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Hi there. Would like to request Series Mod for Reason being is one mod is inactive for 3 years on all media and the other mod has been inactive for almost a month but did get a hold of them on twitter. Said he would add me as a mod but doesnt know how to. Reason for requesting is we need to add another game to the series. Art of Fighting 2. I do mod the other games. TY for your time.


Hello, I'd like the request to be a moderator of the game Ice Story ( The current moderator seems to be inactive, as my run has been waiting for 18 days now and still has not been approved. Additionally I think the leaderboard could use a little bit of cleanup which I would gladly do.

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I've been playing "Odallus: The Dark Calls" ( ) and I'm training a run for any% category, I thought of sending it as "Request a new Game", Then I saw that the game was already registered. But the only moderator ( th3bardo ) of the game is offline for 2 years and the game only has 1 run, being that of the moderator made 3 years ago.

When I went to the Forum, I noticed threads up to 3 months ago, thus showing that the game has new runners, but not accepted because the only moderator is offline.

I would like to ask you to at least add other moderators, just look in the threads or even myself so the game can receive new runs.

thankful. NykolasN

note: I'm sorry for my english.


Hey there,
I'd like to request removal of a few super mods for The Talos Principle ( ). The super mods in question are neogia, Haizan, Kovanel, and okayden. These mods haven't been active on the site in a year, and haven't been active in the community for years.

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@PKMNtrainerGian Never received a reply from them. Since your run is still pending also, seems fine.
@Tionic I upped the mod to a super mod, not sure how that happened. Either way, since they aren't inactive they're the person you should be asking now about being appointed mod to the game.
@Legs Seems fine, since they didn't reply to me and there appears to be many issues with that board's setup.
@Tanya The mod was last online 13 days ago, so aren't classed as inactive. Try throw them a tweet or attempt to contact them and send your concern their way.
@mispelledfrick Okay.
@RevHavoc Okay since they've been offline and you have a pending run.
@NerdyNester I added both you and Peanutfan, removed the inactive user and lowered the other mod to standard. Since you mod all the listed games in the series either way, makes sense for you guys to be series mods over those who don't
@rythin Appears the mod has since verified your run. That, and they appear to be active on the site (last online 21 mins ago), try send them a tweet sharing your concerns.
@NykolasN Since the moderator has been offline for 2 years I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here in terms of you practicing for a run and add you.
@Extodasher Done.

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Hi, I'd like to request mod status for and

RedBladeGabe is inactive for 4 months.

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Hello, I would like to become mod for The Wolf Among Us.
bb_kait is currently over 2 months inactive
Cirnou is currently over 11 months inactive

EDIT: No pending runs until August 30th, so no need to get on it right now.

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Hey, I currently have runs pending for Rueake has been offline from the site for 5 months, and has been inactive on Twitter while i have attempted to contact him. I'd very much appreciate mod so i can verify my own runs.

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I've had a run pending for over 3 weeks now and the only mod of the game has been inactive for 7 months. Would like mod status or at least to see my run uploaded


@Natoramius Lonne is a super mod for the series, so they're able to add you as a moderator. You should ask them.

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@Natoramius Sorry. I'm not looking for extra moderators at the moment for the battlefield series.

I also have a few contact options should the need to contact me arises.

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Id Like to be moderator of , because i was very active in the last few games and also was a mod in F1 2016 and F1 2015. The moderator created the Site the same day he created his account and wasnt online since that point.

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Umm @Fiftylaren
The board was approved and created TODAY.

I dunno how they got away with not having contact info. I dunno how it wasn't added as part of the series. These issues might be worth looking at. But this isn't a case of an inactive user. It hasn't been weeks, or months. It's been four days since they requested the board, and they've been a mod less than one day.

Give this person time to get things going. Usually new boards are given a period of two weeks to get set up.

If you wanted to moderate the game you should have submitted it I guess.

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@6oliath i did i got told it was already accepted, by this guy who had no previous Record on this site


I guess they were just faster than you 😉

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@FilipeTales You'll need to add some contact methods, and additional require a currently pending run in both games / a prior run in both. You appear to have a run in: so that should be fine once you add some contact methods, but for you do not appear to have a pending run/prior run.

@Diewott1 A prior run in the game, or pending run will be required.

@BmanRulesYou21 Since you have a run pending, seems fine.

@Mako_Shark You'll need to add some methods of contact to your profile, such as twitter, twitch, youtube etc. Once you add some, I can add you since the mod also has no contact methods and has been offline for 7 months.

@Natoramius Lonne is active, ask them.

@Fiftylaren Given this user has no contact methods, not sure how this request was accepted. That said, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here and add you.

@Lukeklutz Regarding PocketBike Racer, the mod has replied to me and added another user as verifier. Should be fine now.

@jquestionmark Mod has since verified your run. They appear quite active on twitter, would be worth contacting them there if you have any further concerns.


Contact Method Added.

  [user deleted]

I am having difficulty responding to the checks of some moderators.

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@FilipeTales Ok, added you to Guest Obby. For the other game you would need a pending/prior run.
@Byftr You would need to provide more info.


Hey, I have a run pending for - it's been about two weeks now. The mod hasn't been online for 5 months and I couldn't reach them on Discord, which is the only listed contact method. I'd therefore like to request moderation for the game. The game page could use a bit of love, too (no rules, no picture, etc.), which I'd gladly do.

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