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@NME have you tried contacting him?


EDIT: Indeed he did get my tweet. Run verified.

@Trollbear666 I have a message out on Twitch but it looks like he hasn't streamed in at least a couple of weeks, so he may not be actively checking his messages on there. He has a twitter account but it has all of two tweets, the last of which was in 2014, but I tried there as well in case he has email/notifications turned on.


8 months of not visiting the site while logged in would be enough by itself, I dunno what his profile said prior to him logging in again, but it seems it's sorted out regardless.


I'll be happy if i could be moderator of "Kung Fu Rabbit"... I already submitted few runs but the moderator didn't accept them. I tried to contact by his youtube/twitch channel. He never answered. He didn't run the game anymore and he didn't connect on this site since 2 weeks ago.
I know that you are gonna probably refuse my ask, but thanks in advance. 🙂
Sorry for ma bad english.


SlyLobster: The user follows the game, so he should see a site notification if you post a new forum thread in that game forum. He's been offline a week and your runs are pending only 3 days, so it hasn't been long enough to say he's inactive.



I'd like moderation of the tf2 leaderboard

I've tried contacting one of the existing mods (laz) and they haven't responded. They've turned on auto-accepting times on the board, the rule setup is pretty lacklustre and there's some ongoing drama between 2 of the submitters (I'm not involved with either) regarding some of the times being submitted with 'shady' things. That drama can be viewed on the forums if needed


Try Yoshipro, he is a cool speedmeme


I'm here to request that the User Angrybudgiebite be removed as a moderator from the leaderboard as well as the individual games if possible as he has proven time and again that he is nothing but a nuisance to them.


Hi, I'd like to request an Exo Zombies leaderboard for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. And I would also like to apply to moderate this leaderboard. I have played the maps countless times and plan to upload runs as soon as a category is made. Thank you.


Ask Call of Duty the moderators (Super mod sndrec32 , Mod Jukspa , Super mod Phantom , Super mod Lo1ts , Super mod Klooger )
sndrec32, Jukspa and Lo1ts are 106% active so just ask them politely.


I'd like to be a moderator for Mario Super Sluggers 😃
I am a super mod for the mario sports series and I dont know why im not mod for that game, especially cause thats one of the only mario sports games i actually speedrun haha. Thank you 😃


game_complete: Last time someone made that argument, their run had been sitting a whole like 4 days. You haven't submitted a run to that game in about 5 months as far as I can tell. 3 of the 5 mods were online in the last two days. It is not a requirement for moderators to verify every run every time they visit the site. I looked at that board 1 month and 3 days ago and the queue was like 3 days behind. I looked at it today and the queue was empty. Must be by some magical circumstance that runs aren't getting verified.

BubbleBobbler: Someone added you prior to me reading this.

rosael: I'll try to look into this, but you haven't exactly given me any information. Feel free to PM me on IRC later

PocketSword: I don't know what this is. Try discussing it with the game moderators first.

Rubberduckyassassin3: There are three active moderators all who run the game. Per the first post in the thread, you should contact them.


Hey, i would like to be a Mod for Donkey Kong 94 The community for the Game died a long time ago and I'm currenty the only runner for the game I'd like to add Categories which are not given yet and also add Individual Levels maybe even Guides.


Veganlol: Sure, no runs exist for it yet and it's been months.

Sheikrunner: Per the first post, try contacting DCR, he appears quite active.


Requesting Mod for Chaos in the Windy City:

Submitted run and PM'd on twitch a week ago and tweeted @ over a day ago. Offline for 3 weeks. Thanks.


Hey there, I’m Rithek the apparently lone speed runner of SSX 3. I have made a detailed post on the SSX 3 forums here and attempt to contact the mods to set up categories and such; however I have not received any response in about a week and 5 days. Despite that I am here to request mod so that I can try to bring this great game the speedrun it deserves! Thanks for you time!


Hello, currently running into an issue with a lack of a "Super Mod" in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. KWzero92 is the only Super Mod at the moment and he has become a little bit inactive and I am the only mod that is on there. I would like to get access to "Super Mod" so that I can add people to the moderator list.

Here is the link to the Tri Force Heroes page

Thanks again if you could get me "Super Mod."


Hi, I would like to be a moderator for the game Freedom Planet. There are some modifications which must be made, the leaderboard and some run are obsolete, others platforms are available... I would like to modify the screen's page and others details.

Link to Freedom Planet page:

I would also like to become moderator for the game Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter to correct certain things, add categories, modify the screen's page and details...

Link to DTL: The Next Chapter:

I don't know if it is necessary to be "Super Mod" to make all this...



@FireNels - Both of those games have active mods for them. You should try contacting them first before coming here.
As per the first post, this is a last resort thread.


i run the game bloxorz and none of the mods run the game anymore