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Would like to be added as a mod of the cats n fish series if possible

Mod of series not online in about 4 months. and I've had a run pending for two weeks just now. (run is pending in first game, but mods are the same for both games, all at least 3 months inactive)



Hello, I would like to request mod status for Reservoir Dogs (, as the current moderator for Reservoir Dogs has been offline for 20 days and I have submitted runs since 19 days ago. The game itself hasn't seen a new run for 9 months. The only social media link on their account is an inactive Twitch account without any other links so I am unable to contact them.


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@seswanson As Habreno said, you'll need to add some contact methods to your profile first, such as discord, twitter, youtube or twitch, etc.
@UbuntuJackson Mods both inactive for many months, verification + video disabled. Seems okay. I also enabled both those options for the time being.
@NiennaOronar Please add some contact methods to your account.
@vercadia All of the mods for both games also all appear inactive. Almost sure also I've tried to contact the series mod in the past about an entirely different issue multiple times and never got a response weeks later, so chances are I wouldn't get one here either. Can add you to the series and the games, and lower them to a standard mod. Might be worth if you don't run CNF 2 to try add an additional player who does and add them, additionally.
@Legs Tweeted at them, as they seem fairly active on twitter. DMs aren't really necessary to contact someone in this manner, could simply @ them and ask them to check out your concerns/thread on the forum. I'll give them a couple days to respond.

edit: @LukeABOP I whispered them on Twitch and directed them to your post. I'll give them a couple days to reply and address the issue. If they don't, then I can add you.


Please delete , the game has been added to the TS series, and this page still exists. DO NOT delete the one with ts1gba in the url. Thank you!


Hi the mod in hasn't been active in 11 months. please make something about it.

Thanks 🙂


@Liv, oh thank you!
I don't use a public twitter account, so I wasn't sure if that would actually work, I assumed the message would not be visible.
I only knew that DMs do go out from my account okay. I will try that moving forward too. 🙂

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Hey would I be able to become a mod for Woodle tree adventure, I submitted a WR run about 2 weeks ago but its yet to be approved. I believe the only other guy is inactive.

Thanks. 🙂


Hey Recently I Saw Mr Blazethecat (Mod from Sonic Fan Games Series)
Have not been on for 4 Months in
Check her Info on her's profile: Https://
Click info (You guys know that)
Also I asked to being replaced to be a Full-Mod In the game series
Since She is really Inactive (Blazethecat)
I'm Active on everyday to check runs and more..
I readed My Notifications about the message.
-Regards KirbyPlayz


Hey I am interested in becoming a mod for Everybody's Golf. I am picking up on speedrunning and started with this game, however, the moderator has been inactive for at least a month. I have been checking the site everyday to see if any of my runs were accepted but with the mod being inactive, I don't see runs for the game being reviewed anytime soon.

Thank You

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@Lazar181 Done.
@jjarg23 There doesn't appear to be many people who could replace the current moderator, so just added you since you have pending runs for the game.
@PKMNtrainerGian Whispered the user on Twitch, will give them several days to reply. Will likely just wait until their inactivity rolls over into 21 days however, which is what we class as 'inactive'.
@KirbyPlayz Although the series mod is inactive, the series is also quite large. We would have to do some work looking into adding new series mods for Sonic Fangames, and not just adding any user haphazardly that requests it. Especially for a position where users are then free to add games to the site, particularly moreso for a fangame style series.
@Homicide_Elite I've whispered them on Twitch. Given that they've already been offline for a month I'll give them a couple of days to respond and address the issue, then can get around to adding you since you have pending runs.

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@Liv. cool, thanks! 🙂

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Hi, I'm kind of in a pickle here.

11 days ago I requested moderator status for me and another runner for the game Ib in zackcat's Twitter DMs. He read them, but never responded. We have also made a thread in the forums about it and asked about it on his YouTube. He has ignored all of these messages, and only comes on to verify runs. While you can argue that he hasn't seen the thread and YouTube posts, I know for a fact he has read the DM I sent him.

I know the wait time is 3 weeks, and we haven't exhausted every method of contact, but me and the other runners are anxious to have a faster verification process and add missing categories (which we have also asked him about days ago and was never given a response).

We can wait if necessary, but as zackcat doesn't actually run the game and doesn't seem to show much care towards the community aspect of this, I feel it'd be better if I or SuperMonkeypotato was added as a moderator, or both. I'm not advocating for his removal, but I would like some moderators added.

Thank you.

Edit: The other moderator I want added is named SMP, not SupeMonkeypotato, my bad.

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@Liv Pardon the delay. I actually tried to contact one of them myself a while ago and got no response. It seems they log in every month or so. I don't expect a response anytime soon. Although I understand if you'd like to wait. 🙂 Cheers!

If you're wondering why It took so long to send this message, its because I kinda wanted the same thing. I was waiting for a response. Let me know if the others respond.


@Liv Thanks dude. 😊

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Hey, no moderator 1 month (Edenal) - do something please(


Hi could I be mod for the Extreme Power Pamplona game?
The current mod JPeppers900 has not been online in 3 months and has no social media linked. I submitted a run 18 days ago and it has not been approved or rejected. Thanks you


Just so you know, staff was made aware on the Discord and they're working on it. Might take a little bit, but you're not being ignored 🙂

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@6oliath thanks, but as of now I have recovered most of the page in terms of what people times were, so if the page isnt recovered then its no big deal

the reason I'm deleting my posts is because I don't like the way I'm wording it. Removing the moderator isn't my biggest problem, I just want the page back up

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I send runs some days ago on the game 2048 :

And i see that all the mods are inactive ( they are 5 ) but 3 are last connection 1year ago and 1 with 2months ago and one with 17days ( so near to 3weeks ).

I already try to contact all of them ( except 2 because they dont have any social media ).

So i'm asking to be mod, thank you!

Have a good day/afternoon/evening/night !

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@LukeABOP Seems the mod has since verified your run.
@starsmiley I feel it'd be worth contacting the current mod fully beforehand. Appears they have ran the game, though not actively, because they have a current mod posted in the game. Generally, adding moderators where they're unnecessary can just cause problems, also. That's particularly why this is sort of a last resort type situation.
@chryoyo Yeah, I'd rather they get back to me mostly. If you manage to contact them, feel free to ask them to @ me in here.
@TGR I've tweeted Edenal and directed them to your post.
@UprightThumbs I've removed the mod from all current games they were mod for. Unsure if their account was compromised. Unfortunately, I can't personally restore the boards. Best person to contact regardless that is @SgtKabukiman on twitter or discord.

@Ryanism Since you have a run, okay. This games current timing method makes no sense though, because it seems to be based on time-left rather than time you actually took getting through the level... which is the timer located in the top right of the screen. You might want to re-time all the currently posted runs to go alongside that top-right timer because right now it's the faster your run the lower you are on the leaderboard.

To better explain what I mean, the top right timer says 00:48.92, so it took you 48.92 seconds to get through the level. 3:12:08 is how long you had left til 4 minutes (which I presume is a fail state, haven't played this game before so feel free to correct me) so if I did a run and took 50 seconds flat my "time" would read 3:10.00 and that would make be "faster" than you on that current leaderboard. Which... makes no sense. It's backwards currently.

@Dracaarys I've left a comment on the active mod's videos. Their discord links and Twitch links seem incorrect and the rest are inactive. I'll give them a couple days to get back and acknowledge your concerns. If they don't, they I can add you.

@Tanya Contacted the series mod as they can arrange adding some more active mods to the game. Talked with them in the past and seems they'd rather handle inactive games in the series. Added them for now, so they can shuffle moderation around to something better.