rejection reason given was "too long of a run compared to first - banned player". First place is from 9 months ago and the current 12th place run was approved 27 days ago, so it seems that there should be no issue as I am no longer a banned player.

My intention behind that submission was to make some amends for our mistakes as new players by presenting a "proper" run and I hope you can understand that.


Talk in the discord please I'm sure everyones had enough of our messages

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As someone whos kinda outside on this I can understand and agree with the actions taken by the mods in regard to the submission when it comes to acceptance of runs the very end of the video put the nail in the coffin, and had I had someone submitted a run like that I would have told them to redo it with cleaner language or mute the audio.
It just doesnt look like any effort was put into the run, so If the mods deemed it not suitable then thats that. do a better run and resubmit if it matters that much.

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@elliotthegamer You should ask King, the mod of the game. He's active on the site/net. And this thread is a last resort 😉

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Just recently, 2 people were added to the Super Mario 64 Online page, MarvJungs & Tomatobird8, for seemingly no reason. We have 4 mods that are fairly active and have no need for the extra people. Can we get them removed?


Also, we understand that they are "Secondary Rom-Hack Series" Mods, however given they have had 0 interaction with us and have had 0 to do with the game, we see no reason for them to suddenly moderate the game.

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Why not contact them about it on sm64 rom hack speedrunning discord first? (eventhough i've contacted them)
Here is the link

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I see no reason to remove them both from SM64 Online. They are a really good part of the SM64 ROM hack community and I appreciate their work.

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21 days of inactivity (as @Liv mentioned directly and as I stated) is the 3rd of November. I would hazard to guess that if your run isn't verified by then then Liv would do something about the issue, but probably not before then.


Ok @Liv thank you for your response. Admittedly, myself and the other mods overreacted and apologize for wasting your time. We were worried that for some reason the game was basically being taken over without any valid reason. After discussing this with the SM64 rom hack series mods, I now see we were wrong. There is a mutual understanding between all of us now, and we reached the same conclusion that you stated.

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